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Discussion in 'MRCOG Forum' started by FF2005, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. FF2005

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    HI ALL

    I AM PLANING FOR MRCOG PART 1 IN SEP 05.please can some one advice me how to prepare for this exam and which is the best course to attain in uk for Part1 and which books to follow.
  2. bashaekhanem

    bashaekhanem Guest

    Im dr bashar from Iraq i also preper for part 1 exam in sept 2005 i now read basic science for obst. & gyn.edited by Michael de swiet & Geoffery Chamberlain .I like exchang information & mcq with you.
  3. archie78

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    hi there! me taking exam in sept 05 too. can we form a discussion group make a time table and discuss stuff. what do u think
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi archie78

    I am also appearing in sept
    I am from malaysia and am eager to form a discussion group butwhy dont u suggest a topic to start with. I dont no from where u belong but we can form a time table. plz suggest a topic
  5. archie78

    archie78 Guest

    hi noreen,
    i am in uk at the moment. i am planning to read topics from chamberlain and then do questions from the topic and back refer from the textbook as required. at present i have started reading anatomy. what do u think. i would say lets take 2-3 days in reading and 3-4 days for questions. reply with ur suggestion.
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  7. Guest

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    hi archie

    Good idea i will also get thru the chamberlain and then we will discuss the mcqs including which are at the back of the book. They are the difficult ones. Also I think you will be having past papers. If not plz get them from rcog book shop they r very helpful as there were quite a number of mcqs from those papers in march paper
    Good luck with your studies
  8. niv

    niv Guest

    Newly joined in the prep for MRCOG Part 1

    Hi there everybody,
    I'm Dr Nivedhitha recently joined in the prep.
    I hope to get help from this forum for my exams.
    And wish you all goood luck

  9. sharat

    sharat Guest

    mrcog part one material

    hi all

    anybody has mrcog part one material .
    please inform me
  10. ss

    ss Guest

    hi all

    hi ..i am also planning to sit for sep exams..let me noe how to study
  11. Ann

    Ann Guest

    Hi docs !
    I am hoping to sit the exam too .Wher does one do Patho from ?
  12. YogeshN

    YogeshN Guest

    MRCOG - 1

    Hi there friends,
    I am taking the MRCOG part one in Sep 05, I would like to participate in groups for discussion.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest


  15. sept05 mrcog 1

    can anybody help me out for preparation of mrcog part1.i am giving exam in sept 05
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi dr asish

    best luck for ur exam,I am appearing for it as well-well u can find the link in this forum for all the books and mcqs, and the rest is prep,want to knw anything else-let me know.
    bye for now

    SHAILINI Guest

    MRCOG 1

  18. epi

    epi Guest

    sep 2005 mrcog

    i am also sitting for the sep05 mrcog 1 but dont hv any study partner .could anybody please tell me where to get the pastpapers from.are these ques. diff.from those given in tim chard .are these ques. given in the book named PASTTEST .are ans. to ques. given in this book available.
    if possible cud anyone from u post these ques. to me.i will be extremely grateful.
    my email id is
  19. studybug

    studybug Guest

    part 1 questions

    i am also giving the part 1 in sept. does any one have a copy of the unpublished questions
  20. dr aisha

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    hello floks hope u doing well.....iam going to prepare my mrcog smtime soon was wondering if u have information regaring doing residency in KSA like cn i complete the four years of residency down their and appear for part two if so cn u tell me the hosp which offer ...lots of thanks[/b]
  21. Guest

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    I will suggest to forget about the MCQs from the Chamberlain. It is useless for preparing the exam. U can review anatomy / any subjects from past papers in this way: Paper 1 Q1-12 are anatomy part. U review 1997-2001 10 times paper 1 Q-12 after u finish ur anatomy in Chamberlain/ Tim Chart. If u don't have past paper's book, We have post so much Q under topic anatomy in this forum. U can also use search engine of this forum to find them easily. Hope u all good luck.

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