mrcog part 1 sept 5 exam experience ,pl. post here

Discussion in 'MRCOG Forum' started by nibs, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. nibs

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    well there were lots of repitions thats for sure,but the pilot questions were really off the hook.
    paper I went on all right
    paper II anatomy was so so
    stats was difficult
    lets keep our hope and see how it goes.
  2. nibs

    nibs Guest

    hi again

    well guys lets hear from you as well
    the initial response please.
    I was really happy with the paper I
    but in paper II I had few hiccups. :?
    lets start collecting the mcqs now in a separate link !!!!


    nibbs :roll:
  3. Guest

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    5 sept 05 exam experience

    Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 1:18 pm Post subject: sept 2005 author Mira

    50% from both paper 1 &2 were from Past Papers

    khaldoun sharrif - 2 mcqs qs
    david ireland - less than 1 mcq qs
    de courcy - less than 1 mcqs qs
    mrcog survival guide by sharif -no mcqs qs

    i took the exam twice before and although cannot comment on past papers ,since i did them only the first time now the mcqs qs repetition from the remaining mcqs books is the same

    think long and hard when buying these expensive books,infact please do not buy these boo
  4. Guest 1

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    50%... well, i might not be that good. I thought about 30-40 % were shown again, each. And a few of them had new stuffs in the stem.

    Well, unfortunately, I did some mistakes on some of them even thou I went thru them before.

    I guess all of you surely didn't do such a stupid things...

    I guess everyone has a good time with the exam...
  5. Wow

    Wow Guest

    So, everyone could remember what they saw before?

    So, all of you could remember the right answers for what you had seen in that past paper book?

    Wow.... I ran through the book but I missed some, too.

    I'm not good, then...

  6. omotayo

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    the paper 1 though had some past questions but i feel quite a few of them were twisted and i actually had a better time with the paper 2.By the way what is with the inversion messed up my psyche a little bit
  7. Sujit

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    MRCOG part1 - Onexam

    Thought exam was fair. :) I used the resource and found this really useful. Many questions I saw on their site. Also the past paper books were useful. Otherwise the Sharif books and courses didn't help. What do others think. Can u remember the questions
  8. Sawsan

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    Hello every body
    Iwant to ask those candidates who had sit to the exam before , the following question:
    What is the best way to answer the new mcqs that come in the exam? I mean is it usful to read the basic science in o/g by chamberlain carfully?do I need other text books ? please answer my questions because I am planning to take the exam for the first time next march.
  9. Guest

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    dear sujit can u give the password for on examination
  10. mrcog guest

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    well guys paper1 was vague and yes ,results cannot be predicted.
    anyway i think clinical physiology in obstetrics by chamberlain and pipkins will be a useful addition to the other books already posted in the forum

    hope for the best
  11. jsharma

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    mrcog sep5

    :) hi everybody,
    this is the first time i took the exam.
    so many questions from the previous papers.
    still it was tough.
    i want to know how they finalise the pass marks?
    what is the percentage of people passing everybatch?
    bye bye
  12. Guest

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    Re: mrcog sep5

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i am appearing for the Mrcog part one in sep.
    i wanted to know if anybody had the correct answers for the "Past papers" by the RCOG press? I so can u please email me the copy at
  14. Guest

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    do you guys remember many questions? for part 1? i'd love to see them -i'm using onexamination dot com and they have many questions and past papers - they have some september past paper questions already too. i 'm doing in march and i think if i keep going doing their questions i will be gud.

    please post questions if you can think

  15. guest2

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    hi friends
    this was my 2nd attempt paper was better not v difficult but tricky last time paper 2 was difficult this time both were same. main difficult thing is passing percentage because they need 79%in both papers can be 78 77 but its abit difficult to score. depends on luck also. examiner is smart enough to check our knowlegde . though some repetations are always there.good luck
  16. Angelz

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    Well I found paper 1 difficult and paper 2 oki. It seems as if there are repitions but some questions are not exactly the same. The theme remains the same but they do make minor changes with the statements making us think that we have gone through it before and in reality its a different statement we read while preparing for the exam.

    Lets hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed. The result will be posted on the website at 6 pm UK time.

    best wishes everyone
  17. Angelz

    Angelz Guest


    well everyone I didnt was my first attempt and although I was expecting good news .....will try again,
    best of luck to everyone...
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello can you kindly help me which basic books are required for exam :roll: dr muk
  19. qu3st81

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    mrcog sept

    hello,i sat for mrcog this september,
    i studied frm chamberlain,and tim chard,did all the mcqs,including kauldon and courchy and all,
    i enrolled for onexamination,did all the mcqs there twice.
    i cleared.
    i found most of the mcqs in paper one easy,i did almost all of em before somewhere.
    i didnt get to do past papers,but during the break i heard that most of them wre from past papers,but as i had done so many mcqs i felt i had done most of them,and because for last two days before the exam i only did the mcqs,from the website and from the five mcq books i had.
    for paper two,it surely was more difficult but i cleared it states that i did well.
  20. Guest

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    thanks dr qu3stb81.....plz tell us why paper 2 was more difficult??

    and what are the 5 mcq books u were studying from??
  21. Guest

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    Hi everybody,
    I appeared for the first time in MRCOG in sept2006 and with god's grace I passed. I would be very honest to all of you who are trying for this exam.
    I just studied for full 2 weeks (12-14 hours a day), I did Past papers book 3 times and khaludon sherrif book once and I was v.confident after my xam that I did well. Just do past papers book thoroughly and you will pass.I did it by heart and most of the questions in xam I knew even the sequence of MCQs and obviously answers as well. This is my sincere advice.I dont think I can help more than this but still anybody wants to contact me-my email is
    Shweta Mittal
  22. Guest

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    hey guest - where did you do exam? I passed from september too! I used onexamination like 10 hours a day for the last week but before that i was do an hour maybe 2 for about 2 months. I think it was better this way so i didnt stress and managed to live my life at the same time :D . well if anyone wants some advice please say hello

  23. Guest

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    Dear friends i will be taking the exam in march!!!
    When your refer to the mighty past paper book you mean the green one only by RCOG press or there are other past paper books also. Also do online courses help??
  24. Guest

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    Yes, the one with questions 1997-2001.
    This forum was very helpful. there are 1997 questions and all past papers answers ( for reference only, no exact answers). Past papers was really helpful especially in paper 1 (about 60%). paper 2 (may be less than 40%). the rcogway provide mainly past paper questions and free anatomy and embroylogy questions , may try as its free. but they did not provide comments. THe answers may be wrong too. I found 2 in my experience
    The onexamination have 1000 questions while many are not from the past papers. It cost high (for me). So... you may consider whether it is worthly to u. They provide comments. All answers can just be reference too. Some aswer may be wrong too. I found 2 questions in the website which were exactly the same but different answer.

    Finally, really use much time on this website. The searching function, past paper's answers means a lot to me. Thank's past MRCOG part one candidate very much
  25. sirimala

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    can a basic mbbs doctor pass this exam mrcog part 1

    hi , with mbbs knowledge can one pass this exam,,,,or it will be better with some speciality in gyn obs reply please
  26. Dr Juliet

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    Past Questions Papers & Answers

    Do any of you have past question papers for the MRCOG Part I exam. I took the exam for the first time in Sept 2007 but flunked for want of 5 marks. I am reappearing this March.

    Also, can someone who's cracked this already, tell me how important it is to go thru' the past question papers at this point in time? How easy is it to find the answers for past question papers and would it be worth my time with only a couple months left for the exam?

    you can reach me at
  27. Guest

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    Past Paper Book

    So where can I get your mentioned almighty "Past Paper Book"? Seemingly better than onexamination or just-any-other MCQ/practice/question books? Can s/o help and many thanks!
  28. dr.ian

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    MRCOG part1

    help help could you send the past papers of previous exams. :oops:
  29. Guest

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    what mcq books to read for mrcog part 1 ?
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  31. Guest

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  32. shru

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    hi..iam gonna give up my exam this sept or next march..iam gna do the past papers n read two books..n online tat sufficient?n which s betta? giving it in sept or march? iam worried

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