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    1.Formula for positive predictive value
    2.Known RA,Now low fever,local rise of temp at knee joint,mild swelling at the ankle - ?Septic arthritis ,?cellulitis.
    3.Marfan's syndrome - Fibrillin
    4.Q on hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
    5.Q on cystic fibrosis mutation(Only single mutation seen,WHY?)
    6.Von willebrand disease(Hx of post partum hemorrhage)
    7.Q on HOCM - Cardiogenic syncope
    8.80 year old, why to reduce digoxin dose - ?decreased creatinine clearance
    9.Anal ulcers(CLEAN) in homosexual hiv positive - ?CMV
    10.Bartters syndrome - Hypokalemia
    11.Separation of chromatids and reaching the poles - Anaphase
    12.Wilsons disease - Autosomal recessive
    13.Beckers muscular dystrophy in brother,Chance with another husband who has no family Hx abnormal(2nd marriage)getting the disease in son - ?50%
    14.PCR - ?to know nucleotide sequence.
    15.Huntingtons disease - Anticipation
    16.Gentamicin - ATN
    17.G proteins located at - Plasma membrane
    18.Recurrent Meningiococcemia - C5 deficiency
    19.Cisplatin toxicity - sensory neuropathy
    20.Lithium toxicity - Hemodialysis
    21.Bleomycin toxicity - Fibrotic tissue in the nodes of lung
    22.Chilhood minimal change disease,same symptoms in the adult,same person - ?Membranous nephropathy
    23.Citrulline peptide - RA
    24.Rasburicase before chemotherapy ,MOA - Uric acid will be converted in to allontoin
    25.Gross hematuria in a smoker - Bladder ca
    26.Egg shell calcification hilar nodes - ?Silicosis,?Asbestosis
    27.Ig M ,Waldenstrom's - Hyperviscosity
    28.Before starting anti TB meds - check LFTs
    29.Pregnancy 14 weeks,LVH - Essential HTN
    30.Cells responsible for producing IgE - ????Plasma cells,Dendritic cells,Eosinophils,Mast cells
    31.Impermeable to water - Ascending loop of henle
    32. TIA and AF - warfarin
    33.Difference between L 5 radiculopathy and peroneal nerve palsy - ?Inversion of foot
    34.Dilated pupil - Adie pupil
    35.Pons blood supply - ?Basilar artery
    36.SLE miscarriages - Anticardiolipin antibodies
    37.Rash on the LL,UL,Conjunctivitis - Stevens johnson syndrome
    38.3 month h/o difficulty in swallowing in a female - ?Oesophgeal spasm,Reflux esophagitis,Achalsia,esophageal tumor
    39.cerebellar signs with tumor in breast tissue - YO/Purkinje cells
    40.young girl standing still,one hand over head and one hand at the back,not responding - Factitious disorder
    41.Obese female with b/l papilledema - BIH
    42.Decreased factor VIII - Von willebrand disease
    43.Rash on the face with anemia - B19 virus
    44.58 year old male 6 month h/o diarrhea,weight loss,respiratory symptoms,positive for strongylides stercoralis,should be screened for - ?HIV
    45.Bloody diarrhea - solmonella
    46.Alcoholic ,ultrasound of liver hyper echogenecity - Fatty filtration
    47.unable to abduct arm(painful and limited) - ?rotator cuff syndrome,Deltoid tear
    48.Fever,rash,Retro orbital pain - Dengue fever
    49platelet count 12,bleeding signs +ve, -?Platelet transfusion
    50.Fever,sore throat after using amoxycillin - ?EB virus
    51.Vaccine contraindicated in HIV pt - ?BCG,?Rubella
    52.Gram +ve bacillus - Listeria meningitis
    53.False negative rate - ?5/1000(Total no of Patients)
    54.Normal glucose,elevated protein,lymphocytes - Viral menigitis
    55.Epidydimitis treatment - Ceftriaxone + Doxycycline
    56.Painful thumb movement - De quervans tenosinovitis
    57.Post traumatic lesion - Poast traumatic syringomyelia
    58.LBBB - Reverse splitting of second heart sound
    59.Q on signs of Congestive heart failure ,what to aim first?- ?decrease preload
    60.Tricuspid regurgitation,Hepatic features - Carcinoid syndrome
    61.Pt repeatedly coming to the hospital with different complaints,but all the tests are normal,now attended the hospital c/o abdominal pain,and asking for morphine inj ,otherwise will commit suicide,father died of pancreatic ca 8 years ago - ?Hypochondraisis,?Munchausen syndrome
    62.Resolved pneumothorax,chest tube removed - ?discharge and repeat cxr after 2 weeks
    63.ST elevation in V1-V4,ST depression in inferior leads - ?Complete Occlusion LAD
    64.HLA B - Ankylosing spondylitis
    65.DVT,Thrombus in arteries if leg - LMWH
    66.Chondrocalcinosis in knee joint & Hepatomegaly,arthralgias -?Hemochromatosis,?Pseudogout
    67.Pt admitted with COPD,AF ; low tsh, low t3, Normal t 4 - Sick euthyroid state
    68.Recurrent pericarditis treatment - ?Colchicine,?Prednisolone
    69.PDA; type of pulse -?Collapsing
    70.Cardiac tamponade sign - Pulsus paradoxus
    71.CREST syndrome - Anti centromere antibodies
    72.Q on Mechanism of MODY
    73.Emphysema Pathophysiology - ?Dynamic airflow obstruction,?Smooth muscle contraction
    74.Aspirin toxicity
    75.Vitiligo + ?pernicious anemia ,Dx - Anti parietal cell antibodies
    76.Pain in the right thigh on walking,and resting on it -?Trochanteric bursitis,?osteoarthritis of hip
    77.Extrinsic allergic alveolitis - B/L apical fibrosis
    78.Q about diagnosis of Invasive aspergillosis
    79.Previously treated for Plasmodium falciparum and now c/o right upper qudrant pain - ?recurrence of malaria,?HBV
    80.Terlipressin in hepatorenal syndrome - Splanchnic vasoconstriction
    81.PAS - whipples disease DX
    82.Bacterial peritonitis - Neutrophil count
    83.Pheochromocytoma - MEN 2
    84.Q on VIPOMA
    85.Bipolar disorder RX -Lithium
    86.Flat effect,auditory hallucination - schizophrenia
    87.Hyperkalemia fastest treatment - ?Calcium gluconate,? IV Insulin
    88.Alcoholism - Nystagmus
    89.Q on Lung function testing in kyphoscoliosis
    90.contraindication to surgery of lung ca - ?superior vena caval obstruction,?pleural effusion
    91.Acromegaly - OGTT
    92. invasion of sorounding strucures - Anaplastic thyroid ca
    93.Q on Conns syndrome
    94.Exudative pharyngitis, sore throat,eastern europe - Glandular fever
    95.young female,Family h/o colon ca,now c/o fatigue and weakness - ?Colonoscopy
    96.Location of Vagus nerve lesion - ?Geniculate ganglion,?Jugular foramen
    97.Pleural effusion on the left,containing amylase,Left upper quadrant pain - ?acute pancreatitis,? splenic infarction,?ruptured renal cyst
    98.Q on diabetic retinopathy,for referral to opthalmologist
    99.Penile ulcers,inguinal lymphedenopathy - ?Granuloma inguinale,?Herpes?syphilis
    100.SVT - Carotid sinus massage
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