mrcp part 1 ,sept 2006

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by asdfg, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. asdfg

    asdfg Guest

    Hello all fellows
    here is an exclusive list of questions for all of you
    who are going to take the exam
    I hope it will prove helpful to you
    1.malena..... endoscopy shows small 1cm gastric benign chronic ulcer...treatment
    2.Meningitis...signs of raised ICP
    3.MI....Thrombolysis fails>>> what to do next
    4.Status epilepticus...TRatment
    5.boy with head injury showing lucid interval and now deteriorating....diagnosis
    6.Renal failure...develops uti...which antibiotic will exacerbate hyperkalemia with hypertension .... abondened treatment due to adverse effevt... which anti htn to be given to avoid adverse effects like lethargy,gum hyperplasia...
    8.Copd...rt vent failure with normal left heart...which treatment will improve prognosis
    9.Malignant htn....treatment
    10.primary pneumothorax...50%....treatment
    13.HRT...most compelling convincing indiacation
    14.paracetamol poisonong...MOA of glutathione
    15.Bronchial ca.....SVC obstruction...treatment urgent
    16.TTP...treatmnet onset atrial fib......which treatment will decrease risk of stroke in next 48 hrs
    18.BNP...from where is secretd
    19.H/o some vegetative tea ingestion....Goitre with normal Tfts....diagnosis..
    20.Prolactinoma with suprasellar extension+field defects.....

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    21.which feature is not suggestive of IBS.......wakening due to pain at night
    22.Infective endocarditis in na old man withH/O altered bowel habits.....organism....strep bovis???
    23.Old man with isolate Alk POSPH raised noramal ca po4
    24.Antibiotic causing cholestataic jaundice.....Amoxicillin..flucloxacillin????
    25.Old woman with raised Lymph 16000 on CBC before Hip previus history....what to do....
    26.Dec Hb with DEC MCV+ splenomegaly... diagnosis....
    27.which drug causes increase in HDL...Statin,FIbrates,niacin
    28.PaO 8.4
    Paco2 3.2
    Ph 7.51 diagnosis???
    29.MAN with dvt after 3 days
    INR 2.5
    APTT normal
    Advised to continue heparin reason?????
    30.Investigation for PSC????? ercp???
    31.Sodium valproate...Adverse effect?????
    32.CRANberry juice which drug is affected...carbamazepine....
    33.Malignant melanoma...Breslow thickness management
    34.Relapsing multiple sclerosis....What treatment
    35.parkinsonism + psychotic worse after haloperidol....diagnosis
    36.Pt in ICU.... got pneumonia...likely organism..MRSA
    37.Pt with freckles around mouth.... bleeding per rectum... cause???..angiodysplasia???
    38.Pulmonary hypertension for 2 months...heart sound abnormality??????
    39.what will cause pulmonary artery DEc pressure..... Endothelin??? prostacyclin...
    40.LVH....Which ECG change is most irrelevant.....
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thank you ver much for thses valuable questions

    I think the answer for the man with 3 days history of dvt and why heparin should be used along with warfarin is that because warfarin causes reduction in the level of protein c which causes a thromlabile enviroment

    thank you and hope to have more quetions and hope that all the ather who entered this exam to be generous and provide us with more questions
  3. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp1 12/9/2006

    choestatic jaundice is caused by fluxacillin and amoxicillin/clavulanic acid
    so, i think the answer is fluxa

    thanks alot
  4. halit2006.

    halit2006. Guest

    the most appropriate side effect of valoproate ws in the question is TREMOR

  5. halit2006..

    halit2006.. Guest

    12/9/06 mrcp1

    parkinsonism + psychotic worse after haloperidol....diagnosis
    dx; lewy body disease

    patients here are too sensitive to theside effects of antipsychotics
  6. GrMRCP1

    GrMRCP1 Guest

    Cholestatic jaundice is a well known side effect of co-amoxiclav as well as amoxicillin alone (check BNF), also of the oxy-penicillins. Flucloxacillin can cause cholestatic jaundice as well. So the problem is which of the two is rarer side effect. Based on clinical evidence, it seems that amoxicillin causes more often than flucloxacillin.
    I put Amoxicillin.

    Primary pneumothorax 50%, I chose chest drain
  7. halit2005

    halit2005 Guest

    primary pnemothorax in hemodynamically stable patient and without shortness of breath the treatment is aspiration, if failed the aspiration if failed then tube

    thanks alot
  8. GrMRCP1

    GrMRCP1 Guest

    I totally agree for primary small pneumothorax. But is 50% a small or large pneumothorax? Furthermore, the question, if I remember well, does not state if the patient had SOB, chest pain or not!
    Are the new British Thorasic Medicine guidelines suggest for large pneumothorax to try chest drain. The oxford handbook of clinical medicine states to try aspiration and if not succesful then chest drain. However if you see their references are back to 1993.
    So the new British thorasic medicine guidelines favors chest drain for large pneumothorax.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear GrMRCP1

    I agree with you in the way you present your evidence. You always refer to your sources. I believe that is the only way to support your opinion in a clear and consise way.
    I would be delighted to see everyone in this forum to state their sources or references in order for the forum to become more "scientific".
    Medicine is not a matter of our personal opinion. We must be able to produce evidence of what we write

    Kind Regards,
  10. GrMRCP1

    GrMRCP1 Guest


    Hi papxxx, and hello to all MRCP1 participants.
    I downloaded a picture from the British thoracic society guidelines.

    Lets discuss more questions

  11. asdfg

    asdfg Guest

    olsalazine..side effect
    1.ulcerative colitis ....drud used for a prolong remission
    2.:pt complainin of itch n sumthing crawling on her body...which acc to her comes out frm umblicus n scalp...partner unaffected..she has collected some scrapins frm scalp....what wud b da findin under normal microscpe....opions were..head louse ,body louse,scabies,fungal hyphe,squamous debris
    3:post MI pt...came for checkup...ventricular aneurism was da findin...drug to b added or replaced.
  12. asdfg

    asdfg Guest

    6-gonorrhoeea tt;amoxi
    7;IE with GE;S BOVIS , MITIS?

  13. halit2005

    halit2005 Guest

    12 9 2006 mrcp1

    you are right regarding secondary pnemothorax where chest tube is the the treatment bu i think in primary pnemothorax aspiration in case that the volume of pnemothorax is more than 15% or the patient is short of breath the treatment first should be attempting aspiration

    thanks alot
  14. halit2005

    halit2005 Guest

  15. GrMRCP1

    GrMRCP1 Guest

    Dear halit2005

    According to these guidelines exactly in case of large pneumothorax 50% !!! they propose chest tube, changing what was the 1993 consensus, although they state clearly that there is no concensus yet.
    Also the has a proposed algorithm based on that as well.
    The tricky is that the question did not mention symptomatic patient or not as well as his age....or risk factors...

    Hope that this information is useful


    My respiratory SpR suggests that 50% pneumothorax defeinitely warrants aspiration
  17. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp part 1 12 9 2006

    another question was about the pathogenesis of factor v leiden i think the answer was thst activated protein c resistance?

    another question was about the drug used for long term remisson in ulcerative colitis is it azathioprine or sulfasalazine?
    thank you all
  18. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    MRCP 1 12 9 2006


    Possible Interaction Between Cranberry Juice and Drug Warfarin
    The British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) reported five cases that suggest a food-drug interaction between cranberry juice and warfarin that could cause internal hemorrhage.

    One of these cases involved a man who suffered a fatal internal hemorrhage. His blood clotting levels increased dramatically six weeks after starting to drink cranberry juice.

    In another case, blood clotting levels increased less dramatically but returned to the normal range after cranberry juice was discontinued.

    Many women drink cranberry juice to prevent bladder infections.
  19. halit2001..

    halit2001.. Guest

    9 2006 mrcp1

    Possible Interaction Between Cranberry Juice and Drug Warfarin
    The British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) reported five cases that suggest a food-drug interaction between cranberry juice and warfarin that could cause internal hemorrhage.

    One of these cases involved a man who suffered a fatal internal hemorrhage. His blood clotting levels increased dramatically six weeks after starting to drink cranberry juice.

    In another case, blood clotting levels increased less dramatically but returned to the normal range after cranberry juice was discontinued.

    Many women drink cranberry juice to prevent bladder infections.
  20. rahul79

    rahul79 Guest

    sept 2007 exam

    Exam was tough but counted about 30-40 questions from

    Not sure about cranberry juice answer
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Moderately tough,
  22. rashdi

    rashdi Guest

    information could support you?

    this is very good contribution you done v gud job.
    wanna share many correct points:
    1.malena..... ans: oral omeprazol
    4.Status epilepticus...Rx ans: lorazipam
    5.ans:epidural hematoma
    6. ans gentamycin
    7.ans ca channal blocker
    8. ans long term O2 therapy
    9. ans nitro prusside
    11. ans DNA polymarase
    13. ans osteoporosis
    14. ans glutathione
    15. ans radiotherapy
    17.ans subcutenous heparin
    18. ans left ventrical
    20.ans surgery
    22.ans bovis
    23 ans pegets
    24 ans flucloxacillin
    27 ans niacin
    28 and respiratory alkalosis
    31 ans weigth gain
    32 ans warfrin
    33 ans observation
    34 ans B interferon
    35 ans malignant hyperthermia
    37 ans angiodysplasia
    38 ans S2
    39 ans prostacyclin

    1) gonorrhoria tx ans: ciprofloxin
    2) cerative colitis ....drug used for prolong remission ans azathaioprim
    3)pt complainin of itch n sumthing crawling on her body...which acc to her creature comes out frm umblicus n scalp...partner unaffected..she has collected some scrapins frm scalp....what wud b da findin under normal microscpe....ans squamous debris


    Hope this information might be useful
  23. saleemas

    saleemas Guest

  24. saleemas

    saleemas Guest

  25. saleemas

    saleemas Guest

    FOR UC MAINTAIN-- first Oral steroids ,then 5-ASA,but crohns---STEROID-then AZOTH--MTHOTREX&FINALLY INFLIXIMAB
  26. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp1 2006 december

    no more contributions to mrcp 1 12 9 2006?
  27. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp 1 12 sept 2006?

    hello freinds; why not more contributions to mrcp 1 12 sept 2006?
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

  29. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp1 12 09 06

    hi friends: thanks for all for your contributions in 12 sept 2006 mrcp1 forum.

    anyone expects the results of mrcp1 12 09 06 to dispatced earlier

    thanks all
  30. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest


    I expect the results to be declared on Saturday

    I hope earier...

    Good luck to all of you
  31. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Hi everybody,,

    The results has just been published on the website.. Finally, I got pass. Wish you all the best..
  32. asdfg

    asdfg Guest


  33. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp 1 12 09 2006

    congratulations for those who passed

    no records on the website for me, what to do freinds?

  34. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Hi Halit2006

    I guess you didn't chose to have your results published on the web..

    You may need to check this:

    If you chose to have your result published on the MRCP(UK) website but you are unable to find your result please be aware that candidates with an incomplete application will neither receive their results by post, nor have access to view their result online until their application is complete. Please contact the relevant Administration Office if you believe that your application may still be incomplete.

    Wish you all the best

  35. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp1 12 09 06

    thanks alot dr_osama
    actually i havechecked and hope that they will reply

    thanks alot and my congratulations again
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

  37. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    You are welcome halit2006 and wish you the best,,,
  38. guest2006

    guest2006 Guest

    12 09 06 mrcp1

    hi friends;

    any one knows or expects the pass mark for 12 09 06 mrcp1 exam?

    you think that it is similar to the other previous exams or higher?

    thanks alot
  39. rub

    rub Guest

    Dr osama 77,first of all congratulation .and well done
    second plz can you tell us,where did you study from,as this exam was diferent from the previous one's.and what i got the idea is on examination .com is not goining to help....any comment?
    plz am apearing in jan help me :)
  40. new to mrcp

    new to mrcp Guest

    sept 12 09 06

    Pass mark for sept 12 exam is 58.4%
  41. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Thanks rub, and I wish you goodluck...

    First, I want to thank all members of this great forum who helped me to pass my exam...

    I'm not sure about the best way to prepare for the MRCP Part 1 but I will tell you what I did.

    I want you first to know that 3 months are more than enough to prepare for your exam. It was my first attempt and I had no any background about the MRCP and my knowledge in medicine was superficial.

    I applied to the exam then started to study. I never used a textbook, neither Kumar nor dividson.

    I bought Kalra and did it cover to cover. It's very useful book but hard to memorize. Do it many times.

    I did ALL, free ones only- and Qs. I did it by subject along with Kalra. When I was studying I concentrated on Qs but in the exam there were many new Qs. I answered them from Kalra. You need to understand the explanations as they don't repeat Qs but if you understand the explanations you will be able to answer similar Qs on the same topics. has perfect explanations for Qs covering the whole topics.

    I did all this 3 times before the exam. The high yield topics posted [url]here[/url] and [url]here[/url] are really high yield. You will know them when you do the Qs but read them before the exam to make sure you know them all. I had a list with 100 high yield topics posted somewhere in the web.

    I have one thing I didn't do for the exam but I did it after the exam and it will be very helpful for you in the exam. It's Goljan audio lectures. You can answer most of the new basic science Qs if you listen to them.

    That's all and I wish you the best in your exam.
  42. rub

    rub Guest

    thanks a lot that ,was very much in detailed thanks again,i hope i will pass the exam,tell me one more thing,what is goljan audio lect..first time iam hearing about it,where i can get it,and how many hrs you use to stydy.
    and i wish you to pass 2nd part :)
  43. hasszan

    hasszan Guest

    Dear dr osama
    Good day what do you mean by Goljan audio and where we can find it
    Thank you
  44. haliit2006.

    haliit2006. Guest

    112 09 06 mrcp1

    i passed alhamdullilah
  45. Dr_Osama

    Dr_Osama Guest


    Goljan's lecture audios are audio lectures on pathology and are for USMLE Step 1.
    I found them @ thanx for Ahmed Hakim for posting them on his website.

    If you have enough time and not taking the exam soon listen to them..

    Good luck
  46. Dr_Osama

    Dr_Osama Guest

    Well done Halit2006...

    I'm really happy to hear the good news

    I wish you the best in your Part 2.. Keep the hard work
  47. Dr_Osama

    Dr_Osama Guest

    Sorry rub for the delay, I didn't see your Q

    I used to study DAILY from 7:00-11:00pm (4 hrs/day).

    I noticed that most of the basic sciense Qs in Part 1 are mostly from IMMUNOLOGY and GENETICS.

    Pharmacology is the most important and difficult part of the exam, both to prepare and during the exam. I will advice you to find a better way to study the pharma than to study pharma from Kalra.

    My overall score is 72% but I answered many pharmacology Qs incorrectly!
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello every one

    and avery special hello to dr osama

    very nice comtribution you are giving
    i was there in the sep 12th exam and i passed alhamdolelah
    actually it was my first time but i have had a wonderfull input that i would like to share with every one but i m also new in tha world of sharing can any body help

    i m still waiting for my results letter

    i dont know how much will be my mark???

    but very nice haaa 72%
  49. haliit2006.

    haliit2006. Guest

    thanks alot

    Thank you very much dear Dr. Osama, hope you the best too.

    Actually, I still did not recieve the formal letter of the result but iam waiting of it, but I have seen the result on after I have contacted them that is because mine was not complete when I applied but I THEN COMPLETED IT, so, it just was a technical issue.

    Hope to share our experiences regarding part2, when you are planning to appear ot part 2?
    please lets keep in touch to prapre well for the part 2.
    Also, I will be very glad to share my experience with everyone who likes.

    Hope to get in touch trough e.mail Dr. Osama

    Mine is

    hope to hear from you soon

    by the way the website u have adviced ( I can download from it?!

    thanks alot dear
  50. haliit2006.

    haliit2006. Guest

    mrcp1 12 09 06

    how r u dr. osama?

    hopefully you r ok?

    I got my result today of mrcp1 12 09 06 it is ;

    my mark 77%

    pass mark 58.46%
    hope o hear from you soon

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