MRCP part 1 sept. 2009

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by zafar_nzr, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Najlaa

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    To jan 2010: To be MRCP oriented means
    1- some Qs are straight forward like mode of drug action..etc and when you go through previous Q you will know what MRCP usually like drug to ask
    2- some Qs appear in differ senario but the same idea like differ Qs and senario that 2 kidneys differ at size which almost at MRCP point to renal artery stenosis and investigate of choice angio
    3-If you dont know answer of any Q try exclude wrong answers as possible and make choice between possible correct answers
    4- when you go through previous Qs of MRCP you will notice some topic must come from each system at each exam so you have to know them

    that what i can remember now
  2. jan2010

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    Thanks Najlaa.

    Although these are the very basic points and everyone, including me, knows them well, but unfortunately this too didn't help alot and you see I got 498 marks.

    Anything more you can recall now that could help, not only me, but many other "silent observers" here too on this forum.

    Best regards,
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    Hi all, can I know How to know our scores, Kindly those who know. Thank you
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  5. Guest

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    Those who failed, could you please give us an idea about your percentage in any qbank, so that we can adjust our preparation for 2010 ?

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    William Gates III met with Je Davu and da Silva

    Dmitry Medvedev met with Gnarls Barkley
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    is there any link for MRCP video lectures?
  8. Guest

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    hello dr zafar, i am new in this forum ,palnning to take mrcp part one need ur advice plz tell which books /material i should use
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    hey guys i am new in this forum would like to like join your group ,plz add my contact, is kash_valley1999 ..........y.c
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    hiii there, i took mrcp exam last sep. i scored 498. i don't know what wrong with this 498, i met alot of ppl scored the same. as i came across the passmedicine again my score was 79 to 85 in some topic's and alot and more than 114 Q i answered them correctly in the exam !!! i wonder if i can ask the RCP to re-calaculate my score ?? any one has any idea if this is possible ?
  11. guest 567

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    i think u r not aware that the marking system is equating which means difficult questions have more marks and easy ones have less so even if u try to calculate percentage, u would see that it be 65-67% but still not passing marks.this equating is explained on rcp website.
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