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  1. dr AR

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    TO RNA

    Dr MK KSA has passed(source....this forum)ALHAMDOLILLAH.
  2. say-so

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    passed -558, first attempt
    To all who passed congrats -to those who were unsuccessful -keep going.

    I have been out of hospital medicine for several years( in general practice presently) and decided to do MRCP for various reasons .
    And for what its worth here are my suggestions for success-
    Ox Hbk Med-learn inside out, and Kalra (Still v. useful for Part 2)
    Onexamination and follow up on comments
    Finally clinical experience -often questions test clinical judgement which can't be got from books !
  3. extensive revesion

    To mint_girl and RNA
    where are you from
    Iwill apply seconde attempt at Nov.
    can I share you extensive revesion
  4. giroop2003

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    Dear mint_girl, RNA, MRCP-2 November,

    Its my suggestion, after going through all the comments in this forum and my seniors suggestion, Please don't leave hope and dont underestimate because you just failed,

    I think MRCP exam is Knowledge plus Luck factor, It is my strong suggestion you please apply for July, I am hopeful that you guys wil pass, and I am also appearing for July and share all the information
  5. giroop2003

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    Congradulation to all those who passed MRCP-2,

    I came across lot of information in this forum, most of them have suggested taking notes while reading,

    I am very much weak in this regards, Either I will take detail notes and don;t revise later or forget imp points,

    I will be grateful to all those who having notes during their MRCP-2 preparation, Kindly post in this forum it is very much useful to your juniors.

    Thank you
  6. MK-KSA

    MK-KSA Guest

    To mrcp CANDT in response to his post on May 07 at 12:42 am.

    If anybody wants to pass with marginal marks, Sharma book and onexamination with common ECGs and 2 or 3 picture books in medicine are OK. Qs in Sharma book and onexamination (O/E) really came in previous exams (although in modified manner). These two sources are compiled from the memories of past candidates. We, the candidates, are trying to collect and revise the past Qs. So these two are ready made collections. Others should be collected from this forum, if time allows. I have counted that about 250 Qs (out of 270) have been discussed in this thread. But it will not be a good decision to spend too much time on this forum before exam. I didn't do pastest at all. But from discussion of other candidates I feel that some past Qs are present in pastest which are not present in Sharma and onexamination. So if any body wants to score high, need to do pastest too I think.

    It is advised to revise Sharma and O/E in such away that one will not answer wrong even to a single Q at one's final revision of these two sources. At the final look, no need to read explanatory notes except some flow charts and tables and one's own notes. Just go through the Qs.

    May Allah help prospective candidates.
  7. medostar

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    congratualation to all who passed and hard luck to all who failed .. it is not the end of the way.
    alhamdolellah i have passed this exam .. it is my 3rd attempt.
    my advices to all who wants to prepare for this part :
    - take ur time to well digest the most important subjects in the exam [ not less than 6 months ] don`t be hurried .
    - onexamination -----> specially mock exams of the last papers.
    - sharma book -------> very important book for this exam ,, try to read it about three times at least and make notes . it contains 402 questions and answers ... but, actually this equal about 1500 question at least .. as each question contain a lot of ideas and keys which is frequantly asked in the exam . ,, plz, try to obtain the last edition.
    - MKSAP 14 or 15 ... although it is american source but , it is very useful in this exam .. in this exam i found questions come from it by the word .. again it is very good source for new ideas which usually asked .. but my advice try to solve it after finishing ur first study from the above sources.
    - OHCM refer to it in the important subjects but plz, obtain the last edition.
    - GET THROUGH ----> this is very good book at the end of ur study to assess ur performance ... it has same examples come in the exam.
    - forbes atlas very usefulas a source of images specially dermatology and infections.
    - try to refer to passmedicine notes .. it is so helpful.
    - some candidates say after the end of the last exam that the most of questions come from [ practice paper for mrcp 2 ] .. i didn`t try .. but no doubt that it is useful.
    - regarding radiology : u can obtain ver good source for radiology for clinicians which is [ diagnostic imaging ] ARMSTRONG.
    - and finally do ur best and renew ur intetion that u study for the help of all people and make this study is ur way to paradise.
    with my best wishes to all .
    for any question or help u can contact to through my email
    dr.mohammedomar83 at yahoo dot com.
  8. dr md

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    I think the usefullness of sanjay sharma is overstresssed by most of us. I didnt find it that useful compared to medical masterclass website and modules. One more thing which I would like to stress i that pastest gives a lot of 2 from 10 type of question which dont figure in the exam, I think it is misleading.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok dr md

    pastest is misleading

    sanjay sharma, you are telling not helpful

    what we shud read just onexamination

    i have seen pple who just read pastest passes

    some just sharma n onexamination

    some their own methods

    some passmedicine n some basick strong

    so its all a game of individual performance
  10. pebble

    pebble Guest

    pastest and sharma is a safe bet.
    works for most ppl.
  11. dr md

    dr md Guest

    I agree , pastest is very good but they should have only best of five type of questions. The reason I said pastest is misleading is because they give a lot of 'n'from many type of questions which dont come in real exams.
  12. Please Help

    Congrats to whom passed, hard luck 4 failed people.
    i failed miserably at 53.2% (equating score= 380), i was so depressed i didn't write in the forum. i passed part 1 from the first attempt 2 years ago with minimum effort and high mark. i feel i did better in this exam, i thought i would at least answer 66%-70% correctly. i ran through the questions in the forum and i answered most of them correctly. maybe some would say i am in denial, but i have plenty of time to think and i have a strong feeling there is an error, so i am thinking to re-mark my paper before attempting again, did anyone request this before? is it worth it?
    would be v grateful if someone would help me on this.
  13. dr md

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    Dear Guest MRCPdoc, I think you should request for re-marking your answers. I haven't done it before, but if you think there could be an error, it is wise to ask for remarking.
  14. thank you dr md

    i was wondering did anyone try it before? i mean is there a chance in doing so i would find a better score? or am just getting my hopes high?
  15. hello?? why isn't anybody replaying? :(
  16. anxious

    anxious Guest

    :shock: how remarking can be do?
  17. drriz79

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  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i agree wid dr ritz

    i missed part 1 twice ny just 1 mark.

    i didnt go for recheck, i know that they r very perfect in results

    but still up to own individual decesion
  19. Guest

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    To Guest MRCP Doc
    My dear save your money
    try next exam
  20. RNA

    RNA Guest

    i have started a new thread Nov part2 2010... Kindly give ur advise suggestions.... V will start from cardio. Urs feedback is required. Kindly give imp points regarding cardio... Waiting
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To RNA
    where are you from
    Iwill apply seconde attempt at Nov.
    can I share you extensive revesion
    E mail
  22. RNA

    RNA Guest

    y not
    i will b extremely happy
    ok partner lets start
    how can v help each other
  23. nm

    nm Guest

    PASTEST PACES REVISION online 299 bounds till the day of exam
    MASTER CLASS PACES CDs 85 bounds
    250 cases in clinical medicine R.R. BAliga (pass the new mrcp)
    waiting for ur opinions
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi mint-girl

    I am the guest (username) who has written to you by orange color and here also I using it .

    I would lkie to emphasize my invitation.

    pls let us know via : wadmock (at)hotmail (dot) com

    reply to us through it only.
  25. zargardr

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    Greetings to all....Congrats to all those who passed part 2 april...Any ideas for approach to PACES.Would medical masterclass be useful...Havent seen it yet.
  26. Libyan

    Libyan Guest

    Dear n.m

    in sha allah i am going to enter oct.nov exam paces.... this is my email we may help each others in preparing for the paces exam. thx
  27. MK-KSA

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    To Libyan and/or dr AR,

    Please start a new thread for PACES and mention the name of the thread here so that we can start discussion there. Now every one is going to leave this thread.
  28. Guest

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    application check list for part 2

    do we need to sen the copy of part 1 along wid application

    kindly tell me what all to be send
  29. Syed_Guest

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    MRCP-2 Preparation

    Dear All
    Just wanted to contribute my 2 pennies as well

    I did use Medical Masterclass for both my part one and part two.. I have to say its a remarkable resource simply because it covers the subject matter systematically. This is something Sanjay Sharma doesn't (I mean, its not like you can be sure you have covered all topics in a given speciality). I also had access to the website which was OK. It helped me build up stamina for doing MCQs.

    To revise I used 100 plus diseases for MRCP which is really good- It gives 1-2 page summary about ALMOST all disease you might encounter in MRCP (and ALL diseases for PACES- probably worth buying). If you think Medical Masterclass series is unaffordable, use this book with Oxford handbook of clinical medicine (Yes... I'm surprised no onw mentioned it... Since 7th edition it has been updated with so much PART-2 and PACES stuff... Its not the best of exam revision aids but has improved significantly).

    Lastly, if you work in a hospital but can't afford buying Medical Masterclass, try suggesting it to your librarian. I did that from my end and thats how I got access to it (even though all other docs started burrowing the books and there wasn't any copy left for me). Like they say...You will never know what you can get until you ask for it. You don't ahve anything to loose and alot to gain



    PS: If you're wondering, yes I did pass MRCP- 2 after failing it twice previously with "one " mark... Speaking from experience, failing by one mark hurts even more than failing by more !!!
  30. nm

    nm Guest

    dear dr syed, 1st of all congratulation. I am asking if u pass Paces or u will examin in october , can u tell me of sources of it and system of examination? thanks
  31. nm

    nm Guest

    dear dr syed, 1st of all congratulation. I am asking if u pass Paces or u will examin in october , can u tell me of sources of it and system of examination? thanks
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    can any 1 tell if the book of onexamination mrcp 2,2009 edition gud enuf or do we need to subscribe for the site in any case
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    can any 1 tell if the book of onexamination mrcp 2,2009 edition gud enuf or do we need to subscribe for the site in any case

    me too
  34. Ahmed KSA

    Ahmed KSA Guest

    Anyone preparing for MRCP-2 in Riyadh and interested in group study ?
    My email u2u2003 at hotmail dot com
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi guys . ihve recently passed all mrcp parts and want to sell my books and all course material for all parts. if anyone interested pls contact me at
    i attended 3 courses for paces
    and also attended sanjay sharma course for part 2 .
    i did past test course for part 1
    best luck
  36. mhmd

    mhmd Guest

    Hi fellow brothers..i am taking paces in this oct-nov sesion. i heard from few friends tht the dubai centre has maximum passing rates. is it true/ please tell me your opinion.
  37. CCH

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    Guys, what books should i be using to study for the Part 2 written..i have till Nov 2010...pls advise.
  38. dr.b

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    PREGNACY and hyperthyroidism

    1st trimester propylthioracil is mor safe then in the second trimester operation is done
  39. its mee

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    preparing for mrcp 2

    hi every one
    am plannig to set for mrcp2 on november enshallah,, can i have some advise about the study materials ?? i have got on examination and sharma ,, another thing,, is 4 mouths enough to be ready for the exam ??? please give me your precious advise .. thanx alot :)
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mrcp 1

    anyone preparing for the part 1 mrcp in 2011...kindly respond
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

  42. guest-q8

    guest-q8 Guest

    are we exempted from PLAb i.e GMC registration , if we complete MRCP-UK?
  43. leojack

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    sincere thanks

    dear friends
    i sincerely thank you all for you active participation which helped many of us to pass the MRCP part 2
    i pray that the very best comes to you

    NB: My special thanks to Dr non-picture for you advice on is just wonderful..thanks a lot

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