mrcp part 2 written july 08,let us share our experience

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by Abu kamal, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. bilal 74

    bilal 74 Guest

    hi every body ,
    the stupid person who didnt like my success<written my name and given wrong comment,,,,alhamdullilah i passed and my score was 74.3....thanks for every body <and really i know that such behaviour came from the candidates who didnt agree with my answers,,,,,,,,,,,,I PASSEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD
  2. guest6

    guest6 Guest

    Congratulations again, bilal 74
  3. omar shariff

    omar shariff Guest

    Thank you for your reply, But I feel paces is straight forward clinical knowledge, Part 2a is bit ambiguous. I missed by few anwers so lost confidence in part 2a. I did onexamination (which I find useless) read sharma.
    PACES is in march and part 2a is in april so I will still have 1 month to go for part 2a, hence I want to fancy my chances for paces too.

    Do you think its wise?
    which books to read for paces? apart from presenting cases to colleague.
    Any courses?

    Thanks again.
  4. bilal 74

    bilal 74 Guest

    Dear doctors,,,,
    Simply ,if any one want to pass part2 written,should not bother himself by many resources:
    the following are fair enough:

    1.123 doc.
    2.sanjay sharma.
    3.passmedicine,which is for part 1..

    thanx every body
  5. guest6

    guest6 Guest

    1.123 doc.
    2.sanjay sharma.
    3.passmedicine,which is for part 1..

    Only these? That makes life much easier. Thanks.
  6. drAA

    drAA Guest

    DIDNT PASS was my 2nd attempt......guys how did u know yr passing percentage.......i cant make my MRCP account....something is wrong there..........last time i failed by 2%........ :cry: we really need to go through UPTODATE? what about oxford handbook of medicine
  7. dramr4

    dramr4 Guest

    Dear Dr.Omar , The best book 4 PACES is Ryder +/- Baliga . The course depends on ur nationality . If u r egyptian , The Egyp. Med. Sydicate gives clinical courses 2-3 weeks before each exam .
  8. omar shariff

    omar shariff Guest

    passing percentage is 54.8%
  9. hashmisina

    hashmisina Guest


    i have passed mrcp2 in this july .i want to appear paces from it possible to pass paces from india.i am working in bangladesh.can any one reply.i am in confusion!
  10. Dr Abu Kamal

    Dr Abu Kamal Guest


    Dear Has,
    I am also bangladeshi doc passed written in july have plan to sit paces in keep in touch if feel free.I am working in ksa.
    Any one from riyadh have plan to sit paces in 1/09 .pl keep in touch
    Thanks to every one who join this lovely discurssion.
    for 2nd part written examinee.
    I think one examination and sanjoy sharma and thimothy grays book is well enough but not like part 1 u will get only few qs common but u will get the clinical senario common.just read explanations more carefully.past papers must done including this forum qs,that is more common in exam.
    pl clear common clinical data like ecg,spirometry,alkalosis,acidosis they are more concentrating on ct,mri.Dont be afraid,just read and keep faith on yourself.Definitely this exam is tricky and be yourself.some people will distract yourself.
    take care
    dr abu kamal
  11. hashmisina

    hashmisina Guest


    dear Dr Kamal,

    thank you for your you have any idea about PACES coaching in india?do you know any one who have passed the PACES from india without taking training from UK?what about paces coaching in india?

    thank you
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Part 2 written july

    Hi! Tot I'll share. Took mrcp 2a 3rd time this july. Usually missed passing mark by 1 mark. This time I passed.

    Thought paper 1 easy. Similar topics & questions to Pastest online which I did every question & also tried repeatedly in the exam format.
    Paper 2 was just ok. I was too tired. Don't think I scored that well but ok.
    Paper 3 was just right.

    Other than what I learnt during my various subspecs postings, what I did:
    Did ALL pastest online questions.
    Did ALL pastest mcq books & picture tests.
    Read sanjay sharma & kalra.

    Good luck.
  13. guest6

    guest6 Guest

    Thanks for sharing, guest.
  14. gursuchi

    gursuchi Guest

    MRCP 2

    Dear Friends,
    I have to begin my preparation for part 2 MRCP.
    Please could someone spare a few minutes and guide me regarding books/online courses for part 2.
    Will be grateful from the core of my heart.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    just want 2 ask ;
    what the equal dose of prednisole ?

    is it 20 ????????????????
  16. gursuchi

    gursuchi Guest

    Dear Friends,
    I have to begin my preparation for part 2 MRCP.
    Please could someone spare a few minutes and guide me regarding books/online courses for part 2.
    Will be grateful from the core of my heart.
    gursuchi at gmail dot com
  17. gursuchi

    gursuchi Guest


    i have done part 1 and need some guidance regarding books/online courses for part 2.
    Also now that you folks have appeared for part 2 could you kindly guide me--the must dos and dont dos
    will appreciate your support in this,My email id is gursuchi at gmail dot com
    thanking you and looking fwd to hearing from you all esp Indian Guru and Saara
  18. guest6

    guest6 Guest

    this is my summary of what I have learned from posts on this forum


    Time management during exam is important

    1) - repeat 4 times or more do past papers and all pictures - the questions and explanations, at the end make notes of all clues

    2) Sanjay Sharma textbook - read the book from cover to cover 3 times and make notes.
    3) Kalra or OHCM/Kumar/Harrison to complete your knowledge about common diseases
    4) Data interpretation
    5) X-Ray, CT, ECG

    Guidelines summaries
    Pastest, Passmedicine

    Cotran and Robbins small book if possible
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    regarding EAA .

    the question was so tricky , and need a concentrated mind.

    look , the proper answer is NEUTROPHILIA , which is more common than upper zone shadowing .
    besides that the coomon CXR feature of EAA is mid-zone mottling/consoilidation .
    you can check in Oxford hand book page 180.

    despite that p.karla mentioned EAA as cause number 1 for uper zone shadowing in chronic cases, while generalized shadowing in acute caes. page 674 & 683 ,
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi all

    i think all of you heard or read at the mrcpuk website , about the new marking system which would be used from our exam mrcp1 sep 2008.
    this system is rather more difficult than the previous one,
    in the new system (EQUATING) ,there is no fix mark for any bof , as the mark depends on the diffiulty of the question , i.e. a question could carry a range of marking from 1-10 as an example.out of a 999 total mark.
    not like the old system , that every BOF could get either 1 or 0 , independtly of question difficulty out of 200.

    the royal college mentioned that this weird system is used in USMLE & cambridge english test ,but frankly speaking , i want to know , why the RCP wants to compare their selves with a general praction test , and not even the american board .

    also the announment of these changes only 10 days , before the exam , this is totally WRONG , and this means , the guys who made these changes are never related to academic field , which should take in concern the psychological status & stress of any doctor going through this tough exam .

    in the end , i want to clarify that , there is no more 61 or 65 % pass score , as the result will come up with pass mark out of 999 ..............

    this is a link at RCP
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    MRCP 2

    Dear Guru ji,
    please I have to start my prep for part 2. guide me regarding books and online courses. please list imp do s and dont do s ji
    will be thankful from core of my heart ji
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    pls send if u can, to pelpola at gmail dot com

    thanks a lot..
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my dear, why do not you be generous enough and post these links here for everyone rather than sending it by mail to specific persons
  24. guest18

    guest18 Guest

    Let's just say that this forum will not allow those links to be published here. Those links are distributed under copyleft (as opposed to copyright) laws:)
  25. workhard

    workhard Guest

    urgent request

    Can any body tell me that the questions posted here are from UK exam or Ireland.I am realy confused reading them because i attended uk exam in jedda but most of the questions posted i didnt find there.Pls tell me to relieve my tension.
  26. guest18

    guest18 Guest


    No need to worry, the name of this thread is:

    "mrcp part 2 written july 08,let us share our experience"

    The questions in this thread are from July 2008.

    Check the posts on the main MRCP forum page and find one with heading of April 2009.

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