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  1. dr__mrcp

    dr__mrcp Guest

    itot i have the same problem n i emailed pastest but i think bec of christmas thet wont reply
    if u knew how to delete the history plz let me know
  2. dr ashok

    dr ashok Guest

    This is a good free online source.
    medicalbooksfree dot com, go to mrcp category

    This is for images
    medicalbooksfree dot com, go to int med category, then to mayo clinic images
  3. mrcp/dr

    mrcp/dr Guest

    dr moaly

    thank god u didnt forget me,
    i have send u mail again
    congrats buddy
    now help me
  4. i still didnt recieve ur email

    be sure that it is ,magedosama aat hotmail
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To delete your past history on pastest,you have to write a mail to the site and wait for them to respond.There is no other way.
  6. mrcp/dr

    mrcp/dr Guest

    dr moaly

    i have send again, why its not going i dont know

    plz just send hello on mrcpdoctor at yahoo dotcom
  7. mrcp/dr

    mrcp/dr Guest

    dr moaly

    can i request you to send the image folder to me on mrcpdoctor#yahoo com
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pleasse who did pastest online,,,,Does your score in pastest or onexam reflect your real performance in the Exam :roll:
    please reply :wink:
  9. guest008

    guest008 Guest

    i did pastest/onexamination

    the score in real exam was bad i dont know why

    during revesions these sites i score good, but in real exam, i failed

    i dont know to revise the same things or switch to medical master class
  10. hello

    am confused what to read is three months enough, i failed in my second attempt, i have no clinical experience,

    r these sites enough


    shall i revise these things or read some other stuff

    plz advice and help
  11. Dr Albarwari

    Dr Albarwari Guest

    Thank you very much for this clarifcation
    For that I see the Revision "exactly before the Exam" is the key for success and what to revise,,I think your own notes which you had made before as I think Dr ABG said something like that before
  12. RNA

    RNA Guest

  13. thehope

    thehope Guest

    what did you plan ?my q for the people who did not make it this time i hope we can pass next time inshaalh
    let us to start study group and encourge each other
  14. guest008

    guest008 Guest

    can we skip n of many questions from pastest
  15. RNA

    RNA Guest

    I will appear in july
    those who wish the same...can join new thread..TARGET PART2 JULY 2011
    KINDLY COME ....n share...
  16. guesttt

    guesttt Guest

    why some of you mention thier mark alot like al barwari,sai and seems it was a matter of luck (i.e your mark) donot be arrogant and i will advice every one to revise themself befor entering next exam....if i am wrong then correct me once you pass your exam with high degree...
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All the best for those preparing to appear for the next diet.Yes,you can comfortably skip the "n'from many questions.There are non of these in the exam.Do see a lot a radiologiscal pictures and different ECGs.
  18. Dr Albarwari

    Dr Albarwari Guest

    Dear guesttt
    I do not know why you became sensitive,,,,,anyhow "God know" I did not intend to hurt anybody by mentioning my score ,,,only I asked brother Dr non picture to get advice from his experience because still I did not do part 2,,,,,thankfully he replied me warmly without sensitivity,,,,second thing passing MRCP is art of preparation for that I asked brother drsaif about his strategy for preparation not only for me but for all,,you may be one of them,,,,so take it easy,,,,I know nobody is better than other,, Dr non picture may have too much better practical experience than drsaif but you know the score of both,,,,,so here in this forum we want to benefit each other and many thanks to all who put their ideas questions here and I personaly got great benefit from this forum during my preparation for part 1,,,,yes I know it may be a matter of luck but you know I want to reach the key of this luck,,,,

    I will appear in April "Insha allah" and I promise you if you will appear also to put our score in the forum as you want,,,this is promise and to know I am honest with you,,,,you can return to this forum "Recall From MRCP part 1 sept /2010"
  19. drsaif

    drsaif Guest

    Dear guest
    Although, there were no 'n' format question in the exam but I am advising you not to leave them. There are many of 'n' in the pastest and they have very good explainatry answers. I think do it completely,not bcoz of pattern but coz of good information in it.

    don't leave a single question in any of three mentioned main sources.
    best of luck for future exam.
  20. guest008

    guest008 Guest

    dr saif

    do u advice me, to revise pastest.onexamination/sharma only,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, as many times as possible
  21. APRIL 2011

    APRIL 2011 Guest

  22. Guest 84

    Guest 84 Guest

    Excellent website and thanks for the links to download books. I passed part 1 yesterday and I want to go for part 2 in Apr: dont know if i will have enough time.

    My main ques is what is the free way to access up to date: as when i tried it asked me to subscribe.

    And as i dont have long pastest or on examination???

    Many thanks for ur answers.
  23. Guest

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  24. leojack

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    Sincere thanks

    dear friends
    i sincerely thank you all for you active participation which helped many of us to pass the MRCP part 2
    i pray that the very best comes to you

    NB: My special thanks to Dr non-picture for you advice on is just wonderful..thanks a lot

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