MRCP Part 2a Dec 2008 questions

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    Hi Nerdie, Congrats!

    Log in to your account at mrcpuk website and check exam history. You will find percentage there.
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    congrats for those who pass...well we want ur advice about masterclass is it a rcp text book or does it contains bofs qs....plz answer.......and if i couldn't have access to it ,is pastest and onex are enough
  3. john_rambo

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    congratulation dr.nerdie

    how much ur score ??
  4. Guest

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    haha, my score.... is for me to know :D
    PACES next! (i hope)
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    Salam guys.

    I passed alhamdulillah, score 64.84. I did not expect to get this result especially after this tricky exam.

    Anyway, for those who are preparing: I studied sharma (about 80% of it, never completed it) and onexamination (also about 80% of the questions). I also did about 80% of the masterclass website questions. However, please don't do that. Take this exam seriously and study hard for it.

    What I can say is that sharma is excellent as it directs you to the most important points that are usually covered in the exam.
    Onexamination is good also as it represents the type of questions that you will see in the real exam. Its only problem is that it contains about 1200 questions only, so the chance for the questions to be repeated is low (given that in each exam diet there is about 270 questions). If you remember the number of questions in part 1 was about 3600 questions so the chance of the questions being repeated is higher.
    I do not recommend the medical master class website questions. I did most of the questions, and to be honest it was a waste of time. The questions types are completely different from those that came in the exam. Much shorter and simpler.
    I did not try the pastest website or any other websites, but I believe if you want to do something else other than the onexamination, it could be a good idea to try the pastest (I heard that it is at least comparable to onexamination). And again don't waste your time on the medical masterclass website.
    I have the medical masterclass series, I studied cardiology from it and it was very disorganised and difficult to memorize, so I decided not to waste any more time on this series. I believe it could be helpful for the PACES (as it contains paces stations at the beginning of each system).

    I think 3 months of studying should be more than enough for part 2. Study hard, and don't listen to those who say part 2 is a piece of cake. I listened to them and I regretted that in the exam because it turned out to be quite a hard and tricky one.

    Again, sharma and onexamination are a must. if you still want to do more questions don't waste your time on medical masterclass website. Try something else.

    And best of luck to everybody.

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    Congrats to all who made it.

    I pleased to tell you that I passed as well. Its unbelievable.

    I did 149 questions from Sharma, Onexamination (could not complete) and few questions from Medical masterclass and patchy reading from OHCM, Kalra.
  7. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    dear guest ( with the long topic)

    thanx for your golden advices ,,,

    also i really thank so much nerdie ,,

    infact , i want just to know ur score , just for comparision ,, no more

    any way thanx for every thing u adviced us
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    Alhamdollilah , i got through .. This was my 1st attempt !


    I scored 64.86 .

    Congrats for all those who passed , & those who didn't make it this time , wish U loads of luck for the next go at it ..

    Well , preparation for the exam .. I think , one has to tailor his / her own strategy for the exam !

    As with me , i did S Sharma thrice & i found it wonderfully helpful .

    I went only once through the PasTest website .. Great stuff , with range of difficulty , much in keeping with the actual exam ..

    Onexamination: i found it pretty ordinary & very easy ..

    Medical Masterclass : It was very informative & had some hard core type knowledge :D but the format isnt that of the exams with much shorter stems comparatively

    Rest , i never dared to touch a textbook (& i'm happy i didnt do it) as textbooks arent helpful anyways :)

    I did go through a few shortbooks for pics & data interpretation (Beynon Illusterated, Wolfe series & Haans ULrich)

    For those , who wanna sit the upcoming exams , a piece of advice , its a standard exam (difficult yet manageable) .. Do as many BOF's as U could absorb (& afford offcourse :wink: ) .. Do have a look at the recent UK guidelines .. & above all , never underestimate Urself , U've already shown your competence by passing the part i of this exam... :D

    Best of luck !
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    allah is really kind
    i passed too in my first try. got 65.25 % . i really was having doubts after giving the exam cause was not sure about most of the answers. studied sanjay sharma and onexamination mostly. though thoght onexam qs were not as helpful but sharma is a must. sharma cd was good. my advise go through as many best of five as possible. do ecg , chest xrays and picture test. and never loose heart. masterclass i read once. so cant comment. no need to go through big books. only for refence if u might. and chk out imp guidelines of NICE.
    good luck to all of u .and congrats to all who passed.
  10. kuwait

    kuwait Guest

    i passed alhamdullah

    what i can say is that, onexamination web site was really useless. i go through it 2 times but only few Q or ideas appeared on exam (less than 20 out of 370)
  11. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    dear irfankhan6 & nita58

    thanx for your hints & tips ,,

    really i congratulate you all , from my heart with warm feeling for all

    i just want to know , any one tried 123doc ???

    as no one mentioned any thing about it ???

    finally , for how long was ur preparation time???
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    Guest6 Guest

    Anyone has any ideas about how to prepare for PACES. What to read for cases and clinical examination.
    I heard that Clinical Examination By Talley / O'Connor and 250 cases by Baliga are good. Others recommend Aces for Paces by Jayasekera and another book in 2 volumes by Ryder.

    Please give your input after finding out from friends who have done PACES already.

  13. Guest

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    jayasekera aces for paces
    hall paces for mrcp
  14. MNH

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    I I the only one as everyone appears to have passed. I prepared only from sanjay sharma did it twice. Exam day experience was life other people..Confused afterwards.
    Scored 55.98

    Have to do it again :(
  15. failed guest

    failed guest Guest

    dont worry i also could not pass, but dont give up we have to fight again in april .
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i passed too...
    i went on the sharma course 2/3 weekends - his book was useful in hindsight!!

    onexamination was ok - did all the questions

    pastest - the questions dont' really reflect the exam but it's good to acumulate knowledge.

    loads of mrcp2 books as well.

    didn't do much background reading.. OHCM is sufficient!
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    dear john cant say about 123 doc. i had the qs but didnt have time to do it. for me it was about 3 months of preparation. actually what i thought that everyday knowledge was more important then intense preparation. cause the qs that came this time u wont find those in any perticular book. better to do many qsas possible. onexam , passtest, sharma what ever u can.
  18. Guest6

    Guest6 Guest

    Hi John-Rambo

    Regarding your question about 123doc BOFs, I believe everyone have there own individual experiences which work for them.

    The most important thing is as 'Guest' pointed out in the above post,

    "actually what I thought was that everyday knowledge was more important then intense preparation. "

    I found these comments posted by a member, Bilal74, who passed part 2 written in July 08, in first attempt:

    Dear doctors,,,,
    Simply ,if any one want to pass part2 written,should not bother himself by many resources:
    the following are fair enough:

    1.123 doc.
    2.sanjay sharma.
    3.passmedicine,which is for part 1..
  19. Guest

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    john rambo: er.. higher than the scores posted so far :D
  20. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    congratulation dr nerdie

    respect 2 u

    any further comment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i passed too, 59 %

    i wasn't sure whether i am going to pass or not but Allah all mighty had mercy on me. i ddn't do much sharma.
    i hope people who fail this time , pass next time.
    good luck dudes.
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    congrats for all you... i would like to know how does the percentage calaclulated if they r just 90 qs per paper and not 100...does each qs = 1.05 or they just add all the correct answers and divide them by 3 and then add 10%
  23. hopedieslast

    hopedieslast Guest

    Congratulations to all who passed and best of luck for those who failed. Those who have passed, if some body has material for mrcp 2 written or membership for onexam or pastest and kindly want to share please email it to me on hopedieslast at mail dot ru. Many thanks in advance.
  24. Plavina83

    Plavina83 Guest

    My Steps & System

    Allah Allah! I passed with a 72% score. I can't describe my happiness right now. I was sooo scared before the exam because I didn't know how to study or from what source. I'd like to share the system that I followed in order to spare my colleagues here the enormous confusion that I had faced.

    1- Must read Davidson. This is the most important advice I give to my friends here! 90% of the exam ideas are included in that book. Davidson's Clinical Cases is of value too.
    2- Register to two websites because Websites are much more updated than Books. I recommend onexamination, pastest & mrcpass.
    3- Give yourself 10 weeks in average. But if your previous Part 1 preparation was hard studying, then you need only 8 weeks.
    4- Questions and Ideas are repeated from PART 1, so re-read your notes from Hellen Fellows & Khaled Beniamin!!
    5- Read all the current NICE, SIGN, RCP guidelines.
    6- X-RAYS & RADIOLOGY: read "Case Studies in Medical Imaging" by Ahuja! It's available for free online and very simple & rapid to read. Besides it's MRCP oriented. Just go through the slides & its diagnosis. Don't distract yourself with details.
    7- ECG: I can't give you advice about that because I didn't need any ECG practice. My previous knowledge was enough.
    8- Pictures & Images of MRCP exam are nearly replica of "Atlas & Text of Clinical Medicine" by Forbes. Also available online.
  25. John_rambo

    John_rambo Guest

    dear dr.Plavina83

    first of all , congratulation for your high score , thanx so much for your golden advices ,,,,

    i would like to ask u a few question ...

    1_ u mentioned about mrcpass..... but this website is dedicated to mrcp 1
    2_what do u suggest about echo ???
    3_how mant times u revised onexamination or pastest online revision ??

    anu further comment ???

  26. Manup_ga

    Manup_ga Guest

    Hey Parvina83.. congrats on passing. I'm from India and I was asking if you are sure of the books you posted. They are not prsent here and I was thinking of ordering them.

    also you didn't mention anything about Sanjay Sharma. Don't you think this book is mportant?
  27. Parvina83

    Parvina83 Guest

    Thank you John Rambo & Manup

    1) MRCpass was for part 1. I got mixed up sorry. But I used the notes from that website to revise for my part II exam also.

    2) Onexamination, pastest & masterclass were excellent for me. Pastest was specially good.

    3) Sanjay Sharma I did not read! I have this system that websites are much more updated & informative than MCQ books. If you want to refer to books then look up a textbook, like Davidson or Oxford Concise Textbook of Medicine (Oxford CTM is a bit time consuming).
    But from the amount of credit people here pay to Sanjay Sharma I think you might wanna try it. I myself didn't.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello parvina83
    good job with th e exam
    did you use the online material provided here
    i think it a bit disorganized and want to ask which to select is the bext to read first
  29. Parvina83

    Parvina83 Guest

    Unfortunately I didn't use the material provided here. There was no time and exactly as you said it was a somewhat disorganized for me to depend on it.
  30. Parvina83

    Parvina83 Guest

    what are the requested investigation that we should knoew how to read??
  31. Parvina83

    Parvina83 Guest

    This is the answer: You should know how to interpret (in order of frequency & importance)

    1- Plain X=rays
    2- EKG
    3- PFT, Spirometery & Flow loops
    4- Echo: 2D & M-mode
    5- Cardiac catheter

    All those five you'll definitly find in the exam. A must know!

    6- CT brain, chest abdomen.
    7- MRI brain, spine.
    8- Bone scan, PET scan.
    9- Audiometery
    10- Barium X-rays.

    Those are optional.. may or may not come.

    PS: Why did you post using my name???
  32. Parvina83

    Parvina83 Guest

    All those you'll find explained onexamination & in the textbooks I wrote.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    @ Parvina83...
    Thanx alot for the valuable info!!! Very informative.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey guys who entered the part 2 exam..

    Are there any questions about Statistics, Immunology, Genetics & Clinical anatomy? I 'm not studying them currently but I was wondering if such Part 1 questions will be asked again in Part 2??
  35. John_rambo

    John_rambo Guest

    dear dr.parvina83

    thanx again ,for your notes....

    but i would like to ask u plz ,, where to read about the following things?

    1_Spirometery & Flow loops
    2_Bone scan, PET scan

    i mean , can u plz specify ur source or online reference that u used & found very helpful in the exam

    thanx again
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hi Pravina83,
    I m supposed to give my part2a in the month of April 09. can u please help me with the notes.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Those are basic science qns for Part1...
    Part 2a won't have such qns, if anything, simple genetics would appear, but this should not pose a problem
  38. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    hello dr.nerdie

    welcome back ...........

    would u mind to add any further comment regarding the

    1_Spirometery & Flow loops
    2_Bone scan, PET scan

    and where we can read about them plzzzzzzzzzz???

  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Spirometry/Flow loops = must know. Sharman has them
    Bone scan/PET scan = didn't read up, so i guess i gave it a pass..
    Audiometry = Sharman also has them

  40. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    thanx bro. :lol:
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    john rambo is wrong , dont listen to him , giving wrong advice.
  42. jphn_rambo

    jphn_rambo Guest

    hello Guest

    so what would u suggest plz ???

    as i really have no source to read these things::

    plz help
  43. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    hello Guest

    so what would u suggest plz ???

    as i really have no source to read these things::

    plz help
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest


    DO MCQs
  45. john_rambo

    john_rambo Guest

    dear guest

    i really would like to thank u for ur advice ,,

    frankly speaking ,, i think ur opinion is the best

    DO MCQs

    as sometimes, i find WEIRD suggestions..

    i would like to ask u further ,, which website u did ??

    and how was ur reading pattern , i mean how many times u repeated the online questions & sharma??

    how long was ur preparation??

    what about the echo,ct,spirometery

    any 1 tried masterclass yet ??

  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i did pastest , medical master class is fine too, not very impressed with it
    spirometry is important
    3 months prep
    Audiology is not important
    havnt seen any echos in MRCP2
    nor cardiac catherter data
    i hope this is not weired
  47. guest6

    guest6 Guest

    Hi John Rambo

    Keep on looking but there is no simple answer to what to read for CTs and echos, etc., if you are looking for a perfect preparation. But sharma gives you enough audiograms, echos and spirometry to prepare for the exam.

    There are quite a few cardiac data interpretation questions in onexamination website, but if you want more you can read questions/explanations given in the 'the complete data interpretation for the MRCP' by Steve Hughes. This book is very good, I would recommend it strongly for the exam for endocrinology, rheumatology, basically all systems for data interpretaiton.

    Look up important dermatology images in google.

    Radiology: again google is a great source. Look them up one by one. In December exam, there were two bone tumour x-rays, so don't forget tumours. Sharma CD has quite a few x-rays.

    There are plenty of ECG's in MCQs and in Sharma. Learn them.

    Bone scans: look them on google. There are just a few that you need to know.

    In the end, the most important are Sharma and MCQs, and do the above as much as you can.

    If you remember that there will always be questions you won't be able to answer in the exam (actually, plenty, but you don't need to answer all the questions to pass) it will help you keep calm in the exam, which will in turn make it easier to retrieve information from your brain.

    I did the above and I passed, first attempt.
  48. John_rambo

    John_rambo Guest

    dear all,,

    i have read your precious commemnts,and i really would like to thank u all for it ...

  49. korai

    korai Guest


    can anyone kindly send me bts/ sign/etc guidelines for studies in mrcp 2 written.
  50. verainput

    verainput Guest

    rod m8 we been war dec again sweet ya missin all the fun cos he is a frog
    and he from 0.4 so mike sos asked me to tell ya so ya can work on some plans hopin ya want kill us all lmao

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