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    Nice from you and hope all who did have the exam start posting the questions so we can answer them and for the future ....

    I have friend who had the exam and I will discuss all the questions with him and shared it with u .....:) I will give him time to rest today :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Hi friends,
    The exam was very tricky and had a lot of lengthy qs.
    Some were as follows:
    1.Patient with RH Arthritis,was started on infliximab,developed s.o.b. pl.effusions,cough.
    Dx: Tuberculosis.

    2.Patient with abd pain,CT was given,diagnosis:pancreatic pseudocyst.

    3.A young female student with o2 sat 100%,confused in room,Dx:CO pooisoning.

    4.Female found uncons on hills,hypothermic and raised urea,CPR done and adrenaline given,core temp 26, treatment:
    Hemodialysis(rhabdomyolysis is dx,othr options were:rewarming etc)

    5.Astma pt,not improving on steroids or bronchdilators,treat: Magnesium.

    6.OSA pt with pauses in sleep at night: nocturnal CPAP.

    7.Young pt drinker with raised B.P,treat: Stop drinking

    Will post others soon
    pray for my success :idea:
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    some more: with hyponatremia,cough dry,myalgias: Legionella with trauma to head now has eye lesions and headaches:carotid artery dissection.

    3.sudden loss of vision:eek:phthalmology slide:central retinal artery occlusion. with abnormal TFTs:erratic thyroid compliance. with ECG of hyperkalemia,what to do:CaCl2

    6.OA pt on NSAIDS has renal impairment:Interstitial nephritis.

    7.Pt of painless heamturia: c.a bladdr.

    8.hemoptysis in a pt with lung c.aMx:artery embolization.

    9.SLE pt,renal lesion:membranous G.N.
    10.Stills disease:young female pt with arthropathy and facial lesions.

    11.Pt with diabetes,erratic control:reduce night insulin dose.

    12.Asthma in a pt,worst outcome indicator: H.R>120. with ascites:paracentesis.

    14.bone scan:HPOA

    15.Restrictive lung disease:lung fibrosis.


    17.suspected CML

    18.Karyotyping:a pt with leukemia.

    19.ECG:complete heart block.

    20.Catopril:pt with S.S and high B.P

    21.Nitroprusside:pt with HTN encephalopathy.

    22.CRF pt,ACEI was commenced,RFTs declined,what to do? Stop ACEI.

    23.Of best px in MI:Alteplase.
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    24.D.M :?Gastroparesis

    25.Young pt with loss of vision LHON.

    26.Pt with thickened colon,also had c.a else where??
    Pseudomembranous colitis/Tumor progression.


    28.Pt with raised KCO:pul HTN.

    29.Eczema herpeticum.
    30.GH def:pt with impotence and weakness.
    31.female with SLE:Minocycline.
    32.Pt with epilepsy,clubbing,vertical gaze ,nystagmus? Phenytoin toxicity.
    33.Mg:pt with VF.
    34.Mx of Carpal tunnel syndrome in a pt not willing for surgry?steroids.
    36.Pt with severe Crohn"s dsease:TPN.
    37.Pt with renal stones and associated disease,Invst:serum urate.
    38.Female with bone problem:Raloxifine?.
    39.Invst in a male homosexual with anal lesions:HIV test? with candidiasis,otherwise well:?HIV Test.
    41Needle Stick injury with a pt HCV +ve:?Peg Interferon and ribavirin.
    42.MAI: a pt with advanced HIV.
    43Somatoform conversion dsordr.
    44.Withdrawal syndrme:?Methadone.
    45.LUPUS anticoagulant:pt with thromobosis,normal PT,Aptt.
    47.How to reduce visual loss in a pt with diabetic retinpathy:Sugar ctrl
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    Thanks a lot Dr Gill,wishing you good success.i will be writing the Dec.exams.
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    some questions

    1 treatment of acute psychosis in mania ?olanzapine/lithium/clozapine

    2 Thought there was a question on cerebral malaria.

    3 Pt with elevated level of mid-night cortisol.What is the next step?
    24 hr.urinary cortisol measurement of Low dose dexamethasone suppression test.(oxford texbook recommends either of them.So which is the rt. answer?)

    4 Thought that there were 3 questions on antiphospholipid syndrome.

    5 Pt returns from Mt.Kiliminjaro.C/O of tiredness,weakness,fatigue.
    Has chest pain and exertional breathlessness.RVH present on echo.
    What is the diagnosis.I chose pul. embolus.

    6.ECG was it hyperkalemia or early evolving anterior wall MI.Pt had a strong history of IHD.Also choices that were given were of calcium resonium which cannot be given in acute hyperkalemia.

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