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    MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination Format

    The MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the clinical sciences relevant to medical practice and of common or important disorders to a level appropriate for entry to specialist training.

    The MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination has a two-paper format. Each paper is 3 hours in duration and contains 100 multiple choice questions in one from five (best of five) format, where a candidate chooses the best answer from five possible answers. Candidates will be tested on a wide range of common and important disorders in General Medicine as set out in the published syllabus.

    The composition of the Papers is as follows:


    Number of questions*
    Cardiology 15
    Clinical pharmacology, therapeutics and toxicology 20
    Clinical sciences** 25
    Dermatology 8
    Endocrinology 15
    Gastroenterology 15
    Haemotology and oncology 15
    Neurology 15
    Ophthalmology 4
    Psychiatry 8
    Renal medicine 15
    Respiratory medicine 15
    Rheumatology 15
    Tropical medicine, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases 15
    * This should be taken as an indication of the likely number of questions - the actual number may vary slightly.

    ** Clinical sciences comprise:
    Cell, molecular and membrane biology 2
    Clinical anatomy 3
    Clinical biochemistry and metabolism 4
    Clinical physiology 4
    Genetics 3
    Immunology 4
    Statistics, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine 5

    A detailed explanation of the marking system adopted for the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination can be viewed in the MRCP(UK) Regulations.
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    Hi there is an excellent course in Dhaka, bangladesh for mrcp part one and it is the longest one and seven months duration all the way long. so you can join it and get the utmost benefits from this course....
  4. @sukantajps: can you please tell me the address where the course takes place you are talking about? any phone numbed or address in Dhaka will serve my purpose. it would be a great help to me...
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    period of training for MRCP

    is it 2 0r 3 years of training is required to sit MRCP paces.IN which hospital i can complete my training in Bangladesh.
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    @Majumder: you just need 2.5 yrs experience. you can do it any medical college hospital private/Govt.
    or you can do it as a job in Square Hospital or Apollo Hospitals

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