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    Next Exam: Jan 14 2005 ( Last dates for exam Regn over)



    Exam Time- 3 hours
    Questions 90 with 5 subdivisions each
    Total: 445 questions

    Cutoff: 315-325/ 445

    Good texts:
    Basic Surgical Training-Raftery

    MCQ books:
    Pasttest MCQ book for Intercollegite MRCS

    Exam Centres: Both in UK & India

    Criteria for appearing for MRCS-1 : MBBS/ Medical graduation
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    Thanks a lot

    Thankyou very much for the information.
    Do post more tips
  3. Kamal

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    hi ,
    Can you please tell me which all are the most importaint topics to study
  4. drtarungoel

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  5. The team

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    Most Imp Topics:
    Patho-Neoplasia, Inflammation
    Anatomy-Surgically * ones-like B.plexus, Relations of vital organs-pancreas, stomach etc
    Physio-Renal failure, Ards, fluid & electrolyte imbalance
    Sorry short of time
    Will post in detail later

    Meanwile results will be out 2 weeks after the exam
    Wish you all the best for the exam
    The Team
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    i understand that time is short.but anyway i will try .is time enough in the they have negative marking.for the coming week shud i go for mcqs with theory back up.from where i can get previous mrcs1 papers.
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    dnb passed candidates are exempted from part 1 afrcs?

    i want to know whether DNB ortho passed candidates are exempted from part i afrcs .since i've cleared dnb orthopaedics ,can i take part 2 exam. even i want to know whether plab exam is exempted for those who cleared afrcs. kindly give me the correct information and criteria to take afrcs exams
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    for the query about exemption to take up plab and mrcs 1.

    i too finished dnb orthopaedics in 2003 and had to take up plab and i finished mrcs 1 & 2 now working in UK. there are many more like u and me here in uk who have completed their dnb. i really dont think they consider surgical specialities (DNB) for exemption, of course yes for anaesthesia. the national board has to take steps and co-ordinate with the royal college of surgeons and general medical council.

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    It was relly informative keep it up THE TEAM

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