Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Shiv Gupta, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Shiv Gupta

    Shiv Gupta Guest

    I failed MRCS-2. 123doc is a crap course.
    They give stupid ,hollow promises.
    I did their whole mcq's .Still failed.
    Friends, beware before going after false promises

    Shiv Gupta
  2. Palash K

    Palash K Guest

    You are right.
    I too feel their course is expensive & useless.

    Dr.Palash Kumar
  3. Dr.Vipin

    Dr.Vipin Guest

    Most of the e-courses alone are not adequate to pass.
    But compared to many 123 doc is the worst. Never go for it. Many of my friends who took it have mentioned of its poor quality.They charge a lot as well.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i really dont think u need a course to pass 1 & 2.....just read pastest mcq and revision books...baily and love.....thats it...more than enough..i think most of us are talented enough to pass this mrcs easily..u just need to do the right body can make u pass...u have to pass urself...goodluck for next time
  5. Dr.Vipin

    Dr.Vipin Guest

    Please let me know how to pass MRCS-2 with talent!!!!!!!!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    no offence mate...i have passed both collegiate and intercollegiate fact i have completed all parts now.....i think with b&l.huangs mcq,chans revision notes for system and core and pastest mcq.....100% u will fact its more than enough...i just tried to help....not boasting myself....goodluck
  7. Dr.Vipin

    Dr.Vipin Guest

    Dear Dr.Invincible,

    I apologise for hurting your feelings. Thanks for the good advice. No offence meant.
  8. husabbas

    husabbas Guest

    I managed to pass, I did the 123doc e-course too? thought it waas ver y helpful
  9. Sardor Akkiv

    Sardor Akkiv Guest

    I've done 123doc course either, maybe not everything was perfect, but the professionalism of lecturers and a huge source of information made them worth money paid. I've passed and I will strongly reccomend them. By the way - everything is about learning - it's really up to you.
  10. Dr. Arvind

    Dr. Arvind Guest is a much better place to prepare for MRCS 1&2. it helped me pass both parts on my 1st attempt.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I disagree with dr Arvind - I've switched from onexamination to 123doc because it didn't help me at all. I failed me exam at my first attemp and I hope this time I pass.
    What can I say for sure, I feel more confident with 123!
  12. dundee

    dundee Guest


    I also found 123doc extremely helpful. Without it i would not have passed. I will use it again!
  13. daniel

    daniel Guest

    Need to know books for MRCS part 2

    Plz let me know any one who has passed part 2, which books to study. Mr Invisible has written about " b & l". whats that? Is it baily and love? Thanks

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