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    nice communication.i had one question concerning clinical per my knowledge they are examining under headings of superficial lesions including tumours,ulcers,hernia and hydrocele,solid organs including abd,thyroid,breast,vascular including gangrene,PVD and DVT and orthopedics.but i dont know the details of examination scheme and kind of depth they go into.can anyone give some more details regarding this.thanks buddy.m expecting your reply.
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    thank you so much keep us updated thank again
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    dear invincible thanks for posting questions and congratulation for passing :p .
    unfortunateley, :roll: i haven't. i wasn't well prepared anyway.
    i'll paticipate with questions i ve been asked later when i have time.
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    reply from myanmar pol

    hi invincible js
    this is mhtkpol
    i m sitting for an exam on mrcs next year
    thanks 'cause ur tips help me a lot. can u plz tell me more about how to prepare for mrcs viva and the name of the books to be read preparing it.
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    thanks js, found all very informative, shit scary but helpful.
  6. viva questions

    Hi everyone!
    I passed my viva in Edinburgh last week and wish everyone the best of luck. These are my questions:

    Anatomy - cranial fossa and course of cranial nerves, surface anatomy LSV and compartments of the leg, branches of the abdominal aorta
    Operative surgery -femoral hernia repair, treatment of anal fissure, diathermy
    Pathology -grading v staging of cancer, tumour markers, clotting cascade (draw it)
    Principles of surgery -preparing a diabetic patient for theatre, analgesia options, complications of fractures
    Physiology -calcium homeostasis, renal failure, cardiac output and drawing the starling curve
    Critical care -assessing a patient who collapses after surgery, bowel obstruction, care of neonates in SCBU!

    Hopw this helps :)
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    I passed my MRCS viva in first attempt at Royal college England now looking for clinical course need help

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