MRCS and Surgery books in london if anybody intrested

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    I want to sell these books before going back home, any body interested Email me (, I will prefer those who are in London as I am in London.

    1- Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training (I have marked in few chapters)
    A.T. Raftery
    2- MCQs in Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training (local edition)
    S. Jacob
    3- Self assessment MCQs for AFRCSED in Surgery in General (local edition)
    RCS Edinburgh
    All these three books on £45

    B- Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery (24 Edition)
    R.C.G. Russell, Norman S. Williams, Christopher J.K. Bulstrode( marked only 10 pages maximum)

    Will sell it on 60£. I am leaving in 2 weeks time anybody interested Email me on

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