mrcs in india ?any idea

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    Announcements: MRCS Degree will be awarded in India - DNB tie up eith Royal College of Surgeons
    Author: tegs, Posted on Monday, January 05 @ 12:19:57 IST by RxPG

    tegs writes "The National Board of Examination has decided to tie up with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCS ED) to award the prestigious MRCS degree to medicos appearing in the exam for a Diploma of the National Board in India.

    At present, the Royal College offers a course in basic surgical skills, a threeday orientation course and a two-year MRCS for which students had to go to UK. Members of the RCS India chapter claimed that this would usher in a new era in the training of surgeons from the country. The tie-up, likely to commence with the DNB exams next October, would mean that students appearing for DNB would simultaneously get MRCS degrees, too.

    Already, the four Royal Colleges of Surgeons have stopped offering FRCS. Coming close on the heels of the replacement of the old FRCS exam with the MRCS by all the royal colleges in UK, the programme would be another foray by the Edinburghbased college in its multipronged overseas activi-ties.

    The RCS ED and the National Board are currently working out a structured training programme on standard practices for surgeons in India and England, informed Wilson S. Hendry of RCS ED on Monday. "The idea is to recognise medicos ap-pearing for the DNB exam, which by itself is a competent and advanced degree, equivalent of the MRCS," he said.

    "Students sitting for DNB would thus get two degrees simultaneously, something like an MRCS-DNB," added Hendry. As MRCS was not recognised by the Indian government, the tie-up with the National Board would help the degree, recognised worldwide, as a standard training module. "Now, surgeons wanting to specialise further will have to undergo another four-year training after which they will get the FRCS degrees," said Hendry. Indian students would also be able to go for super-specialisation following postgraduation, not available till date.
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    Thanks for the info. Any idea where is the exam in Hyderadab? Thanks for the info again
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    Hello! I am a Final year DNB Rural Surgery student at MGIMS, Sewagram, Wardha , Maharashtra.
    Its a 3 year course- 2 years in SURGERY, 6 mths in Obstritics & Gynaecology and 6 mths in Orthopedics. Out of these 2 yrs in Surgery we have to work at a peripheral surgical centre for 1 yr.
    I wish to get MRCS degree in India.
    Can I be able for MRCS examination alongwith DNB exam?
    Can I be able to appear for MRCS examination run by British council Kolkata on MBBS basis? What is the criteria for it?
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    hi deepak
    i have recently cleared mrcs england
    for details u can call me
    no 09895554359
    i will be happy to answer u
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    i hav just cleared final mbbs from calcutta medical college. i will start my internship shortly. i want to know about the mrcs and mrcp exam. what is it all about? and whether it is feasible to appear for the exam next year.
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    hi. i hav just finished my M.B.B.S. can any one please tel me which al colleges offer MRCS degree in india?
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    hello, this is an fina year MBBS student, can anyone please help me in giving me some genuine information about the exam named MRCS , how is it different from FRCS, or is it the same???
    some say that only part 1 can be done in india but for part 2 we must complete it in UK, and some have started telling complete degree can be obtained in india itself with all the exams written in india
    and most important the degree should be recognised
    well is it recognised in india???
    please can anyone help me with this????
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    My humble advice to everyone planning to take is of no use if you are planning to use it as an extra qualification, for the sake of promotions is just an added diploma and nothing will be putting a lot of effort and money into it and at the end of the day what you wil get back is just four extra letter at the end of your name..
    i completed MRCS in 2005 in UK after leaving my DNB practicals in mid way thinking I will have a chance in UK..but it was a bad decision, I am now stranded without a qualifiction that will NEVER fetch me a consultant PLEASE think twice before you put everything behind MRCS...
    if you are planing a career in surgery, do a PG in India or USMLES with scores above 90 , so that you can get a surgical residency...DO not venture into UK will regret it...may be other fields like psychitry, etc is OK...not surgery...

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