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  1. i m pleased to inform you that pakistan accredit mrcs now and has exumpted fcps1 and 2 yrs training .

    good luck to all
  2. recognisation of MRCS by CPSP!

    I dont know whats the point of recognising MRCS now, because as u people know MRCS has been phased out and there are no reasons to spend so much money on it, particularly for Pakistani surgical trainees. On the basis of current IMRCS, which is different from England trainees. We could not get any position in Higher surgical training programs there in England/Ireland or Europe. While Canada, Australia asked for paid work expirence in these countries no just the diploma!
    Now MRCS is just for Middle east countries, for crazy arabs, where MRCS counts equivalent to FCPS!. However we know that there is no comparision between the two, MRCS you can do just by reading and sitting at home while for FCPS you need to go through 4 or 5 extensive years of surgical training with dissertation, Itermediate Module & workshops.
    One more thing i want to ask CPSP authorities whether they took this decision on mutual basis (DO Royal Colleges of Surgeons UK recognise MCPS OR FCPS equivalent to MRCS OR FRCS? )or just to attract candidates in less worth Pakistani system, who already have wasted a lot of time and money in getting MRCS!
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    i have read and agree to the adeel but it still worth alot as MRCS is phasing out but still the trainees who are doing simple residecies in pakistan or middle east and have surgical experience has time till 2010 to get into fellowship training by exumpting stupid exams like fcps1 and Intermediate modules which has noback ground and no sense.

    what ever the case may be it is still blessing in disguise for those who are working in surgery.

    as far as FCPS is concerned it still has no standing around the world except few 3rd world countries , no body knows even about the meaning of FCPS . might sm people in afghanisatn know what it stand for .

    as compare indian MS system is much better and properly planned .

    so i say to get mrcs and to get fcps1 exumption is really a BLessing .

    good luk
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    mr.arslan you better keep your views up till yourself .

    have you done MRCS ? if not go for it . before that you loose your chance to attempt it .

    have a nice day .
  5. AOA


    i am final yr mbbs student in pakistan wants to know what is fcps ?

    do reply . iam really wooried what it stands for ?

  6. few comments

    Amazing you dont know the meaning of FCPS? are you studying in Burma or Mauritania? Because even Indian knew its meanning. Only two countries as far as i knew offering this fellowship, College of Physicians & Surgeon Pakistan and other one is Bangladesh.
    FCPS very well accepted in Saudiarab, Oman, in few UAE states and even on basis of FCPS you can get training period exemptions in Canada, Australia, Ireland and UK.
    And by the way happiness from exemption from FCPS-1, IMM, two year training again will lead you to this marvellous FCPS! not FRCS or DABS?
    you can apply for fellowships in singapore as well as in USA but research experience needed.
  7. Why FCPS is less worthable as compare to MD or MS from India, reason behind this is misunderstanding, what is FCPS and what is MS.
    FCPS is a diploma like FRCS issued from a College, either CPSP or RCS Edinburg or Canada or Australia.
    MD or MS are Master degrees issued by Universities, either Indian or Pakistani. You must be aware of MS and MD programs offered by Univ of Karachi, Liaquat University of Health Sciences or University of Punjab
    Whole Arab world give priority to MS/MD degrees when they are comparing them to FCPS, but this is there double standards FCPS should be compare only with FRCS or Diplomate American Board.
    In Pakistan MD/MS are not worthable as compare to FCPS since 1967 after the creation of CPSP, adequate monitoring, good training standards and taking regular exams.
    In the end it is rightly said" value of diploma or degree issued by any country exactly a true reflection of country's economy''
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    what a pitty

    i dont know which part of the world adeel is sleeping ,

    man get up its a ever changing world . Forget FCPS

    no body knows it its a diploma created by few stooges of pakistan having links in the government .the basic aim is to kik back the upcoming medical students .

    how can be a diploma is considered higher than the Degree.

    Arabs are not he stupids .it is we who are . who think diploma higher than the degree .

    as far as i remember CPSP is a group of few old vultures who have no brains and are forcing the up coming students to not get in to the higher posts of the medical colleges .

    world knows and treat them rightly .
  9. i am amazed

    you people told me if FCPS has so much worth why the professors send their children to the STATES to do steps or Uk to do MRCS ?

    i am really amazed
  10. Let me introduce my self, I have done MBBS in 2001 from Karachi and completed my MCPS in Gr. Surgery followed by FCPS in Urology. I have passed MRCS(Glasgow). After getting Canadian Immigration now i am preparing for MCCEE & MCCQE1 papers. At present I am working in MOH, Oman as a Specialist Urology.
    Now come to your question, no body is sleeping here, every body has a right to share his or her experience and present his opinion.
    I never said diploma is higher then degree, i talked about the wrong comparision, which usually Arabs and few Pakistanis like you made, you can compare one brand of motorcycle with other brand motorcycle, not with a car, similarly MS/MD (ind)should be compared with MS/MD(Pak) not with FCPS or FRCS. Training standards, exposure, workshops, assesment all are different. Yes believe me FRCS is also a diploma but every one know its worth is far above then so called Indain MS or MD.I hope now you can understand.
    I never said FCPS is better then Diplomate USA or FRCS, unfortunately i saw our FCPS trainees inspite of facing all hardships and even more difficult exams to pass treated as less worthable then USA/UK/AUS. This all because of our country is not spending so much on health system, education and particularly on improving the training standards as in UK govt bodies like NHS or in USA medical education comission already did.
    Other important thing is that donot run blindly for the degrees and diplomas because now you can realise ENGLAND has closed there doors for foreign grads.
    USMLE/AMC--> is a better option for fresh graduates this is my opinion.
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    hi adeel

    hi 1 adeel what you say about the graduates of 2004 . how they proceed . as at present i am doing MRCS 1 .

    please guide me .

  12. Australia is best!

    I think if you have not submitted the fee of MRCS-1 and you are really interested to go abroad, Australian route is very short and attractive as compare to USMLE. You can even apply for a job after AMC-1 and within two yaers u have to pass the AMC-2 , ONE MORE thing training wise + income wise it is second to US system.
    Rest i knew all r bogas, and time consuming.
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    need ur help

    hi everybody
    i need 2 register 4 a mastery of sur in a good pakistani whatever the name university,college,school,......
    im arab
    and poor
    and have difficulties doing so in my homeland
    can u help me
  14. hello

    Postal Address of KEMC
    King Edward Medical University,
    Nelagumbad, Anarkali,
    Lahore, Pakistan.

    Postal Code.

    Telephone Admin.
  15. hi mammar please consult this best paki institute

    Postal Address of KEMC
    King Edward Medical University,
    Nelagumbad, Anarkali,
    Lahore, Pakistan.

    Postal Code.

    Telephone Admin.
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    advice required

    i am a general surgery(FCPS) trainee into the third year of training.
    my husband and i were planning on applying for canadian emigration. i was wondering if that is a good idea specially if i want to keep on working as a surgeon for the rest of my life?
    what are my options in canada.
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    Canada is the best option for young budding surgeons in the face of prevailing situation in pakistan and no job structure after fellowship. So it is in best interest of your family to move out and secure a better future.
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    worst option is CANADA .,

    well !

    worst option is canada as a prectitioner . at this point of time . i m here for last 3 yrs but they are not allowing to get in to their system .

    better to complete fellowship then come here but after alot of inquiry ,other wise u ll loose money and time .,
  19. yes i agree canada is good for immigration purpose, but offcourse worse for doctors like us who got their training not in USA/UK/Aus. You need to pass MCCEE, MCCQE-1 and MCCQE-2 followed by tough competition for residency slot and bundels of structured interviews in each hospitals. Even after FCPS you can only get exemptions in training years not from above mentioned exams.
    Think thrice before apply I again suggest you to better give Australian AMC-1 and part 2. Immigration and job is far easier then Canada system.
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    Dr.Adeel can u pls post a link about the exemption offcps ! ,IM and two yrs training exemption after MRCS.coz i cudnt find the notification at any CPSP website..

    and also if u have any info as to which country(other than pakistan) to go for orthopaedic training after doing MRCS and FCPS gen surgery,where the following qualification wud be acceptable
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    please contact CPSP office

    009251.111606606 with codes

    111606606 with out codes .

    and confirm.,
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  23. Guest

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    Dear All , I worked with Indian Doctors , European Doctors , Americans , Germans , Italians , Swiss , Arabs , Believe me Our FCPS is never iferior to any other residency program But the actual thing is Surgical skills our trainees are strong in theory but much defficient in surgical skills & this is not fault of CPSP but the trainers .

    Why Indian MS Ortho ( Supose ) is better than our FCPS in Ortho even their MS is of 3 years program & our FCPS ortho is 5 years progrm the reason is they are sound in Skills & good training but their residency program is not upto the level in that aspect our CCPSP is much superior .
  24. Orthopaedic Trainning

    Basicaly I am a Urologist therefore I am not much aware of postfellowship trainning in Orhtopaedics, but still
    I think after FCPS you dont need further trainning, you just need to polish your skills & acaedmics & this you can avail by getting into ortho-fellowship program in North America esp Mayo Clinic USA, for Sports Medicine Australia, Spine Fellowship-Malaysia and Hand surgery you can go to Singapore.
    MRCS is only supportive, your major qualification is still FCPS and your trainning. Now trainning place matters alot then Degrees and diplomas.
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    hi notice is there at cpsp desk

    for info of notification plz contact CPSP islamabad office

    contact MR> DILSHAD AT CPSP

    0092519261196 or 0092519262590

    uan= 111606606
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    @DR. ADEEL AHD NAVEEN ,you guys are a real help.thnx..

    @dr.adeel, i would love to do fellowship in the prestigious MAYO clinic,but it is near to impossible as i have nt done my residency in usa.FCPS means i am destined to work in pakistan only...............

    thnx again guys........
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    Canadian exam

    Salamz Dr Adeel,
    read your comments, really interesting. You are guiding people to the right path. My career profile is same as yours, did FCPS in General Surgery and MRCS. Just wanted to know what are our chances in Cananda in our own speciality cause every body on net is crying about canada! Would like to know your research about it
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    how to work as a general surgeon in canada??

    salaam dr.adeel..i read all ur explainations and informations about canadian system..i m married to fcps husband is working as a specialist surgeon in dubai i m a canadian citizen so i m sponsoring my husband.can u help me how i can proceed for him to register with pcrc canada and what exams he has to give?and can he direclty work as a specialist surgeon instead of going thru whole residency prgrm..
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    AOA im a 4th yr student(MBBS)
    i want to become a paediatric surgeon.
    wt way shud i pursue??
    how do u do FRCS??
  30. If you want to do FRCS Paediatric Surgery, It is an exit exam after several years of exhaustive training in UK. Do Plab/IELTS---try to get into UK training system from FY1/Y2 level--->CT1/2 (MRCS)--->ST3/4/5/6/7--->FRCS (Paed Surg) & CCT.
    I hope you have understood what I have tried to explain you!
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    dear helper i m preparing for MRCS A. the xam is on jan 10th ! i need to knw wat books to follow for perfect results...
    wats the requirement for MRCS B ? any training mandatory bfore part B or advicable !

    Plzzz do help me.. i have wasted A LOT OF TIME, more thn a year, doing nuthing... so need propr guidance from u ..

    Reagrds ...

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