MRCS is no more value in Malaysia context

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by MsiaDoc, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. MsiaDoc

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    Dear all the malaysian doctors who have a passion to be a surgeon in Malaysia is adviced not to take MRCS anymore as even you have passed the part 3 exam you r not exempted from the master part 1. Mean malaysia having higher standard than UK
  2. MsiaDoc

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    dun wasting ur money in taking MRCS as they not allow as to take their FRCS exit exam. We should stand together let them allow whom has passed the MRCS to take the FRCS exam....I really hope we all can work strong together my brothers
  3. BarMRCS

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    Pls stand together till they allow us to take the FRCS...PLs support the move
  4. mojojojo

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    pass ur MRCS, and get the heck out of malaysia - hopeless country
  5. guest1001

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    pass MRCS then next..where to go....nothing u can gain with ur MRCS...
  6. sid2010

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    I am facing the same problem here in Trinidad , I completed in 2005 and now I am stranded here and I cannot become a specialist...has anyone contacted the Royal college regarding this issue..if you all are planning please le me know , I have few people who think the saem and let them allow us to atleast write FRCS exam...
  7. hope2010

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    Just hope the royal college of surgeon allow us to take the exit paper of FRCS ....hope we all stand together ...
  8. Guest

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    hallo all, i did not know sitting for FRCS is not allowed anymore, can you please inform me about this ?
  9. foramenMRCS

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    MRCS not recognised in Malaysia

    Dear all fellow malaysian MRCS diplomats,
    here is my 2 cents:... i'm uterly disappointed with MOH and public universities in malaysia(oh well .. who isn't??!!). i didn't realize the standard of the lecturers and so-called "professors" in the medical faculty... they can't even speak a word of english !... how the fuck did they ever get their "professorships"??
    i was so disgusted by the quality of the academicians that i quit the masters of surgery program... what a load of crappy dumbass pricks!.. one supposedly "prof of anatomy" couldn't even describe an upper limb anatomy!!..
    well its not all end-of-the-road for us!.. MRCS holders are exempted from the UK PLAB test... so, there are options for further training in the UK... and of cos there is our "friendly" neighbor Singapore... with appropriate surgical experience, s'pore will offer registrars post in surgery,however u will need to endure their mentality i.e. "eat, sleep, shit, piss, WORK 'til-u-die" , before they will offer u a training post in order to write the exit FRCS (general surgery).

    so to conclude:
    1. don't write the MRCS if u plan to train in Malaysia
    2. if you want to train in Malaysia, pls don't choose Surgery... consider internal medicine!!
    3. if u r still passionate about surgery and want to train in Malaysia, well good luck... the M. Surgery post -grad degree is SHYTE!!... SHYTE bcos u will b mentored by a bunch of half-baked/cooked/boiled/roasted dumb-ass jerks!.. oh yah, just in case u tot is recognised elsewhere.. well, ITS NOT!!
    4. we as members of RCS, must stand up!!..the President of the respective colleges of Surgeons in UK must b notified of our problems!
    5. Get the hell out of Malaysia!!!
  10. foramenMRCS

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    just to clarify further, MRCS diplomats are allowed to write the exit FRCS exams, but only if u have trained in Singapore or Hong Kong. What ever the F?@k u have done in malaysia is not recognised!!
  11. FRCShope

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    hope the royal college of uk can notify our problem and allow us to sit for the exit FRCS exam.

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