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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Guest, Sep 13, 2005.

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    I enter part 1 MRCS and I agree that it’s fare exam most of questions are straight forward but of course as any usual exam there are some question are tricky esp. in ANATOMY
    Please any one agree with me or some one not?Post your reply freely in this forum to show any questions or to know the opinion of other candidates
    Thanks for cooperation :D
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    reg mrcs 1 exams on 12-9-05

    I do agree with you it was fair, but bit tough in the sense that it required lot of reasoning. Fair means of testing knowledge. Any idea regarding when will be the results?. When r u planning to take part 2?.
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    of course i agree with you....i do not know when it will be the result but. i think it will not take more than 15-29 days to get ready.......i already asked them but they did not reply me till now.
    i will not sit for part 2 unless i passed this part1
    thanks for your reply
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    Exam result

    They just reply will be on 29/9/2005 on
  5. OB

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    Sept 12th 2005

    Hi friends.
    I thought that the exam was very tricky. I did like 8 mcq books of MRCS core and systems modules and nothing from core was asked!!! It was strange that nothing from breast ca, prostate ca was asked. It was a physiology paper with really confusing anatomy questions. I dont know if I can get the required 70% minimum to pass...lets pray and see for each and all of us.
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    Yes it's so strange that no core ? was ask ........i do not know what is the secret but did you notice how is the difficult anatomy questions? and i think all candidates found this difficulty and to little extent physilogy.but pathology any one can answer them
  7. OB

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    Yes, anatomy was very tricky you had to imagine from 3 dimensional views. I had studied core questions like pre-op, trauma etc... but nothing came from there, so many hrs wasted! If I do fail-and this is also for the ones who r going to give mrcs 1- I will definetly to Anatomy and physiology from the same books i did for first proff like Snells and Guyton. Its so strange that nothing common was asked and from pastest books only 2-3 questions were same thats it!!! From over thousands!!!
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    cut off

    Can you expect what will be the cut off for this exam?
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    books to read

    what books you used to prepare
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    Secret of success

    I just passed part 1 exam MRCS
    i will give now full explantion about my preperation
    First of need preparation about 6 months
    start with good anatomy book like snell anatomy(in details please)
    then move to i recommend concise human physiology(by SUKKAR)
    then if you have time move to basic pathology(by KUMAR)
    all of this preparation will be within 3 months
    then you must take good book for revision applied basic science for basic surgical training(by RAFTERY)with it's accompanied MCQS of the same book within 1 month good reading from the A-Z
    now you will have 2 months prior to exam i recommend to do allot of MCQS latest books like INTERCOLLEGIATE APPLIED BASIC SCIENCE MCQS by CHRISTOPHER L H CHAN from pastest web site it's vvv Mcqs book which give you clear idea about the type MCQS…………………..
    Please do allot of pure MCQS within the last 2 months
    if you need more you can subscribe to vvv usefull.
    good luck

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