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    1. A patient come with appendicitis what will be his status of BP, SVR, CO?
    2. A big theme and lastly question was what vitamin is needed for collagen formation?
    3. Warferin works on which clotting factors?
    4. A patient came at A& E with swelling pain at mid thigh, foot is externally rotated
    5. Which nerve involved? Distal femur approach; posterior approach hip; medial approach ankle, approach to mid humerus fracture
    6. After fixation the patient feels pain at toe extention.
    7. A patient was diagnosed with medullary ca. what will be his follow up plan? But there is no option of calcitonin.
    8. a patient with laceration scalp 1 cm no periosteum removed ---graft type? Rotation?
    9. a soldier with scc, cheek, removed 1cm, superficial ---2ndary?
    10. a women BCC patient nose, removed 1cm upto mucosa level, ala, cartilage also…. Graft type ? local flap?
    11. wood worker 56 years…. Maxillay adenoca?
    12. a patient comes after 1week of zygomatic arch elevation with fluid coming through ear, hearing loss? Infection or petrous temporal fracture
    13. fever, pain, medial canthus pain, facial pain 1 side--- empyema ethmoid sinus ?
    14. A patient 3 months H/o of hear loss, fluid thru’ ex. Aud. Meatus, rupture tympanic membrane…. Cholesteotoma
    15. A 3 year old boy no previous history, complaining hypoxia, stridor, hypoxic.
    16. A patient H/O ventilation and treated at HDU for head injury 7 months back now complaining sudden hypoxia, stridor
    17. dysphagia, weight loss, dyphagia on bending forward….
    18. Iso, allo, xeno, hetero graft
    19. 1 month back MI history, now complains, right leg pain no pulse popliteus, other foot ok--- ventricular thrombus?
    20. AF, right foot pain, no popliteal pulse both side…
    21. No popliteal pulse right side but below pop all pulse felt, left side ok---- pop entrapment?
    22. a parotid swelling with excessive perineural invasion..
    23. patient at HDU stable after temporal lobe explore, is confuse.
    24. prostate operation… at HDU, stable patient now agitated, confused…
    25. fluid plan for daily requirement… 1L NS+ 1.5 liter 5%
    26. statistical theme…. Paired T / unpaired T?
    27. number needed to treat…
    28. Cerebello pontine angle lesion which nerve effected ? 7,8CN
    29. a patient with H/O appendicectomy. During the procedure a small lesion was found at appendix… what will be follow up blood investigation? Carcinoid?
    30. patient with dyphagia, weight loss, dyspepsia, histologically barrets esophagus found… ca type
    31. patient with weigt loss, smoker, hitologically squamous cell hyperplasia found…
    32. Gastric wall hyperplasia of rugae present, smoker – tends to happen what?
    33. After gastric bypass, patient feels dizzy, weakness, vertigo, just after heavy meal…
    34. patient is hypoxic after log roll to examine back…. Spinal injury
    35. patient hypoxic after subclavian CV line insertion…tension pneumo
    36. a neonate with urinary retention…
    37. A 70 year old women after elective hip replacement; spontaneous urinary retention: bladder stone, ureteric stone, bladder neck inactivity, urethral stricture
    38. A man with urinary retention. 3months back H/O UTI, pus was passed through urethra…
    39. what percentage of O2 brain receive? 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%?
    40. buttock rash,--- glucagonoma
    41. bee sting, what will be the 1st line Mx? s/c adrenalin, anti histamine i/v, steroid i/v?
    42. patient with osteo porosis … normocalcaemia
    43. patient with metastatic bone lytic lesion on xray… hypercalcaemia
    44. what is most relavent anterior relation of right suprarenal gland… IVC
    45. A person was found having left SVC… where it will drain? Portal vein, oblique sinus, coronary sinus, azygos vein, internal thoracic vei.?
    46. structures at posterior mediustinum…
    47. a young girl with murmur at left 2nd intercostals space… aortic, pulmonary, mitral, ASD, PDA, tricuspid
    48. renal graft rejection after 3 months…what type reaction…
    49. pancreatic autolysis done by which enzyme? Lipase…?
    50. right colic flexure obstruction, patent ileocaecal valve? Plan? Primary resection anastomis with ileostomy, primary resection, ileostomy, colostomy
    51. Lymphatic drainage : prostate, scrotum, testis
    52. 11 yr old boy with tense scrotum, testes not able to identify
    53. 3yrs old boy hemiscrotal occasional swelling, not evident always…
    54. 11 yr old boy sudden attack of right testicular pain, localized tenderness over a point on the pole… torsion morgagni…
    55. site of ectopic testes: sup. Ing. Ring, deep ing. Ring, ing.canal, perineum
    56. a women with breast ca. which lymph node u will do biopsy… sentinel
    57. 40 yr old women 2cm swelling breast, which is the most appropriate investigation? FNAC, true cut, core
    58. 48 yrs old 4cm swelling what will be the 1st invx: mammo, FNAC, core, usg
    59. 38 yrs old lady, sudden attack of right upper abd. Pain, radiating to right shoulder tip, no fever, blood invx normal. What to do next? USG upper abd, laparotomy, laparoscopy
    60. 25 yrs boy, comes 5 days after appencectomy with fever: wound infection
    61. 70 yrs at HDU, 10days after colectomy, low grade persistant pyrexia:
    62. 38 yrs 24 hrs after cholecystectomy complains fever: atalaectasis?
    63. Treatment going on for pancreatitis. diffuse infiltrate in CXR. PCWP normal. ARDS/H. failure
    64. obstructing Esophageal tumor spread to mediustinum… Rx next… radio, stent, bypass.
    65. A mother found meconium at in front of nappy: persistant urachus, persistant vitello intestine.
    66. CSF findings of meningococcal meningitis: monocyte, lymphocyte
    67. a women needle injury while stitching. 24 hrs later, swelling, redness radiating, pain… streptococcus
    68. a microbiologist says infection in catheterized patint: pseudomonas, e.coli was not in the options
    69. Hospital staffs are carrier: staph. aureus
    70. Orthoscope sterilization: gamma?
    71. flexible endoscope sterilize: glutaraldehyde
    72. surgical scrub sterilize: auto
    73. femoro popliteal bypass with vein conduit, suture material: prolene
    74. knee pain. Gout diagnosed. Positive / negative birefringent
    75. woman with knee pain swelling, xray shows radiolucent lesion at diaphysis extending to joint line: GCT
    76. a women finds pain and tingling sensation along wrist and forarm after work… what is the rx: fasciotomy, flexor retinaculum cut.
    77. extensor of hip joint: semitendosus was only relevant options
    78. swelling of lateral ventricles and also found 3rd ventricle swelling… where blocked? silvy
    79. upper rectal ca, plan for resection, from which vessel blood supply come from? IMA
    80. left colectomy, blood vessel ligated, but no hamper in circulation: middle colic
    81. level of aorta bifurcation: L4
    82. painful small ulcer inside inner lip, stayed for week, very painful: apthous ulcer
    83. inner loer lip 1 cmsoft, cystic single swelling: mucocele
    84. smoker, 68 yrs, bilateral lymph node enlargement neck anterior stercledomastoid : tongue ca
    85. 22 yrs, gone for anal fistula correction, present 3 months later with dirrahoea 6 times per day, abdominal pain… chrones
    86. caseating granuloma: UC or Chrones
    87. TB diagnosed in 14 yr old girl. Biopsy from supraclavicular node. What findings?
    88. weight loss 6months, fever, bilateral lung shadow: TB
    89. bilateral parotid swelling, facial nerve involved: sarcoidosis
    90. garnulomatous inflammation: only sarcoidosis was relevant among all
    91. a 65 yrs man with weakness. No other findings or history… diverticular disease, left colon ca, right colon ca, rectal ca
    92. a patient Lab report given only haemogloibin raised: which ca relevant to this findings: bronchogenic ca, renal ca,
    93. ankle reflex lost, where is the prob: L1L2,L3; ;L5S1S2; S2S3S4, L3L4L5
    94. patient found spastic right lower limb palsy Where is the lesion? Left posterior communicating, basal artery, vertebral artery, anterior cerebral artery.
    95. motorbike accident, swelling mid thigh, tense, cured . 6 months later found muscle weak, atrophied, some calcification: dystrophic
    96. PE, ECG findings: st elevation V1V2V3?nothing more relevant was there.
    97. 22 yrs male, 5 yrs bilateral gynaecomastia, atrophied both testes.: ? klinfelter
    98. 65 yr, unilateral gynecomastia, swelling is irregular, smooth, weight loss:
    99. 11 yr old boy, soft unilateral gynecomastia, no other history, normal testis: pubertal?
    100. >20% torso deep burn: meshed split thickness graft/ split thickness
    101. 43 yrs old man histological type given(forgot!!!): classical seminoma, benign seminoma; malignant seminoma; teratoma, spertocytic seminoma
    102. both AFP & BHCG normal, 33 yrs: seminoma, teratoma.
    103. ureteral entry to bladder: ant. Surface; lat. Surface, post. Surface; bladder neck
    104. PLID. Which substance responsible: n.pulposus; annular fibrosis; vertebra
    105. regarding SA node which is true : gets supply from mainly LCA/ supply from vagus nerve
    106. injury to posterior triangle, nerve involved: spinal accessory
    107. hoarseness of voice: RLN
    108. angular cheilosis;: vitamin B
    109. transpyloric plane: L1, L2

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