MRCS Part A 25th jan 2011 : recall

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    concentrate in clinical anatomy and orthopedic
    time is only ur enemy especially in paper 1
    no calculation no long questions

    1-tredelenburg test , which muscle tested

    2-fall on out stretch hand result compartment and parathesia on median nerve distribution, disslocation of lunate.

    3-Posterior perforating doudenal ulcer bleeder?gastroduodenal artery

    4- loss of sensation on medial aspect of arm , root value T1

    5-pt hitten by hard subject in head violent , sigittal sinus

    6-muscle of thumb and palm supply by ulnar nerve

    7- test pt hand while palm on table he cant touch paper by thumb, lesion of ext polic

    8- lymph drainage of cervix, to internal & ext illic

    9- pt feel numbness on medial aspect of leg following vircose vein surgery, saphanous n

    10-knee joint injury about 4 question

    11-structures in deltopectoral fossa during dissection

    12-nerve found during operating injuinal hernia

    13-nerve injured during submandibular gland surgery

    14-lateral and third ventricle dilated where site of obstruction

    15-PDA formed from which aortic arch in embryo

    16-blood supply of desending colon

    17- nerve supply to anal canal

    18- branchs of trigiminal nerve & excit foramen for each one

    19-lymph drainage of anal sequamous cell carcinoma

    20-gall bladder the most distinct part identified during surgery

    21-hip joint movment muscle action in ext. rotation

    22-dermatoum of lateral aspect of forarm

    23-medistinal biopsy

    24- hemisection of spinal cord , sensartion modilities loss

    25-injury during maxillofascial surgrey lead to loss sensation over ant. 2/3 of tongue

    26-fracture of medial epicondyle which muscle of forarm not affected

    27-collection of crainal nerves and its actions

    28-neck surgery lead to horseness of voice , unilateral recurrnt

    29-pt felt pain in calf muscle , the level of vascular occlusion is?

    30- pleural tapping in mid axillary line,in 10th pierced?

    31-branch of internal iliac and its supply.Superior gluteal nerve supplies

    32- epidural Lumbar puncture, structures pierced, level,Post. longitudinal

    33- during TURB using dithermy stimulate which nerve that cause twitching

    34-portal vein formed by union of ? bhind ,

    35- pt loss sensation over web space of big toe, which nerve affected

    36- sternocledomastoid mass in the middle

    37- man with groin mass

    38- baby with inguinal mass

    39-player injury ,Anterior cruciate ligament prevents Ant. dislocation of tibia,

    40- coronary circulation

    41-surounding testis tunica albuginea

    42-fall from horse injury to structure behind Scalenus anterior.

    43- Ovale Transmits Mandibular Nerve,Rotundum Transmits Maxillary Nerve

    44- sprinting duirng playing football --> pain and post of the thigh. later severe pain and the lat side of the knee. unable to extend knee dt pain. what is the tendon being involve?
    --> tendon of biceps femoris

    45-a knife penetrate the left of the sternal angle fthe rib with pt normal air entery , tachycardic,

    46-IN surgical ICU, with flial chest intubated pt develop breathelessness need increase ventalation pressure ,o2 drop to 70% . what is the most common cause

    47- vitamin play role in ,, A , B12

    48- extracellular fluid osmolality equal to osmolarity in which part of tubule loop of Henle in pt taken lasix?

    49-Angiotensin II, pt with sec HTN taken enlapril

    50- TSH, T4, T3 level in gravies , ttt recurennce hyperthyroidism taken thyroxin, in hashimioto in medullary cell carcinoma

    51-protein c deficinancy affect factor and cycle of coagulation

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    25 jan 2011 part A

    tough times in paper 1, time passes soooooo fast. last 10 Q's i went for first picks there was no time to think even 4 seconds, alot of physiology and pathology and surprisingly few Q's in anatomy. anyway it was one hell of paper. 2nd paper was fair enough i think i did well overall. any idea about marking system for each paper and total??????????????
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    firest paper was unpredictable with diffecult long question or too short you feel miss part in senario ,, i didnt find enough time for last 7 questions

    generally we felt better in paper2

    it was very nice one but the hard thing we must pass in each and get total mark from both

    general speak about pass mark varibility between 66% to 69%
    you can check past report from rcs but as you know its firest time to appear in overseaes ,,,,

    w w w intercollegiatemrcs org uk/pdf/mrcs_annual_report_09_10 pdf

    hey man you dont recall any more questions, did you? :oops:
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    25/01/11 Intercollegiate MRCS Part A (Overseas)

    Final Results
    Candidate Number Location Result
    1001 Chennai FAIL
    1002 Chennai PASS
    1003 Chennai FAIL
    1004 Chennai FAIL
    1005 Chennai FAIL
    1006 Chennai FAIL
    1007 Chennai FAIL
    1008 Chennai FAIL
    1009 Chennai PASS
    1010 Chennai FAIL
    1011 Chennai FAIL
    1012 Chennai PASS
    1013 Chennai PASS
    1015 Chennai FAIL
    1016 Chennai PASS
    1021 Karachi FAIL
    1022 Karachi FAIL
    1023 Karachi FAIL
    1025 Karachi PASS
    1026 Karachi FAIL
    1027 Karachi PASS
    1028 Karachi FAIL
    1031 Khartoum FAIL
    1032 Khartoum PASS
    1033 Khartoum FAIL
    1034 Khartoum FAIL
    1035 Khartoum PASS
    1036 Khartoum FAIL
    1037 Khartoum FAIL
    1038 Khartoum FAIL
    1039 Khartoum PASS
    1040 Khartoum PASS
    1041 Khartoum PASS
    1042 Khartoum PASS
    1043 Khartoum FAIL
    1044 Khartoum PASS
    1045 Khartoum PASS
    1046 Khartoum FAIL
    1048 Khartoum PASS
    1049 Khartoum FAIL
    1050 Khartoum PASS
    1051 Khartoum PASS
    1052 Khartoum FAIL
    1060 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1061 Kuala Lumpur PASS
    1062 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1063 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1064 Kuala Lumpur PASS
    1065 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1066 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1067 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1068 Kuala Lumpur PASS
    1069 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1070 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1071 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1073 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1074 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1075 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1076 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1077 Kuala Lumpur PASS
    1078 Kuala Lumpur FAIL
    1081 Kuching FAIL
    1085 Kuwait FAIL
    1086 Kuwait FAIL
    1087 Kuwait PASS
    1088 Kuwait FAIL
    1089 Kuwait FAIL
    1090 Kuwait PASS
    1092 Kuwait PASS
    1094 Kuwait FAIL
    1095 Kuwait PASS
    1097 Kuwait PASS
    1098 Kuwait FAIL
    1110 Lahore PASS
    1111 Lahore PASS
    1112 Lahore FAIL
    1113 Lahore PASS
    1114 Lahore FAIL
    1115 Lahore FAIL
    1116 Lahore FAIL
    1117 Lahore PASS
    1118 Lahore PASS
    1119 Lahore FAIL
    1121 Lahore FAIL
    1122 Lahore PASS
    1130 Malawi PASS
    1135 Malta PASS
    1140 Mumbai FAIL
    1142 Mumbai PASS
    1143 Mumbai PASS
    1144 Mumbai PASS
    1145 Mumbai PASS
    1146 Mumbai PASS
    1147 Mumbai FAIL
    1155 Oman FAIL
    1156 Oman PASS
    1157 Oman FAIL
    1158 Oman PASS
    1159 Oman FAIL
    1160 Oman FAIL
    1161 Oman FAIL
    1162 Oman FAIL
    1163 Oman FAIL
    1164 Oman FAIL
    1165 Oman FAIL
    1166 Oman FAIL
    1167 Oman PASS
    1168 Oman FAIL
    1169 Oman FAIL
    1170 Oman FAIL
    1171 Oman FAIL
    1172 Oman PASS
    1173 Oman FAIL
    1181 Riyadh FAIL
    1182 Riyadh FAIL
    1183 Riyadh PASS
    1184 Riyadh FAIL
    1186 Riyadh FAIL
    1187 Riyadh PASS
    1188 Riyadh PASS
    1189 Riyadh FAIL
    1190 Riyadh FAIL
    1191 Riyadh FAIL
    1192 Riyadh FAIL
    1193 Riyadh FAIL
    1194 Riyadh FAIL
    1195 Riyadh FAIL
    1196 Riyadh FAIL
    1197 Riyadh PASS
    1198 Riyadh FAIL
    1199 Riyadh FAIL
    1200 Riyadh FAIL
    1201 Riyadh FAIL
    1202 Riyadh FAIL
    1203 Riyadh FAIL
    1204 Riyadh FAIL
    1205 Riyadh FAIL
    1206 Riyadh PASS
    1207 Riyadh FAIL
    1208 Riyadh FAIL
    1209 Riyadh FAIL
    1210 Riyadh FAIL
    1211 Riyadh PASS
    1212 Riyadh FAIL
    1213 Riyadh FAIL
    1214 Riyadh FAIL
    1215 Riyadh FAIL
    1216 Riyadh FAIL
    1217 Riyadh PASS
    1218 Riyadh FAIL
    1219 Riyadh FAIL
    1220 Riyadh FAIL
    1221 Riyadh FAIL
    1222 Riyadh PASS
    1224 Riyadh FAIL
    1225 Riyadh FAIL
    1226 Riyadh FAIL
    1227 Riyadh FAIL
    1228 Riyadh FAIL
    1229 Riyadh FAIL
    1230 Riyadh FAIL
    1231 Riyadh PASS
    1241 Singapore FAIL
    1242 Singapore PASS
    1243 Singapore FAIL
    1244 Singapore PASS
    1245 Singapore PASS
    1246 Singapore PASS
    1247 Singapore PASS
    1248 Singapore FAIL
    1249 Singapore PASS
    1250 Singapore PASS
    1251 Singapore PASS
    1252 Singapore PASS
    1253 Singapore PASS
    1255 Singapore PASS
    1256 Singapore PASS
    1257 Singapore PASS
    1258 Singapore PASS
    1259 Singapore PASS
    1260 Singapore PASS
    1261 Singapore FAIL
    1262 Singapore PASS
    1265 Singapore PASS
    1266 Singapore PASS
    1267 Singapore PASS
    1268 Singapore FAIL
    1269 Singapore PASS
    1270 Singapore PASS
    1271 Singapore PASS
    1272 Singapore FAIL
    1273 Singapore PASS
    1274 Singapore PASS
    1285 Syria FAIL
    1286 Syria FAIL
    1287 Syria PASS
    1288 Syria PASS
    1289 Syria FAIL
    1290 Syria FAIL
    1291 Syria PASS
    1292 Syria PASS
    1293 Syria FAIL
    1295 Syria PASS
    1296 Syria FAIL
    1297 Syria PASS
    1298 Syria FAIL
    1299 Syria PASS
    1300 Syria FAIL
    1301 Syria PASS
    1302 Syria PASS
    1309 Thailand PASS
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    cut off

    can we know the cut off is ? and can we know if we took the exam how we performed if failed?
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    cut off pass is not a constant value its varible with exam to another

    in last exam 25th it was 180 of total mark 265

    if you failed???!!! i didnt understand your point
    did u mean way of appeal or what?
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    which book you people found the closest ...plz tell as im to appear in the april 2012 exam ...
    i have the following books
    pastest catherine parchment smith
    pastest other four books..irfan haleem
    on examination
    and is pastest online revision helpful ..any idea ...should i subscribe to it...???answer awaited...

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