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    1. Warm peripheries…..Septic shock
    2. NA in septic shock
    3. Immediate response to blood loss……sympathetic response
    4. Angiotensin II …vasoconstriction
    5. Response to shock…..renin angiotensin system
    6. Hypovolemic shock
    7. Septic shock
    8. Neurogenic shock
    9. Latex allergy
    10. Stroke volume….70 ml/min
    11. Paired t test
    12. Unpaired t test
    13. Out come audit
    14. Structure audit
    15. Process audit
    16. ……audit
    17. Intussuception
    18. Juvenile rectal polyp
    19. Anal fissure
    20. Inflammatory bowel disease
    21. Unilateral cleft lip…….maxillary process and median nasal process
    22. Posterior urethral valves
    23. Urethral stricture
    24. Bladder cancer
    25. Proteus….renal stone
    26. Glomerulonephritis
    27. Pre renal failure
    28. 75 kg, 22% burns……5 to 7 L/24 hours electrolyte containing fluid
    29. 85 kg, 19% burns……5 to 7 l/24 hours electrolyte containg fluid
    30. Full thickness bur…..split thickness graft
    31. Basal cell ca…….advancement flap
    32. Wound debridement and closure
    33. Wound debridement and secondary intention healing
    34. Necrositing fasciitis
    35. Hirudinitis suppurativa
    36. Clostridial myonecrosis
    37. Serum calcium high, phoapous high, pth high, renal failure…..Teritiary hyperparathyroidism
    38. Pth function….activation of 1,25 hydroxy calciferol
    39. Conn syndrome….hypervolumia
    40. Adrenal 1.5 cm mass….nonfunctioning adrenal adenoma
    41. Lactic acid……anaerobic glycolysis
    42. Metabolic alkalosis…..nasogastric aspirate
    43. Metabolic acidosis….DKA
    44. COPD…. Respiratory acidosis
    45. COPD….respiratory acidosis
    46. COPD…..type 2 respiratory failure
    47. Pulmonary embolism….respiratory alkalosis
    48. Increased fev1 and fvc……COPD/asthma/fibrosing alveolitis/bronchiectasis/pte
    49. Lung volume on spirometry Maximum inspiration to maximum expiration……Maximum voluntary ventilation
    50. During CPB, axillary artery exposure……structure not seen…axillary lymphnoodes/
    51. Left internal thoracic artery branch of subclavian artery…..immediate branch at origin
    52. Hemopneumothorax drainage……5th ics mid axillary line
    53. Pericardial tamponade drainage… answer
    54. Type of lung cancer in heavy smoker, hilar mass, massive mediastinal nodal mass, histologically….small cell ca
    55. Chronic smoker….bronchial metaplasis…reversible nonstratified squamous epithelium
    56. Peutz jaugher’s syndrome
    57. Familial adenomatous polyposis
    58. Colonic polyp is due to…..apoptosis/calcification/degeneration/metaplasia/dysplasia
    59. Testicular mass, normal tumor markers, histology….classic seminoma
    60. Testicular injury, painless testicular mass, left supraclavicular node…..seminoma
    61. Brest cancer tumor marker…no answer
    62. Testicular malignant teratoma tumor marker…afp
    63. Metastatic colon cancer tumor marker…..cea
    64. Hepatocellular cancer…afp
    65. Rectal cancer 11 cm from anal verge….anterior resection
    66. Peritonitis due to perfoarated diverticular disease….hartman operation
    67. Testicular descent…gobernaculam
    68. Testicular torsion
    69. Neonatal hydrocele….processus vaginalis
    70. Anal intra epithelial neoplasia
    71. Cancer at anal verge….inguinal lymphnodes
    72. Aortic aneurysm near SMA pushing LRV
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    - ICD insertion site- man with heamopneumothx, immediate management man with cardiac temponade(site of pericardiocentesis??)

    -aortic hiatus level

    - sportsman sudden death, Intra cerebral hge whats the type? SAhge

    - Gunshot injury back of distal thigh, what is most lateral structure Pop fossa?

    - A man sudden GCS 15, head injury GCS 8 later, coma, rt sided pupil fixed.- extradural rt or lt?

    - A man poor straem urine, sense of incomplete evacuation for last 6month, H/O UTI featuring urethral pus 4yrs back- dx BEP/urethral stenosis?

    - Injury of nerve- posterior humerus approach, ankle medial approach, SSV popliteal approach

    - raised rounded lesion at face.

    - tumor marker- teratoma, HCC, Melanoma, rectum, breast

    - Doppler in various types of vericose veins 4themes were there, i think one of the tricky questions

    - smoker, mechanism of ca in lung- irreversible damage to tissue?

    - esopagus barrets lower part- type of histology

    - Ca esophagus upper part type of hisyology

    - 8cm Incision from deltopectoral groove to midline which structure will not injure- ax art/ P.major/Br.plx trunk/cephalic v./shoulder joint capsule

    - hematuria, lesion at distal femur- wheres the lesion?

    - frank hematuria hemoglobin 18.8 other parameters ok- dx

    - corrected ca high, PTH high- dx?

    - wt loss, hot intolerance, fine tremor TFT features

    - Medullary carcinoma urinary marker

    - fibroadenoma

    - green thick discharge for 4months no other lesion specifically- dx

    - Submandibular gland excision which nerve injured?

    - Proteus infection in urine which will be dx.

    - Intention tremor, cogwheel rigidity, flaccid paralysis lesion site

    - winged scapula, which muscle involved-

    - injnury to shoulder cant shrug which nerve?

    - 12 yr old girl knee pain, no other findings, hip is externally rotated when knee is flexed - dx?

    - old man do cycling comfortably, but find difficulty downstair going. dx

    - AAA where is the defect?-intimal collagen or elastin? Adventitial collagen or elastin?

    - Audit type? Structure audit, outcome audit, incidence audit another was there I forgot

    - Paired t test, unpaired t test, man whitney u 2 questions there I marked both of them paired t test…

    - Median nerve relation at arm.

    - Cut injury front of elbow joint which most lateral structure will be injured?

    - Alcoholic, hematemesis, OGD shows erythematous lesion lower part esophagus Dx?

    - Dispnoea, tachycardia after vomiting dx?

    - Alcoholic, hematemesis Dx—I think it was varices

    - Jaundice can be czed by- HIV, HPB, HBV? Most eziest question

    - GCS was 15, now 8 pupil rt side dilated, poor reponse to light what investigation next ----- CT/ CPP?

    - Pt. with confusion, weakness rt side what investigation next ----- CT/ CPP?
    - Morphine acts on which receptor?

    - Pt with pain, swelling of thyroid gland, dx

    - Pt with wt loss, CXR shows shadows hilar area, cervical lymphadenopathy…dx

    - One question of resp, alkalosis..

    - A baby with hydronephrosis, uremia present… dx posterior urethtral valve?

    - A pt with ACEi pre op, now urine output10ml last 2hrs what will be next plan-stop ACEi/ fluid challenge/ furosemide?

    - 2 questions from one chart thyroid-----thyroid bilat weakness another one I forgot

    - A girl with smell of ketone body…

    - Pancreatic ca diagnosed, stool fixed to commode , not removed with flush… which enz problem?

    - 2themes from breast

    - Shock feature – hypovolaemia, cardiogenic, septic, neurogenic

    - Post op pt @ ITU 6 units BT done, platelet count 40 others ok … DIC?

    - Homonimous hemianopia wheres the lesion.

    - Pituitary lesion what will be effect? 2alternate questions were….

    - Root value of urethral sphincter?

    - Lumber punctute --- S1, S2, S3, S4, S5… can somebody please clearly remember the question please?

    - Renal vein lt. side will obstacled by one of the arterial structure infront what was that?

    - One man with RTA apparently stable, collapsed at A&E after catheter done… latex hypersensitivity?

    - CXR shows a metallic prosthesis behind sternum what was that? Aortic valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve?

    - Which structure is not behind rt kidney? Transverses. Abd?

    - ABPI—resting pain 1 theme and man can walk upto 500-600 meter then pain what will be the index <0.4/ 0.4-0.6/0.6-0.8/>1

    - Skin graft theme---- dog bite to nose damaged away----another theme was 6 cm wide lacerated wound at scalp --- another theme was 1cm woung leg ---advancement flap, leave it for2ndary, primary closure

    - Which fluid is most electrolytes reach? Hartmanns’?
    - Burn fluid management 2 theme but they didn’t give any clue to calculate % of burn… I just answered it with guess work…

    - A boy 10 years failure to thrive, wt loss, bloody diarrhea, --- inflammatory bowel diseae/ intussuss/meckel’s/

    - A boy pain ful defeacation, few drop blood on the pan,,,, anul fissure..

    - A boy 6 yrs, parents found, strawberry color strurture coming out thru anus after defeacation dx?

    - Movable carcinoma, 6cm from anal verge—AR or reposition proctocolectomy which will be the ans? I gave AR…but I think ans will be the2nd one..

    - Wkness of elbow extention, sensation loss over 1st digit dorsum which nerve involve?

    - Loss of sensation over hypothenar eminence, medial 1 and half finger h/o injury at lower Humerus at childhood, which nerve involved?

    - Sjogrens syndrome, pleomorphic, warthin’s 3themes

    - CXR shows lower esophageal narrowing, h/o dysphagia ocaasional, chest pain 24 yrs…. Achalasia?

    - Facial muscle from which branchial arch?

    - A baby boy with inguinal small swelling 4cm, swells up day time but reduced at night when he lie down… no other symptoms… persistant p.vaginalis?

    - A women swelling pain lateral to pubic tubercle….

    - Weakness front of thigh unable to extend knee..

    - Lateral side thigh an area of around a palm size which nerve involved

    - A women after child birth by NVD which nerve is injured to cause wkness of anal sphincter forced her to experience stool incontinence?

    - After birth cleft lip rt upper lip what is the defect?

    - To check whether its UMNL or LMNL after facial palsy what the doctor ask the pt to do?

    - To test the posterior compartment muscle of leg ask the pt to do what? Eversion of foot/ invertion

    - RTA open fracture of proximal radiaus ulna, complaining pain and numbness of forearm---what to do fasciotomy/ ORIF/ skeletal traction/Ex fix

    - RTA fractute humerus open fracture what to do? fasciotomy/ ORIF/ skeletal traction/Ex fix

    - Akle planter flexion root value…

    - Which term used to indicate the prognosis is bad of a breast carcinoma- size/ grade/ LN involvement/ ER positive

    - Which are in direct contact of Navicular bone?

    - Old man 65 yrs.. playing , sudden pain at calf muscle. Squeezing of calf muscle cz passive planter flexion of ankle joint where is the defect?

    - While playing sudden pain at calf….may be rupture backer’s cyst will be the ans.

    - while playing pain at back of thigh unable to flex knee joint---- biceps femoris injury/ semimembranosus/semitendinosus/gracilis

    - Pain at buttock, impotence where is the block: both common iliac / common iliac/ ext iliac/ IIA

    - 3theme from breast ca

    -A man on warin, unconscious... INR 2.1 Dx... cerebral hge
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    - Hernia operation scrotal numbness, which nerve involve?

    - Caecal mass theme 3

    - Injury at wrist, hand placed on the table, thumb cannot be make abduct 90degree on the hand…. Which muscle is involved.... opponens?

    - Scaphoid bone blood supply
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    1) lumbar canal stenosis- old man with pain limbs on walking, bicycling he feels alright----this was also repeated in theme in emq

    2) morphine acts on mu receptors

    3) theme on dysphagia- old lady with burning chest ,more at night ,feels ok on sitting upright, x ray shows stricture lower oesophagus-- achalasia, gerd, ca oesophagus, hiatus hernia, motility disorder

    4) drug of choice for carcinoid syndrome-- octreotide, somatostatin etc

    5)s themes on thyroid pathology- 1)a specimen with oxyphil cells and scanty throid colloid and another with numerous lymphocytes--
  5. mahim

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    lumbar cistern termination : s2
    While playing sudden pain at calf….+ve homan sign ....DVT

    UMNL or LMNL after facial palsy ..... upper brows
    winged scapula, which muscle involved.... serratus ant.
    Structure The availability and organisation of resources and personnel.
    • Process The activities undertaken, that is, what is done with the service’s resources.
    • Outcome The effect of the activities on the ‘health/well-being’ of the service user, that is,
    changes for the individual which can be attributed to the clinical intervention
    they received.

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