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    1- Appearance of skull Xray in MM: Lytic lesions
    2- High Ca, High ALP, normal PO4 : 1ry hyperparathyroidism
    3-Artery liable to injury during ligation at SFJ (I did it wrong, but I think the correct answer is superficial external pudendal a)
    4- Lesion at anal verge, what is the LNs involved
    5- Lytic metastatic bone lesion, what is most probable primary :breast
    6-pathology associated with Crohn's disease :granulomatous inflammation.
    7- Cells forming giant cells: macrophage
    8- Colorectal Ca going through to mesentry with 2 LNs involved : Duke C
    9- Pancreatic tumor with groin and buttock rash seen at dermatology : glucagonoma
    10- Athlete died during footbal game: ?intercerbral Hge/? subarachnoid hge
    11-artery involved with patient coming with leg weakness: ? ACA
    12- tendon involved in anatomical snuff box: extensor pollicis brevis
    13- Patient with enlarged lateral and 3rd ventricles: stenosis at aquecuct of Sylvius.
    14- Thyroid carcinoma with cervical LNs metastasis: papillary thyroid CA.
    15- Intracranial bleeding with unilateral dilated fixed pupil: trantentorial herniation.
    16- Deprssed skull fracture at vertex, which vein involved : SSS
    17- Nerve injured in posterior triangle of the neck: spinal accessory N.
    18- Golf player had blow to the face, probable EO muscle injury, which investigation: US
    19- Inhaled FB, where it will settle: right lower lobe
    20- Nerves supplying anal sphincter: S2,3,4
    21- Catheterizing a male, what is the tightest part: membranous urethra
    22- perinural parotid tumour: ?pleomorphic adenoma
    23- Slim tall pregnant lady with chest pain: ? aortic dissection (probable Marfan syndrome)
    24- prgnant lady with shock: ? acute massive PE
    25- pregnant lady with pleuritic chest pain, haemoptysis: ? pulmonary infarction
    26- 19 years old boy post appendecectomy, poor UOP: 500 mls gelo
    27- Post stroke gentleman, day 7, not eating: consider PEG tube
    28- daily requirment post op patient: 1 L saline+ 1.5 L hartmann's
    29- 45 years old gentlema, known Barrett's oes, high grade dysplasia : ? for oesophagectomy
    30- Advanced Ca oes with solitar liver met:? stent
    31- A lady with known iron defeciency and dysphagia oes varices
    32- young lady, chest pain, normal ECG and enzymes: oes spasm
    33- Newborn, respiratory distress, trachea shifted, displaced cardiac apex: ? congenital diaphragmatic hernia
    34-Newborn, cyanotic, improves with crying: ? subglottic stenosis
    35- Newborn, unable to pass NG, air in stomach: congenital oes atresia with tracheo-oes fistula.
    36- embryonic origin of right and left pul arteries.
    37- Tumour marker for medullary thyroid CA: calcitonin
    38- Tumour marker for pheochromocytoma: VMA
    39- Prolonged constipation, LIF pain, fever: diverticulitis
    40- Drug used in ITU , important in septic shock: noradrenaline
    41- Post thyroidectomy teacher, unable to sing: unilateral external laryngeal N injury
    42- Vomitting, abdo pain, swelling at reversal of colostomy site: obstructed incisional hernia
    43- Pfannenstiel incision, which layer divided: ? rectus sheath
    44- Upper midline incision, which layer divided: linea alba
    45- Bullet going through junction of linea semilunaris and costal margin on right side, which structure injured: GB
    46- Structure at medial part of femoral ring: lacunar lig
    47- pu;sating neck swelling, confirmed by angio: carotid a aneurysm
    48- Enlarged tender liver, multiple lesions, calcification: ? hydatid disease
    49- 11 years old child, painful scrotal 3 mm swelling, separated from testis: torsion hydatid of Morgagni
    50- Man acute scrotum, oedematous, tender hemiscrotum: ? testicular torsion
    51- big painless scrotal swelling: hydrocele
    52- painless swelling above testis: ?epidydimal cyst
    53- 26 years old male, rapidly growing swelling within testis: ? testicular tumor
    54- site of ectopic testis: ? base of penis
    55- footballer with twisting injury and tenderness just proximal to medial part of knee joint: ? medial collateral lig injury
    56- structure felt in PV anteriorly at level fo cervix:? dome of bladder/ ? base of bladder
    57- Artery injured in upper chest wall below clavicle: ? thoracoacromial a.
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    1- Structure liable to injury during fibulectomy: ?peroneal artery
    2- Recoprical of absolute risk: ?number needed to treat
    3- Sensitivity definition
    4- Difference between control and experiment: ?absolute risk
    5- Type of fracture in child: ?greenstick
    6- Type of fracture in twisting injury of tibia: ?spiral
    7- Type of fracture in femur after car accident: I did it oblique (but I think correct answer is transverse)
    8- Type of fracture in metastatic/osteoporotic bone: ?transverse
    9- Hyperechoic lesion in liver: ?hemangioma
    10- Cirrhotic and hep C liver: hepatocellular carcinoma
    11- Another liver lesion (can’t remember its description): ?metastases
    12- Newborn with cyanosis, improves with crying: ?choanal atresia
    13- Post thyroidectomy unable to cough and clear throat: superior laryngeal n
    14- Neck swelling that appeared before infront of sternomastoid: branchial cyst
    15- Neck swelling at base of neck, transilluminates in infant: cystic hygroma
    16- Neck swelling moves sideways but not up and down: ?carotid body tumor
    17- A boy with septic arthritis in paper 1
    18- Theme in paper 2, (I think it was first question on paper) one of them had avascular necrosis and other had SUFE?
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    Organism causing tonsillitis: S. Pneumoniae
    Organism causing sinusitis (facial pain and post nasal drip) : S Pneumoniae
    Patient with lymphedema and infection: what organism?
    Perianal abscess organism? E coli
    Breast abscess organism? Staph
    Organism causing infection with dead tissue and cripitus: C perfringens
    Gangrene of hallux (3 themes) can’t remember them
    Management of ulcer ... one with bed sores of the heel: conservative or is it debridement (can anyone remember the other 2?)
    Parasitic infestations, one patient with ova at anal verge: mebendazole ... another patient with ova and cysts in faeces: metronidazole
    Determinant of cranial blood flow in a patient with low GCS: ?intracranial pressure
    First response to hge: ?baroreceptors
    First substance that would directly cause vasoconstriction: Ag II (some of my colleagues say that rennin causes VC?)
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