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  1. khawam

    khawam Guest

    Hi Guys,

    i'm applying for the new MRCS part B, (combined oralvivaosce) format in February, and as part of my preparation i need to enroll in a good course to help me tackle the exam,...

    any suggestions for a good course for MRCS part B,

    what about pastest revision courses, any good?

    please advise me, i'm quite lost here,

    thank you.

    bashir khawam.
  2. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    i came across insider medical on google , they do MRCS part B OSCE course, they the only ones i could find following the new exam format...
  3. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    do you know anyone who did the exam in october 2008, just to share their experience and to have a clue of what to expect!!!
  4. khawam

    khawam Guest

    unfortunately i don't know anybody who recently sat the exam,

    but i noticed on the royal college of surgeons of england website that a newly designed 5 day course is due to commence in spring 2009. This course shall address, specifically, the Applied Basic Science aspects of the Part B (OSCE) of the new Intercollegiate MRCS examination.

    but i don't think i'll wait until then,

    at the moment i found these courses

    1, insider medical
    2, pastest
    3, mrcs master
    4, cardiff university events (
    5, (specialist MRCS Clinical Course)

    i have no clue which one is the best, i don't know if it's a good idea to go by the price?
  5. dude

    dude Guest

    insider course

    i know some one who went to insider course last month and according to them it was the most rubbish course ever. the course was organised by SpRs and even an SHO was doing the lecture. no one had a clue and detailed knowledge of any system was very very poor. course cost £550 i think and ~ 60 people turned up. so they made a good profit out of it, but to a lot of people it was waste of 2 days.

    now as far Part B osce, doing any course would be risky as no one has a clue on how Part B is run, so whichever course you do, dont b surprised if they fill the day with repetitive and BS stuff.

    lastly, my boss was an examiner on the Oct course. I have not had a chance to speak to him yet in detail but he did say that candidates were asked to listen to a heart anything can be expected.

    is shall post more stations once i find out.

    i am sitting the exam in Feb 09 too
  6. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    it would really be helpful to know what they had in oct exam and i am really surprised that no one had a chance to post something about their experience in the exam.......!!!! unless they really had a tough time and dont want to talk about it......i hope not
  7. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    by the way what do u thing of aberdeen course on royal college of edinburgh website, only £200 sounds good
    any thoughts
  8. dude

    dude Guest

    yea sure, the course at aberdeen does not specify which audience it is aimed at and whether it incorporates the new osce style. having said that, a course run by the rcsed should be fruitful but be sure to find out aims of the day. il speak to them before booking it.

    i quite like the cardiff course and i have spoken to couple of people who know of the course oragnisers. the chap head of the course is a well respected retired ENT surgeon.
  9. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    I managed to speak to the organizer of aberdeen course Mr Ali, he said that the course doesnt follow the new OSCE format, however it will cover the oral components (pathology,critical care....etc) and clinical examination.
    days one is introduction and oral stations including lectures and mock exam to test you in this area then feedback and guidence.
    day 2 consists of 45 mins clinical examination stations on each system, basically you will be asked to examine the system then the tutor will in each station will provide you with feedback and show you how to examine correctly..
    he thinks that the course will cover about 80% of the OSCE examinations so you know what to expect in these stations.....
    hope thats helpful
  10. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    by the way Bashir ,where about in the Uk r u?
    your name sounds familiar, where r u from!!
  11. Shah3

    Shah3 Guest

    MRCS Part B/OSCE

    I recently took the OSCE and found out that i passed. What a relief!!!

    I did the Insider Medical Course back in Sep/Oct 2008. I thought it was a really well run and organised course. They have good lectures, with plenty of examination practice. The patients are very good, with all the signs and similar to the patients you get in the real exam. The group sizes are small and the course closely follows the exam format.

    They also give you a free DVD if you attend the course that shows you how to examine properly - very useful in the days leading up to the exam when practicing with friends. I've even heard that they're giving away their book free on the next courses.

    The teaching faculty were really helpful and gave us really useful feedback which really stood me in good stead for the exam.
    All the teachers on the course are experienced and very approachable and give you constructive feedback after each case, giving you real personal attention and allowing you to refine your clinical examination technique.

    Wow - I can't believe I passed this exam 1st time! I would definitely recommend this course. The great thing is that most people have not heard of insiderMedical and others end up going on more commercial courses like Pastest. This means group sizes are smaller on InsiderMedical and this allows for more personal attention. This is a real gem!
  12. MEEEE

    MEEEE Guest

    congratulations...thats good news
    could you give us a bit more information about the exam, the stations, what materials did you read and how relevant it was to the the new exam...
    much appreciated
  13. medayil

    medayil Guest


    i have to say this new exam is tough. not alot of information out there.
    i took the insider medical course in oct. in london. helpful. would recommend. any one got any ideas on questions we could get?
  14. nair

    nair Guest

    mrcs osce

    just passed osce mrcs. i did the insider medical course. course was good but food could have been better. but still passed and i know it helped. tell them your my friend- you may get a discount. not sure why dude or dude's friend though it is a bad. did we take the same course.... there was a consultant boss- brain surgeon who was there. exam is not as bad as u think.
  15. anonnymus

    anonnymus Guest

    re: Part B osce

    i took inside course too. think it was ok. do not think it added to my pre-exisitng knowledge. it was more of a revision for idiots whoe hadnt put in any work.
    having said that i have sat old school system, clinicals. so i can not comment on part b.
    i sat it yesterday so do not know the results.

    my suggestion , if you have done the work, then you are ok. no need to spen 600quid. its noth worth it. dude is right there.

    curious 2 see that shah has not posted anything about the osce that he toook neither did the other fellow. its no point saying the course helped you. if you did an osce and/or passed it, can you tell us what you got in the exam and how did go. otherewise its pointeless to discuss, how good was the bloody course.
  16. Shah3

    Shah3 Guest

    The questions I got asked were as follows:

    Anatomy: tyhroid, submandibular gland, knee, coronary artery circulation
    Critical Care: starling, hyperkaelaemia, ionotropes
    Clinical: Stomas, breast, ?branchial cyst, hip
    Patient safety: diathermy, ATLS
    Applied Surgical Sciences: sutures, complications fractures, CT scan of ruptured spleen, shock
    Comm skills: breaking bad news, telephoning consultsny on call
    Patholopgy: metaplasia, referral to coroner, audit

    Most of this was covered on the insider medical course and i'm glad i went on it.
  17. guest81

    guest81 Guest

    thanks Sha3 this is very helpful,

    by the way i opened the insider medical website, they don't tell you who the course faculty are?

    i heared that there are SHOs teaching on the course,

    is that correct, how many consultants are there? and how much is the ratio of tutor/candidate?

    do you have any idea on their pass rate?

    would be nice to hear from you regarding the above questions,
  18. guest81

    guest81 Guest

    and it would also be beneficial to give us an idea of what books you used for preparation.

    thanks in advance,
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi annonymous,

    just wondering if the new OSCE style was all that different to the old part 3?
  20. diddle

    diddle Guest

    is this genuine or what?

    I found the below post in surgical tutor forum (surgicaltutordotorgdotuk) posted by jiggs on the 7th of Dec 07, and it has some obvious similarity to shah3 post, especially the word WOW, i'm starting to suspect the whole thing is nothing but a mere add, and genuineness is questioned

    ((I did the InsiderMedical MRCs Clinical course. It's a great course and helped me to pass this difficult exam. They have good lectures, with plenty of examination practice. the patients are very good, with all the signs and similar to the patients you get in the real exam. The group sizes are small. On the Sunday there is a mock exam which is just like the real thing. they also cover comm skills, although this is optional if you have passed it already.

    All the teachers on the course are very experienced and are very approachable and give you constructive feedback after each case, giving you real personal attention and allowing you to refine your clinical examination technique. In the last clinical attempt I failed with a mixture of 2's and 3's. After this course I got 3's and 4's, passing with 30/32. Wow - I can't believe it! I would definitely recommend this course. The great thing is that most people have not heard of insiderMedical and others end up going on more commercial courses like Pastest. This means group sizes are smaller on InsiderMedical and this allows for more personal attention. This is a real gem!)) unquote

    i hope you're only quoting similar views to yourself, and not trying to gain publicity for this course for financial gains,
  21. dude

    dude Guest

    same old BS. this guy jfishman seems 2 be posting this nonsense about the course everywhere. gettin fed up of this antique. i dont care about the insider course. if it is that good, im sure ppl will talk about it. stop posting nonsense stuff.
  22. shah3

    shah3 Guest



    in answer to your questions, the teaching faculty was registrars and consultants. the group sizes were about 6 or 7 in a group.
  23. moh1

    moh1 Guest

    I'm sitting the OSCE exam in a few weeks months ttime. can someone posts the questions please that they got asked?
  24. RajKhan

    RajKhan Guest

    I have been looking around and asking colleagues which course I should do, as I think it important to chose the best. All I know is that at least 3 people I know who have done the Insider Medical courses have told me they thought it was really helpful and well organised and they all passed afterwards. From what I have heard it is well worth while and I think it is the OSCE course I will go for.
  25. Dilek3

    Dilek3 Guest

    Just want to add that, in my opinion, the advantages of ensuring a pass in any examination and the future career progression that results, makes the attendance on any course a sensible route for any professional in this uncertain age.
  26. I came on this forum looking for a course to go on but the more i think about it.....Unless you really need to pass i.e job interviews in march. My theory is save yourself the money and just attempt the exam. You might pass, you'll save money for the repeat if you don't and will no doubt get a better insight into the exam than any course will give you. It should be pretty similar to the old exam just with a tick box marking scheme. Any1 agree?
  27. Bojo

    Bojo Guest

    With an attitude like that you will need to cross more than your fingers !
  28. jv

    jv Guest

    hi. can someone who took the exam already please tell me this?
    how are the stations in anatomy/pathology stations?
    is it like viva,?? i mean is there any patient at all? or is it the examiner just asking you questions?
    waht exactly do they mean by limbs and spine? does it mean orthopaedicas? or could it include vascular diseases as well?for example someone mentioned about the stations in their exam and said there was a station on ionotropes?
    did u have a patient for such stations? for how many stations did u have patients?
    and how many of them r just viva?
    please help me with this clarification?
  29. orthoscot

    orthoscot Guest

    MRCS OSCE Pastest

    Pastest are now running a dedicated 2 day course especially for the OSCE in January. It could be a must for anyone sitting in Feb given their reputation for all other exam textbooks and courses. Think it's 2nd last weekend in Jan at KCL. It'll have genuine patients and unlike insider medical will be taught by Consultants rather than SHO's/SpR's.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    rubbish course and 3 recommendations

    I went on the insider medical course and also did NOT find it to be that useful. Their sales tactics were very full on and only afterwards did i notice postings by supposedly different people saying remarkably similar things about how good the courses and teachers were. This is very unethical advertising (see diddle post above). I was disappointed and so were the many of the people whom I talked to after the course.

    I also went on the pastest course & drexam course for the clinical aspect of the osce and the oxford anatomy course.

    I am an st2 at leeds and had obviously heard about pastest. the st2 coordinator recommended the anatomy and drexam courses for my mrcs osce preparation. the pastest and drexam courses were over 1 weekend, were clinically orientated and both very good. drexam had a higher yield, primarily due to the more personal approach and mass of examination routine practice. my anatomy was much improved after attending the oxford course and this was also very good.

  31. DrHumbada

    DrHumbada Guest

    I think it seems obvious shah3 is an insider on the inside medical course too, which is really unhelpfull.
    If anyone really has info regarding what came up in the osces that'd be great
  32. Jkumar

    Jkumar Guest

    OSCe exam

    I recently did the exam and passed. I thought i had failed as i got asked a hard ARDS sceario but i got through ok.

    I think a cours eis worthwhile. I did the insider medical course and thought it was useful. my friend didnt do the course with me and failed the exam but i have told them to do the insider medical course in january. they preferred the insider course cause you get a free dvd and book
  33. antonie

    antonie Guest


    does any body have the insider medical course book and dvd,

    if yes please email me on

    and we will negotiate a happy way forward;) i am vrey flexible and readies are no issue at all :)

  34. rkhan

    rkhan Guest

    mcs osce

    i have the insider medical book and dvd if you want to buy it? they're really good
  35. jv

    jv Guest

  36. jv

    jv Guest

    hi jkumar. can u please let us know what cases u got for the exam and its pattern please
  37. antonie

    antonie Guest

    hi rkhan

    yes, i'm very interested and time is runing out, can you please contact me on my email and we can arrange a mutual agreement. 8)

  38. Bill Jolie

    Bill Jolie Guest

    The postings here are full of Bulls**t from this Pastest dude........
    Why are these noons trying to outdo each other when the results speak for themselves. I did the Insider course and sailed thru.............
    No competition as far as I can see.
  39. jeremy

    jeremy Guest


    enough of the garbage about insider medical. i am going on the course in Feb 2009 and I will post a true blog about it telling you all how good or bad it is.
  40. MEEE

    MEEE Guest

    still no one posted their experience in the exam and what scenarios to expect etc....
    anyone there to share with us
  41. SCS

    SCS Guest


    Hi. I know a few colleagues who sat the exam in Oct. They weren't keen to talk about the stations much but I heard them discussing a station that was a suturing station where they had a wound on a prosthetic specimen thing and asked the candidates to pick the type of suture/needle and demonstrate their approach to closing the wound. Needed to do the right type of stitches too - i.e. continuous vs. interrrupted. but that's all i know.
  42. surg

    surg Guest


    Shah is obviously a bullshitter. WHAT DO YOU THINK EVERYONE IS.. A MORON?

    I went on the course 6 last year and it was the worst course I have ever attended. We only saw real patients on the afternoon of the 2ND day and half of them were students with no pathology. I was told to examine a student with no pathology for varicose veins and was being 'examined' by a radiology registrar- Utter crap.

    If you dont believe me:
    1) Ask who their faculty is- I know it to be a neurosurg spr, an ent spr and a radiology spr- really relevant for an exam that is almost all general surg/ortho
    2) Ask how many real patients are coming...

    If youve already paid the cash-tough luck...

    I also attended the mrcsmaster course which actually had real patients and people that knew more than the course participants.. Still its quite a bit of cash...
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello friends! What books should I study for MRCS-B? How can I get them?

    Thank you!
  44. friends12345

    friends12345 Guest

    help to guide which books to read and what to choose in form

    dear shah3 can you please tell us that
    which specialty areas ddid u chose for the
    examination in the application form and
    what books should one follow.

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