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    these are the questions i able to remember.

    SBA questions
    1) young man has pelvic fracture ---> sudden onset of acute urinary retention. What is the possible cause?
    a) urethral injury
    b) bladder rupture
    c) ureter injury

    2) Causes of raise PSA
    a) Prostatic ca
    b) prostitis

    3) Bee sting, presented with HR 120, BP 60/40
    first treatment....
    a) IV antihistamine
    b) IV fluid
    c) IV steroid
    d) local antihistamine
    e) s/c adrenaline

    4) noradrenaline binds to...
    a) a1 receptor
    b) a2 receptor
    c) b1 receptor
    d b2 receptor

    5) post op developed high glucose level. prior to op, pt is not DM. This is due to .....
    GH secretion post-op?

    6) pt has splenic rupture. denied any trauma. what infection can cause spenic rupture?
    a) EBV
    b) mumps
    c) measles

    7) recurrent UTI, pneumuria, and irregular bowel habits. CT shown mass involved both the sigmoid and bladder.
    a) diverticulitis
    b) sigmoid ca
    c) Crohn's ds
    d) UC

    8) loss of appetite, malaise, multiple lymphadenopathy involvement...axillary, inguinal
    a) malignant lymphoma

    9) what is the course of median nerve related to brachial a.
    .......from medial to ant to lat to brachial a.

    10) a cut above the ulnar olecranon cause unbale to extend UL. what is the tendon being cut?
    ---> tricep tendon

    11) sprinting duirng playing football --> pain and post of the thigh. later severe pain and the lat side of the knee. unable to extend knee dt pain. what is the tendon being involve?
    --> tendon of biceps femoris

    12) the first structure being noted after open up the popliteal fossa
    a) popliteal vein
    b) femoral n
    c) popliteus

    13) accident --> multiple tibial and fibula # --> intramedullary nailing done. 6 hours later ---> severe pain at leg
    a) DVT
    b) compartment syndrome

    14) malaise, weight loss, cervical lymp nodes. biopsy --> epitheliod macrophages and giant cell
    ----> TB

    15) the border of the snuff box
    a) extensor pollicis longus
    b) abductor pollicis brevis
    c) flexor digitorum longus

    16) cut at the midline between the base of the little finger and the wrist ---> cause loss of thumb adduction power
    what is the nerve being injured?
    a) superficial ulnar n
    b) deep ulnar n
    c) medial nerve
    d) radial n

    17) after the varicose vein surgery, loss sensation and the dorsal of the foot, unable to dorsiflex the foot
    what is the nerve being injured?
    a) common peroneal n
    b) sup peroneal n
    c) deep peroneal n

    18) 2-days old neonates, cyanoses at the LL. Weak pulse and LL. BP 60/40 and both UL.
    what is the abn
    a) pulmonary atresia
    b) aortic arch abn
    c) VSD with pul stenosis

    19) trauma to the chest, CXR shown widening of the mediastinum. what of the structure being rupture?
    ascending aorta
    descending aorta

    20) a knife penetrate the midline of the sternal angle with injure
    a) trachea
    b) oesophagus
    c) sup vena cava
    d) azygos V

    21) IN surgical ICU, pt develop metabolic acidosis. what is the most common cause?
    a) vomiting
    b) nasogastric aspiration

    i will post later....pls other whom remember pls post
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    what is the acute management for gaining a airway in acute resp distress?
    a) chest tube
    b) needle thro the cricothyroid membrane

    fresh blood noted at the chest tube, the bleeding is from?
    a) intersostal a
    b) pericardiophrenic a
    c) r ventricular

    insulin dependent, h/o chest infection started with antibiotic, admitted with drowsiness --> DKA
    what is the electrolyte imbalance
    ------> hyperkalemia

    non-alcoholic, with palpable nodular liver, biopsy confirm is HCC. what is the cause for the patient --> HBV cirrhosis

    2 degree partial thickness burn, developed bilaterally LL swelling. what is the cause? ------> hypoalbuminemia

    hlo back pain, walking cause pain at the L LL, loss os the sensation over the surface of the knee, what is the cord lesion ----> L3

    profuse LGIB, contrast accumulate at the left iliac fossa, for vessel embolisation, which level of artery is cannulate?
    ----> L3 ( inferior mesenteric artery )

    during prolapsed interventricular disc, what is the structure compressed on the nerve? --> nucleus pulposus

    after the mastectomy, the woman has a wing scapula, what is the nerve being injured?
    -----> long thoracic nerve
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    i hope more people is joining the posting so we can a bank of MRCS question. your cooperation is very important for the benefit of the others members.

    pls blesss us to pass the exam......thx
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    woman presented with the lump at ant neck, move with swallowing, FNAC done confirm is malignancy......what is the CA --> papillary thyroid ca

    a surgery done for the sweating palm dissert at the base of the neck ant to the first rib, what is the complication
    --> phrenic nerve injury ? R diaphragm elevation

    during hypotensive shock what is the first substances to be secreted
    -- angiotensinogen
    -- angintensinI
    -- angintensin II
    -- aldosterone
    -- renin

    a man hav a trauma over the medial part of the thigh, clean wound, closure done. few day later patient developed pulsatile mass...
    ----> false aneurysm of the femoral a.

    hip replacement woman, walk with the tredelenburg gait. what is the defect?
    -- sciatic nerve
    -- gluteus medium
    -- femoral nerve

    what is the mechanism of the counter-current in the nephron for the concentration of the urine?
    --> impermeability of the thick ascending for the water
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    yup doc!
    nice memory
    i'll be adding few questions too

    homonymous hemianopia- what is site in brain
    optic chaisma, 3 nerve, entry at foramen

    q-deep injury just near olecrenon- no elbow or wriet extention, with some cutaneous sensory loss
    wat is damaged?
    triceps tendon, radial n., median n., ulnar nerve
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    mrcs 20 sep 2008

    a nice effort, really appreciable, I will also contribute..............
    Firstof all a few corrections............
    1: No questio regarding bee sting at all??????? :roll:
    2:whingingof scapulla was not regarding the nerve was rather asked musle effected....serratus? latsimus dorsi?? ect....
    NOW SOME QUESTIONS I CAN REMEMBER-------There are a lot more I will post latter....

    1:Lumber puncture in space??

    2:Lavel of termination of conis medularis in neonates???

    3:Right leg weakness in a man occlusion of the artery??
    left antcerebral
    left middle cerebral
    rt ant cerebral
    rt middle cerebral

    4:Structure damaged just infront ofthe lateral melleolus
    muscl?? proneus???

    5:a child fell and injured left side of the nec, some neuralgia the recoverd fully what caused??

    6:a man brought to emergency deptt with head injury initially gcs 15, after some time 10 cause
    intraventricular bleeding

    7:ASA I,2,3,4,5
    RElation to the deases
    bp 175/90
    diabetic ketoacidosis
    orthopnea at rest

    8:lavel of inferior vanacava opening at diaphragm??

    9:breast uoq swelling with some scleroticchanges on mamography??
    duct ectesia
    pagets disease

    9:tibia/fibulla fracture operatedwith intramedullary nailing?? afterwards compartment syndrome
    ant compartment
    lateral dompartment

    10:pupil dialated rt side cause???
    3rd nerveparasympthatic damage
    3rd nerve sympathatic damage
    2nd nerve
    4th nerve...............
    I have to go now I will post the remaining very soon......
    i also have pool of questions for MCEM-A held this year. unfortunately I marginally failed??????any one interested can mail me for the questions
    hope to hear more..............
    post compartment
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    can also share some with you:)

    *what vitamin supports collagen?
    vit A
    vit E
    vit B6

    *Face lesion with central keratosis?!
    Bsal cell carcinoma
    Malignant melanoma

    *Sneezing with eosinophil?
    Ig A
    Ig E
    Ig M
    Ig g

    *Colon Duks classification?

    *Erection dysfuction
    Splanchic nerve
    pudendal nerve
    ilioiguinal nerve

    *Nerve supply skin under left eye?

    Thats what i remeber now and hope can add more soon
    Dr, khaled sheta

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