mrcs study group for part 3 in calcutta on 28th Feb.

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by ajaysurgeon, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. ajaysurgeon

    ajaysurgeon Guest

    any body interested in making study group for calcutta mrcs part 3 to be held on 28th feb.
    any body knows any training or coaching classes
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    please call me at 9442143486 for the study group.
    Please dont hesitate as time is running and it is always better to study in a group.
  3. Dr.tanveer

    Dr.tanveer Guest

    mrcs study group

    yes i too would like to join
    callme 9198839812
  4. Dr.tanveer

    Dr.tanveer Guest


    dr ajay, mrcseng has not posted a application date on their website. where have u got the 28 feb notice. pl phone me or post ur contact no.
  5. reg MRCS part 3 kolkatta

    Hi friends ,,do any one know about any courses for mrcs part3 this month..?please let me know...
  6. Dr. Haytham

    Dr. Haytham Guest

    Hello, I am from Sudan, do you know any courses for MRCS 3 in Kolkata?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    study group

    i would like to join the study group
  8. doctorsumi

    doctorsumi Guest

    IMRCS-3 in 2011

    i want to give IMRCS-3 in 2011
    can you people discuss on skype
    i would like to join inj
    can i know your skype ids
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mrcs b

    i am from vizag and wd like to join fr group studies fr part B...dr m srinivas 09246621491

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