mrcs1 exam preparation 4 sept,2006

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    hello doctor doctor fakhir yousuf from planin 2 appear in mrcs1(applied basic sc) this year.any1 who wishes to appear in da same exam can conatct me on email and cell no.07852172317.................ill more dan honoured to have guidance n have a plan to study with u ppl............sp ppl who didnt make da last exam will b more of a help since they have the experience of appearin.ill b honoured 2 hear from em2..................THANX N BEST OF LUCK EVERY1. :)
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    hi, planning for the same. Keep in touch
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    thanx man i aint here email me n il b glad 2b in contact
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    hi shiva!

    by da way wat books ru referin to frend n wats ur study plan?tcz
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    good lck

    hello dr..this is dr gaayathiri from malaysia.glad to hear tht ur sitting for exam this sept......wish u the best of luck......
    im planning the same thing.
    hope to hear from you soon
    at least we can share our knowledge before exam date

    i have added you to my yahoo messenger
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    hi gyathri! its nice 2 hear fom ya.n wish da same 4u...........saty in contact i added u2............B O L:)
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    hi have some mcq materials for sale if need be call me 07963136471
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    Hi people,
    I am also preparing to sit for the mrcs part 1 exam in september this year. wish to say best wishes to u all. wish to be in touch and share how u all are preparing for the same. Regarding online mcqs, which one is good " onexamination" or "pastest" ?
    My e mail

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