MUSCLE RELAXANTS Shortest acting NDMR--- mivacurium

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    Shortest acting NDMR--- mivacurium
    longest acting NDMR--- pipecuronium
    most potent NDMR--- doxacurium
    least potent NDMR---- gallamine
    shortest acting depolarising MR--- succinylcholine
    overall shortest acting MR ---- succinylcholine

    MR with higtest propensity for vagal blockade --- Gallamine
    NDMR with highest propensity for histamine release and max. ganglion blockade --- d - Tubocrare
    NDMR with min histamine release ( max. cardiac stable ) --- vecuronium

    MR excreted exclusively by kidneys--- gallamine
    MR C/Iin renal failure --- gallamine
    MR C/I in pregnancy --- galllamine
    MR c/I in hepatic failure --- d-tubocurare , pancuronium , succinylcholine
    MR avoided in asthma --- metacurine and succinylcholine(

    MR that undergoes hoffman's elimination --- Atracurium
    MR of choice in renal and hepatic failure ---Atracurium
    MR of choice in asthme --- Atracurium and vecuronium.

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