my bad experince at PACES OMAN

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by BAD luck, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. BAD luck

    BAD luck Guest

    My Bad experince in Oman PACES………….

    I think of all you have heard about the Iceland volcano , and its consequences, including delaying of our exam , which supposed to happen 20th April, and was postponed till 1st june……..

    We all went there , dreaming high , which turn trash in the end …….

    Ok , after we reach the exam place, I saw few candidates sitting in a corridor , with the forums places over a table ……..

    No one came to guide us , how to fill the forms, until 20 minutes before the exam time……

    We were in a corridor , where are people can pass , and you can hear the shouting , and talking loudly …….

    i.e. we lost our concentration before the play time…

    ( I thought the exam supposed to be just like the MRCP website videos, where they isolate the candidates in a room for a proper mental preparation , and mind concentration , not like a bunch of stray dogs , throw them in an noisy corridor……

    After some time , one of the exam coordinator came ( halal yohua ,, hala yohua ) , and he was a consultant from India, ( he put his ID tag, ) , and he was not an examiner, ( all examiners ,put an ID tag showing MRCP examiner) , he came and check our ids, he was very nervous , just like he wanted to revenge from us , why we want to sit for PACES, and he started to ask every one of us , where are you from , what is your nationality , where do you work ,,,,,,,,,,, and he reached me , after I showed him my ID , he started to ask the same questions, I SAID , SORRY SIR, I WANT TO FOCUS BEFORE THE EXAM ,) …….

    We entered the exam ,

    1_station 1 , the case was a COPD . with Thoracotomy scar, it was a straight forward case, but the INDIAN examiner, keep asking , in an angry way , and after presenting my DX, do you know what was his questions ????

    What did you miss ???????????

    I am sure 100% I NEVER MISS Any thing ,,,,
    And the talk moved on ,,,,,,,,,,,

    Ie. This is not the way the RCP would make the exam , YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE THE CANDIDATE FEEL , HE IS NOT PERFORMING WELL, EVEN IF HE DOING SO ………

    Ok , after that , he stopped talking ,,,,,,,,

    I stopped also , waiting for his question ,

    5 seconds passed , he is not talking ,

    As I already gave the DX, I thought he is going to ask me , how to confirm the DX,

    I continued , to enlist the INVX,

    Finally , after the exam , I met all the candidates , they said , that Indian examiner asked us the same question ( WHAT DID YOU MISS) ……

    Common people, the RCP says, if candidates stuck in DX, the examiner should jump to INVX, if candidates stuck in INVX, then the examiner should jump to Management ,,,, and so on ………

    2_station 2

    HX taking ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Ok , I entered to room , there is no table to sit on ……….


    Only 2 chairs…………….

    Common guys , the MRCP videos , there was a table , and our mind setting was like ,

    And for the sarcastic thing , the surrogate chair , was higher than mine,

    Common guys , what is going on , is this a setting for a PACES exam center,


    3_STATION 3

    CVS : he was a young guy, with a Midsernotomy scar( no leg scar), I 100% bet , this is a Prosthetic valve replacement ,

    I started to listen , there is no metallic click ,

    Shit ………………

    I heard a Dystolic murmur at Apex and LSE……….

    I noticed that there is a Pectux excavatum…….

    I told the examiner , I am not able to hear a metallic click…

    Any way after the exam , I met some candidates , they said , we all know this patients , the exam center bring him every time. As THEY DON’T HAVE CASES////////////////


    NEURO ………..

    HE was a man with cerebellar syndrome,

    I asked the examiners, I want to see the patient walk , he said , cant walk .


    In a PACES center, plz provide a patient that at least can achieve the minimum requirement of the exam ,,,

    We all know that walking represent aboyt more than 50% of the clinical finding in LOWER limb examination………..

    Station 4 :::::::::: as the same, the examiner, was trying to show me my mistakes,

    You did not ask like this way .

    STATION 5 ;

    1st case, she was acromegaly , she refused to open her Arabic cloth, so I can do the Tinnel sign , to check for carpel tunnel ///

    And for the silly thing , the chair was on the LEFT , and the room was dark ,

    So stupid, in MRCP website videos , the candidates sat at the Right of patient..

    I mean , how can you imagine an exam organizer , unable to arrange the chair setting




    For me , if I pass , if I don’t ,,,,,,,,

    BOTH SAME FOR ME.,…………………..

    FINALLY ,,,,,,,


  2. gopaces

    gopaces Guest

    oman paces

    dear badluck. u have an attitude problem. u performed badly and are blaming the centre and examiners. oman has done the exam many times before and nobody said such complaints. we have to correct ourselves and be ready to take the exam mentally. this is not like our usual exam back home. please don't depress and discourage others like me. readjust yourself first.
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  3. guest77

    guest77 Guest

    hello bad luck :)

    sorry to hear about your bad expiernece in Oman centre!

    it seems to me that you went to the exam with such huge amount of nervousness and anxiety even before the exam bell goes off (you was angry with the co-ordinator who was obiviously trying to ease things off!) :)

    anyway, I was not there to see for myself what happened, but it seems that your irritability has cost you a lot !

    I wish you good luck on this attempt enshalah :)
  4. EK

    EK Guest

    hello , i appeared on may 30 , in royal hospital , muscat , oman , me & other 4 in my group are happy regarding center & pts , we all from saudi arabia , 2 from sudan , 1 from india & 2 from pak. , now we are waiting the result .
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  5. MK-KSA

    MK-KSA Guest

    Dear EK,
    Can you please tell us about your cases in Royal Hospital?
  6. MK-KSA

    MK-KSA Guest

    Dear BAD luck,
    Please tell about all the cases including talking stations.
  7. EK

    EK Guest

    HELLO , st.1 abd. jaundice , mild liver , for d/d , ressp. thoracotomy scar , bronchiestasis .

    St. 2 his. occupational asthma

    St.3 cvs , tr . cns , spastic paraplegia

    St. 4 comm. multiple sclerosis

    ST. 5 1 , Acromegaly with high bp & headache

    st. 5 2 , dm , renal transplant with decreased vision
  8. guest87

    guest87 Guest

    thanks EK

    What did you think of the station 5 2nd case: DM, renal Tx with decreased vision
  9. guest 123

    guest 123 Guest

    It could be diabetic retinopathy or cataract secondary to steroid. rarer causes like papilloedema, CMV retinitis
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi with our friend I share the following , although some of the cases I saw were different from him:

    1_the exam organization in the view of the chair & tables , was far below others, I have sat 2 times ( UK, dubai), and I agree about the chairs, no table in station 4 , and wrong chairs position in station 5 a .

    2_about the corridor , correct , we were thrown into a noisy corridor .

    3_one of the examiners also asked me , what did you miss ???

    4_ no water supply all the exam , I asked for water , I waited for 1 minute , that some 1 brought me … vs other centers, you can see the water bottles all over the tables …

    5_station 5 b , was gout , NEVER NEVER NEVER CLEAR, poor surrogate , only at knee very small spots , ( BAD PREPARED CASE)

    Anyway , i hope we can pass

  11. MK-KSA

    MK-KSA Guest

    Dear Guest above (June 15 8:19 pm), please tell me about the cases that you got in your PACES exam in Oman. Thanks.
  12. Guest Oman

    Guest Oman Guest

    Oman 2010-1

    Hi Guys,
    Bad Luck seems to have some psychological fixation against Indians.
    How does he know the Exam Co-ordinator was an Indian? Was it printed on his forehead? He could very well have been a Bangladeshi, Pakistani or a Sri Lankan, or even a UK based South Asian.
    I attended the same diet.
    Facilities were adequate.
    Staff were courteous and helpful.
    I could see only one "Indian" there who was not an "Examiner" or a "Co-ordinator". The poor man was a Clerk who had the responsibility of feeding in our names into the computer.
    The candidates were received by an Omani Doctor, who was very courteous and tried to put us all at ease.
    The examiners were helpful and trying to lead us to the right answer.
    If I fail, I would have failed for reasons other than any prejudice on the part of the examiners.
    Guest Oman
  13. MK-KSA

    MK-KSA Guest

    Dear Guest Oman, please discuss about the caes that you got in your PACES exam. Thanks.
  14. EK

    EK Guest

    RESULT ?????
  15. guest...

    guest... Guest

    @Badluck.... it seems that you dont like Indians!! Why dont you scuttle off this site as this is an Indian site.....!!

    @ others... sorry for being rude... but difficult to let it go when some one has such a huge attitute problem...
  16. AH-Q8

    AH-Q8 Guest

    I find it hard to believe that two different people who attended the exact same exam, in the exact same place and diet and had the exact difficulties would also write in the exact same style. You both use a space before and after each comma and you punctuate your numbered lists with underscores after the numbers. I'm talking about BAD luck and Guest who corroborated his story. I think you are the same person.

    I'm sorry to say that, but your complaints hardly matter. If you have difficulty taking history because there is no table in the room then I don't think that you've ever worked in a real hospital.

    You're looking for excuses because you were not happy about your performance.

    I sat the exam in London and somethings were not ideal, but if I don't get what I'm hoping for, I cannot blame it on those little things. They hardly matter and they are a fraction of the kinds of problems you face in real life situations.
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  17. guest 501

    guest 501 Guest

    I agree with AH Q8.Both bad luck and guest are the same. Writing in the same style, bad English and bad ideas. Definitely underperformed due to bad preparation. A poor worker will complain of the the tools. Typical of some of the guys you see around you. Jealous of indians and have a huge attitude problem. If you do not like Indians why are you hanging around in this site. Find a site with your own countrymen. You better get used to Indians as they are so smart and you are going to come across them in all intelligent and higher circles. Make it a point to go around with some Indians if you are serious about passing PACES. And stop whining.
  18. guest...

    guest... Guest

    Absolutely agree with AH Q8 and Guest 501.....
  19. mrcp July

    mrcp July Guest

    We should not be racist here.
  20. guest29

    guest29 Guest

    I think it is not about being racist, it is just not thinking in the right perspective.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No point insulting south asians in this forum which is owned by and largely patronised by south asians
  22. guest09

    guest09 Guest

    I think one should take responsibility for success or failure rather than blaming everything on other people and situations.

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