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  1. well ...just 2 days back i was anxious abt my result and now i m relieved that i have been selected for VTS in the scheme i was wanting to get into .
    i have visited this website since my plab days and have recieved a lot of help from it and feel indebted to share all information i can .
    it was held in newmarket . i was told 42 candidates were being interviewd that day .( there were 6 panels- each with 3 members)
    the interview panel comprised of 3 members: a course organiser from some other scheme,gp registrar, and gp trainer
    i had reached a bit too early for interveiw and the panel was running an hour early that day . as soon as my documents were checked i was called for interview . i was told that roleplay could be anything of my choice from my recent experience.
    i had hardly any time to decide or mentally prepare as i was called so soon for interview.
    however i asked them for 2 minutes just to calm down before i went ...
    as i entered , i was greeted by the panel . and then they started
    1. the main person - course organiser started with asking me abt my career gaps and the reasons
    2. he then asked me whether i had any problems with on- call commitments in hospital
    3.clinical q- assume u r in a gp surgery , an asthmatic patient who had come to see u collapses in the middle of consultation . how would u manage
    4. 5 yrs down the line , assume u r a principal gp , ur partner calls saying he is sick and cant come to work . wot would be ur approach
    5. you get a call for home visit . wot would be ur approach . would u do the visit even if someone called saying they had just cough
    6. give us an example of the biggest clinical mistake u ever made . wot were the implications and wot did u do
    7 . give us an example of a stressful situation at work and how did u handle it .
    and a few more small questions here and there ..but nothin abt the new contract or why i want to be gp or how i keep myself up-to date ...
    and my other friends who also applied for eastern but had interviews on different days were asked almost same questions but with a bit of difference here and there .
    as a part of the result i got a score sheet which shows average score of other candidates and wot i scored. I Want to share this with u so that future aspirants can prepare on the basis of those categories. i didnt know that they would score each like they did .
    and the categories under which the panel had scored during interview were:
    1.communication skills , empathy and sensitivity ( maximum marks)
    the rest of the categories were for lower marks i guess may be a max of 30 0r 40 marks
    2. clinical knowledge and expertise -
    3. conceptual thinking and problem solving - again it must have been for 30 marks or more
    4.professional integrity- out of 30 or more
    5coping with pressure - out of 30 or more
    6.personal organisation and adminstration skills- must be for 30 or more
    the max marks i m just assuming and not sure becoz i tried to think with respect to my marks .
    my scoring on the application form wasnt very high . i scored just pass - 15.5 marks(which is cut off mark for getting shortlisted - each of the 4 questions is 5 marks and application form is i guess for 20 marks) and most of the people i met at interview had 16.5 or more .
    I Felt i had done my interview really well and everything went smoothly .
    i feel for gp-vts the following r the steps to getting the job :
    1. for application answers - u have to be original but at the same time use terms that gps love to hear and this u could qoute from gp related books from ur hosp lib . this i learnt when i saw my score for individual answers . in which i had more marks and in which i had lost marks.
    2.for interview- u need to prepare for the following
    a.ROLEPLAY- breaking bad news/ explaining diagnosis/ procedure/investigation result- more or less like plab but has to have a bit of gp component like being very empathetic and including psycho- social aspects during the consultation
    b. CLINICAL QUESTION - usually collapse but they change it in different ways . but they r wanting to test whether we know to apply our als skills or not
    c. GP related scenarios- ETHICAL dilemma's and other common situations . this can be practised well by using the q bank from website and try getting the answers from gp registrars .
    d. READ journals like bjgp, pulse and gp
    e . meeting the scheme course organiser is a good thing to do but i dont think it makes a big difference because in my interview i had all unknown faces . i did not have the course organiser of my scheme.
    hope this information was useful ...
    . i feel a big load coming of my head . i was sick n fed up of filling up stupid applications and realising that most hospital jobs in uk r fixed before hand . but i felt the interview/applctn process for vts was very unbiased and transparent . but may be people who havent got the job r cursing me or the deanery . these r just my feelings.
    dont be mistaken by the id. i m not a brit or a firangi ...i m indian and have been thru the post plab pain and i know how it has felt all these days doing attachments /locums/ filling up long boring applications .
    if at all i m writing so much today is because i feel indebted to the information i got from this site and would like others to benefit from this info .
    gud luck to all and get in touch if u need help
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    congratulation Laura Castallano on getting through.I think you are the only person who shared your experience which is very good and we should appreciate it
    I would be obliged if you share the experience of interview like what you answered for all questions and what you wrte for short listing questions

    I would be greatful if and when you have time send the details to me how to apply b/c I want to apply for eastern deanery for aug2006
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    hi Laura this is a great achievement can u please tell us what did u answered why you want to become GP
  4. guest11

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    Hi Laura,
    Congratulations...great job and all the best for your future...
    Can u plz tell me how many years of career gap did u have ,as iam also having it and am really bothered about that..
  5. reply to guest11

    hi there ...
    well as for career gaps .mine was in months ...and they asked me wot i did in that time . i had 3 ( 1 month) breaks and 2 were holiday/family reasons and 1 was for research prep after my internship . i actually described to them the places i went with a smiling face and they smiled back. i remember them writing down each gap on a piece of paper.
    in your case if it is a longer gap say 2 years or more ..u may have to substantiate wot u did and then somehow try to sound that wotever u did wasnt a waste of time but of some use towards ur career in general practice. becoz i know an orthopedician who is nw a gp but took time off doing something nonclinical .
    any further doubts u can mail me at
  6. REPLY TO plab2

    i was sailing in the same boat before the interview and i know it feels nice to hear the answers from someone who has got the job ..and so i actually asked and met up with the previous gp-vts shos in the hospital where i was doing attachment . and suggest u to do the same ..u will get an idea ... and also i m approachable for help . by telling wot i told and wrote may be u might lose the originality and spontainity in ur answers . however if u feel u need some help regarding this u can mail me at .]
  7. reply to BUIBUI

    well WHY U WANT TO BECOME A GP - is the most imp question and I would not want to be your rolemodel for this as i didt score very high on this question in my application ...becoz i feel i could think of any extra ordinary reason for it ..the reasons i would have written ,thousands would have written the same old stuff- continuity of care, variety of clinical conditions to deal with ,holistic approach , scope for specialist interest and wot not .....
    so i think this answer needs utmost dedication and thought ....
    ask a gp - registrar to help u or take help from points mentioned in the rcgp website.
    the first few pages of OHGP HANDBOOK are good to read to get an idea of general practice.
    and best if u can approach hospital librarian for gp related journals
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    laura congratulations - i am the guy who got the job in west midlands deanery for 3 years. i am very impressed that you got the job with little uk experience. im sure this must be a big load off your mind knowing that you have a secure future with no more fighting tooth and nail for attachments, locum work and stand alone jobs.
    hope you are enjoying your success. you deserved it and earned it.
  9. thanks

    dear guest 7777...
    congratulations to u as well ...getting a job in the west midlands deanary isnt easy at all with so many stages of competition ...
    i was just curious ..wot are the components of the rotation at ur hosp?
    kind regards
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    Hello Laura,

    congrats on your job, must be such a relief...I was wondering what did you score in the interview and what was the average score for other candidates? i understand there is always 2 candidates for every one place so the biggest obstacle is getting shortlisted. Was this true?
    thanks :wink:
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    dear laura,
    congratulations. it is very good to see you helping other people.i got gpvts in london this time in the south west region. the questions they asked for me in the interview were
    1. How would you sort out the of hours rota in your partnership surgery.
    What will you do if one of the partners backs out of the on call rota at the last moment.
    2. outline steps in breaking bad news.
    3. how do you recognise stress and how will you manage it.
    4. Give example of team work.
    5. One of your gp partner is charging money(or accepting monetary gifts) for the patients. what will you do
    6. What do you think about revalidation. what are the benefits and drawbacks.

    congratulations to everyone who have succeeded and all the best to all the others who will be attempting in near future.
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    my components are obg, ae, medicine and psych - but they have said that only the first job - ae is confirmed for six months. the rest will probably be altered down to 4 month jobs so you can spend the remaininig time in general practice so i have to wait and see
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    West Midlands VTS

    Dear Guest777,

    Congrats to you getting onto the West Mids VTS Scheme!

    I am going to try and apply in Feb 06 to get on the WM VTS scheme as I am originally from Dudley and want to move back to the Midlands as my mum is ill.

    What kind of stuff were you asked in your interview? Is there any exam you have to take? Any useful tips?

    Please, any help/advice you or anyone else can give would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    dear milan
    yes you do have to take an mcq exam - they will send you details if you get shortlisted. to study for it - get some plab books or just go through oxford handbooks of clinical medicine and specialities - the latter being more important as it is weighted more with all the topics in this book.
    as for the interview - forget learning any kind of questions that relate to things like why you want to be a gp etc - most of what they ask is things regarding to situations you have encountered - this part is tough as the questions they ask you are things like you get asked on the shortlisting questions but you only have a few seconds to think of an answer things like - have you ever had to deal with an angry patient relative, how did you deal with it, were you successful, have you ever seen an occasion when you or another have been tempted to alter the medical notes to cover up a mistake you made, what do you think about this, etc..... a lot of people found this tough and could not think of answers in time. you have to be a really quick thinker so dont prepare any answers just speak honestly and i think you will look better than if they realise you are just recitiing answers from memory.
    hope this helps., if you need any further info email me on
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    could u please do me a favour

    I am Dr. Ahmad. I am dying to enter into GPVTS but couldnt get through the clinical summative assessment after getting shortlisted in August for Kent susses and surrey deanery. Would you be kind enough to guide me as much as you can, regarding the interview preparation and filling the form for the next time as I am now applying in Scotland GPVTS.

    I would visit this thread again to view your reply.

    Awaiting your reply.


  16. patricia

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    preparation and tips for getting shortlisted/MCQ

    Hi Laura,
    I read your note on the internet regarding your experience for GP VTS interviews. Congrats on your success!

    Can you tell me about what you had to do to get shortlistet? MCQ? Is there a site with prectice questions? What books to study for this?

    Do you know if there is a difference in the interview process if you are applying for a stand alone GP Registrar post? (I have done 6months of PRHO in the UK and 2years GP VTS equivalent in Austria and would like to return to the UK for GP Reg.)

    Thanks for any further advice!
  17. bashman

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    hi patricia
    couldn't help overread your posting
    i also graduated in austria....and did prho in the UK as well as my internship in austria(turnus) and currently reside in london with my don't need to do GP Registrar at all..if you have Diploma fuer Allgemeinmedizin...theoretically you are eligible to work as a GP in the UK, you have to have a job offer from a GP surgery in order to be placed on the perfomers List with a local health authority (PCT)...yet the problem is getting such a post..the solution would be enlisting in the london deanery's EU GP induction programme, which is a 6 months observed GP induction scheme, upon that and of course passing a couple of assessment, the deanery will recommend you to a couple of a GP surgery, you can inquire about that on the london deanery's website...the contact people are Mr. Allen Evans and Dr. Penny Trafford....the problem with the GP Registrar is that they are solely funded by the deanery for the purpose of GP training, under EU amendments, you have fulfilled the requirements lied out for that through your training in Austria(TURNUS, ALLGEMEINMEDIZINPRUEFUNG etc), so it would be considered that you possess a diploma as a GP recognised by the GMC as such....
    if you are interested in the EU GP induction programme, u should hurry up, I signed up in OCtober 05, and now placed for August 06, it is becoming attractive for easteuropean GPs, sinceu earn £45000 per annum only for the EU GP induction programme, which is a substantial amount for these guys earning less than 300 euros a month back home
    so good luck
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    liked the id

    hehe,, wonderful interview!!!
    i liked the novel doctors too!!! @laura castanello?!!
  19. bhaskarbora

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    GPVTS Interviews

    Congrutulations and thanks for the effort you have made. It will be great if you can also tell us about the answers you gave to the questions asked.
  20. guest14

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    hi thank u so much for such an informative msge...i am planning to appear for the mcq test for the eastern deanery...can u plz tell me where to study from as currently there are no past papers or websites..thanks
  21. newly.

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    hey,laura,read thru ur xperience and i was very impressed.
    i need help.praently going thru d post plab pain,im putting in for d 2006 gp recriutment,yet to get a place for attachment,what can i do to improve my chances of being recrited,do i even have a chance since ive not done attachment or locum?
    pls reply
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    i am currently in a very confused state...i get to read a lot abt the pathetic job situation for plab doctors..can i still try plab?? can u tell me abt what exactly is your fate after clearing plab 2?when do you actually get to study the speciality which u choose??
  23. Guesto

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    Stay in India plss , there's no point coming here and wastin your precious time and money. Its not easy to get into the specialty u like . I passed plab 8 months back , did attachments , audits everything and still strugglin to get a job. I wanted to go into OBG, but havent been shortlisted for any specialty spare Obs & Gyane.

    Now I m thinking of going back....Try coming here only if you'have money and time...orelse don't!!!
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    did anybody have GPVTS books for the last year, i want to buy them, as i am going to appear in gpvts exam this year. Also can some body guid me which material and online courses are the best..


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