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    The exam was easy, although i was not prepared enough but still I could tell this. Time was more than enough. 3 hours is too much I think that 2.30 to 2.45 will be enough for any one to finish and even start revising his answers.

    The questions are not tricky and direct, they do not aim to confuse the examined doctors. The answer sheet is also easy to handle and use.
    The results are due to appear on the 28th of sepember on the net. I only studied for about 6 weeks without full concentration so I did not give it my best shot, however the exam is an easy one, part one is what i mean. I guess that 3 months of study for such an exam is more than enough. But just try to use a good source for studying.

    Recommended books are:

    1. Applied basic sciences by Raftery The text book only
    2. Pastest The systemic module The complete test
    3. Pastest the other mcq books available.

    These books will guarantee for an average intelligent doctor who wishes to stand the exam to pass. Do not confuse yourself with big references aand many books just do these and you will pass from the first time. In case I have to stand that exam another time these books will be all I will do, although it is always useful to broaden your horizon with reading from large text books about selected subjects.

    I know my words were not so organized, however I just hope to make a little contribution to this site so I just wrote whatever came to mind.
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    Out of those books, WHICH one is for preparing for the MRCS PART 1?

    Is Raftery enough for part one, or is the CORE MODULES BOOK IMPORTANT??
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    Please help me...

    Hi there,

    I'm a medical doctor graduated from Tehran University - Iran, I'm studing PhD in Melbourne Uni, but I decided to participate MCQ for being a registred medical docotr, I really need you help, I don't know what should I do, Please send me an email about the contents, the level of exam and particularly the references, I'm waiting for your mail
    it would be appriciated if you help me to get out from this stressful conditoion.


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