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    “in most countries disabeled people aren't catered for adequately,eg. buildings are often inappropriately designed. governement rely too heavily on charities and voluntary organisations to provide assistance and funding. discuss what further measures could be taken to assist them.” (quoted sismy)

    Health is a wished all over the world by every people. However, I feel like not too many people think about disabled people, and if they do it just think to thank to God they arehealthy. Why we do not place us in the place of the disabled people and think what kind of help we like society to give us.
    There are many helps that is provided by the governments as the represents of their country. For the beginning I want to remind just about special medical carry. This has been required a lot of money but with good results. Furthermore, there are some governmental programs to support people with disabilities. For example, it is provided free while chairs, or plastic hand, or wood leg. However, at the last but not the list, there were built and equipped many special school .
    Just thinking at how many helps I have mentioned until now, we can not stop to ask ourselves, why so many non-governmental organization has been appeared. I think that was because an insufficient financial support has been allocated by governments . So in my opinion it is needed by much amount of money in order this kind of help to rely too much on that Organizations.
    Where can should be come that money? It is expected that specialize people in this type of problems to give as a competent answer. I think it will be necessary to be shared the budget of country and rearrange the priorities.
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    I went through your essay and I might give you 6 bands for this task. You have made many gramatical mistakes. please take care of this.
    And think more before you write. Dont stray away from the topic.
    bye. :!: :idea:
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    Thank you

    Thank you for your appreciation.
    I will avoid to do the same grammatical mistakes. Please if you do not mind, do not you want to point out that mistakes? That will be a real help for me. I know you may think that “Wait a moment I am not your teacher. Why shell I teach you?”. Any way, thanks a lot for your replay.
    Best regards.

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