my step 2 CS experience. I took exam on May 16Houston

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    Hi everyone,

    Here is my step 2 CS experience. I took the exam on May 16th 2006. I took it in Houston.

    Of course, I can't post the cases I got, but as far as I can remember all the cases were in USMLEWORLD and FA.

    So, I had 11 cases (including 1 phone SP). They were not complicated at all, and most of the patients were very friendly, 3 or 4 were not quite so friendly. Like I said, all the cases were listed in the usmleworld course. Believe me, this actors are just SO good, you will really think they are in distress or have the illness they seem to have.

    Things I did right:

    -- Knocked on door all times;
    -- Washed my hands all times;
    -- Always made sure the patient knew what I was going to do or ask next;
    -- Always asked if they had any doubts or questions;
    -- Always made a quick mental list of differentials before I walked in the door;
    -- Always explained the possible differential diagnosis and further workup;
    -- Always addressed patients doubts and concerns.
    -- ALWAYS start with the differentials and labs, THEN write the rest of the note.

    Now, things I did wrong:

    -- I didnt practice the cases enough, so I was a bit uncomfortable with the time, especially in the first case. I could have learnt the differentials more thoroughly. My sugestion: PRACTICE/LEARN before!!!
    -- In one neuro case, I didnt have time to ask everything I needed, perform all the examination maneuvers I should, and write down the mini mental.... I actually mis-diagnosed this.... Makes me feel crappy -In one case (pt with MI), did not do a fundoscopic exam.
    -- And of course, I always forgot to ask one thing here and there. I hope that these are not much of a big deal as I got the main things done I think.
    Like all USMLE exams, I HONESTLY have no clue if I will pass or not!!!!

    Also some advice:

    1) Manage your time well!!! Time is your worst enemy here. The cases are very simple and common, but the time is cruel. So if you can, practice practice practice!!!

    2) Not all SP's are co-operative and friendly, do not expect this. Go in with an open mind and u will be OK. If pt does not smile don't worry.....

    3) Be professional and courteous with every SP, irrespective of how they are.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Hello I just wanted to post this for all of you who are out there who think you failed 2CS this exam is crap....i should have failed and i passed????!!! i did so many things worng where to begin? the waiting is the hardest part of the whole process! anyway one 3 patients i forgot to counsel on one about smoking the other two about MDMA and marijuana. forgot to do an entire neuro exam on someone who came in with LOC. I alson forgot to do CV exam on some with acute distress and PID. I also did not get a singel OB/GYN through history on my female patients eventhough they had fatigue and one was a teenager. I didnt do a abd exam on someone who had HTN and smoked ( i should have been ascultating for abd. bruits for AAA.) I missed counseling someone on techinques for relaxing. I didnt ask a previous Breast CA pt.. how long ago she had had the CA. I didnt as the smoker how long he had smoked. didnt ask the quiter smoker how long ago he had quit. didnt wirite apiration on w/u for a guy who had gout. wasnt smiling i was so nervous.....the point is this exam is really a crap shoot you go in not knowing what will happen....i did many things wrong. but i still passed i dont know how but i did and i had a nerbous breakdown waiting for my results to come back they need to find a way to get them back sooner!
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    Thank you so much for making me feell better. I just read your post and I missed so much obvious stuff. Stuff I thought of when i closed the door on the sp encounter and KNEW RIGHT THERE i totally for got to ask something really important! In real life this would never happen.

    I have been worrying myself sick, litereally, since i took it in Atlanta last week. my friend said she just completely blew 2 rooms and she still passed

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