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    I graduated russian medical school in 2009. In 2011 I moved to USA by the Green Card. I applied for USMLE in March 2012 but because of document's problems I received my permit just in February 2013. In June 2013 I took my exam. And I failed. The main reason why I failed is because I was not ready enough.
    Here is my story:
    I decided to move to US when I was in medical school - I did not know how exactly I will do it that but I was sure about my move. When I graduated I applied for Green Card and I got it. In Russia I worked as a surgeon for almost 1 year. I moved to US alone and I did not have any friends or family here. I can tell that it was really hard for me - to be here alone all my myself. I've been through a lot - car accident, money problems, depression, health issues.... It was so bad so I was need to go to psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety issues.
    However somehow I put myself together I tried as much as I could. First problem what I got was document's issues with my medical school. My 186 form went back and forward 6 times!!! So it took almost 1 year to get permit. All that time I was preparing but I was not organized enough and I did not have a strategy. I went through Kaplan 2 times, USMLE Rx - 2 months, and USMLEWORLD for 3 months. I did not take NBME self assessment and it was my mistake - I should.
    When I was going to take my exam - I was so exhausted. My depression got really bad and anxiety attack did not leave me alone too. It was getting worse and worse and now I know that I should not go for my test in that kind of condition.
    In 3 week I got my results - and I got 157 points. My weakest sides were pathology, immunology, public health and pharmacology.
    About test - I felt like I was taking test of microbiology because I had so many questions about parasitology (eggs and larvae), about germs etc. It was really strange. But anyway - I failed.

    When I got my results - I was falling apart. I really did not know what was my mistake. I analyzed my problems and went to next conclusion - I did not pay enough attention to these subjects and as a result I got low scores. I ordered new FA - because mine was quite old.
    I am not a big fan of microbiology at all. But I was need to do it. I ordered "Clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple" and I was not disappointed - it is really great and simple book. I spent 20 days on it.
    When I started Goljan system pathology. Now I finished with pathology. I am going to start pharmacology.

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