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    Hi there!
    Last week I received my TOEFL-IBT results. It was my first attempt. Here is my score; reading 24, listening 27, speaking 25, writing 25, and overall 101 points. Below I've presented my experience. First, it is much easier than IELTS, I mean the tasks and vocabulary are not as difficult. Next, the questions are straightforward and clear and the amount of time is fairly enough. Based on my experience, this exam is really doable and less stressful compared with MCCEE, MCCQE1 and others.
    During my preparation (time spent 1.5 months) I was lucky enough not to do some mistakes.
    I didn't make my first mistake; Starting attending free TOEFL classes which provided by different community services for immigrants. Their goal is to hook you as long as they can to receive funding for such programs. One of my friends has spent 7 months at such school. For this period of time they even did not give him any clue how to attack questions, moreover some of tactics were wrong. Needless to say, that his score was low. Of course they need to have us Canadian IMG returned back to such schools to continue receiving good salary and support TTC ))
    I didn't make my second mistake; actually I have not had enough money to go to private schools and classes. The money is tight and we will have to pay for the medical exams. These schools often try to sell you their own course books, materials and spend much time on grammar and Basic English. Actually, the only thing that we need is to pass this exam with the good score. Nobody wants to back to school again.
    I didn’t make my third mistake; I didn't use numerous books from the library. To tell you the truth, I have read some of these books to make sure that they are not up-to-date and often contain wrong tasks that we never will see on real exam. I wonder, have these authors ever taken TOEFL-IBT by themselves?
    What I did right; I prepared easy memorable cliché for each question, especially for speaking and writing, so I no longer needed to think what to say and write when time is running out fast. I used simple techniques to find a right answer in reading and make good notes during listening. Finally, I have installed mock soft on my laptop to simulate and get used to real exam.
    If you have some questions, feel free to ask.

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