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    does anyone have any inside info on chances for reserve list in clearing, what kind of scores will have a chance, i got 58 in wales deanery
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    I scored 60, what are my chances?
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    I have been told by the GP Recruitment admin a few days ago that all the GPST places in Wales commencing 2008 have been filled up .
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    Hi guys,

    I got an offer yesterday from my first choice deanery....I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

    I'm on HSMP and my score was 68

    good luck everyone :D
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    GPST clearance

    Congrates those who have got the offers, I called the yorkshire deanery yesterday and asked about the process, they refused to give much info, I was told that clearing will be dealt on individual basis not on the basis of the scores. So I reckon even if your scores are higher but the choices you made are already filled you wont get a post, on the other hand a person with a lower score will get a post if there choice was not much popular. I dont know, is it fair?
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    gp clearence

    hi samozen what deanery did u apply to please
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    Got Offer

    My score was 69 ,scoland, wales, east midand and london were my preferred deanries in ranking order.
    After 4 months got offer yesterday from highland scotland 3 year gp training programme.
    So guys dont loose hope, last year one of my friend got offer in november 07 for post which was already started in august 07.
    Difficult to wait but dnt loose hope and my prayers will be with all of you who are waiting. May GOD help us all.
    If someone need any further information , dont hesitate to call 07913131316.
  8. langrial

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    I resighned from my GPST1 post after working three days as GP Reg.
    Borring and no Thrill.
    Goodluck to bro who will get my place.

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