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    NECROPTOSIS: ( hybrid of Necrosis+Apoptosis but considered as NECROSIS)
    • Also known as programmed cell death without caspase activation
    • It is both pathological (ischaemic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases and viral infections ) and physiological ( formation of mammalian bone growth plate )
    • Under conditions that are insufficient to trigger apoptosis, TNFα activates TNFR1 and in turn induces the recruitment of RIP1and RIP3 kinase and other proteins to form complex (which includes RIP1, RIP3, caspase 8 ).
    • formation of this complex leads to necroptosis (caspase 8 is not activated here in this pathway)
    • Necroptosis differs from Apoptosis by following features (that’s why they are considered as NECROSIS ---- “Caspase independent programmed cell death” )
    1) Shows cell swelling
    2) Cell membrane damage
    3) Presence of inflammation

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