Need help to get observership/externship or research?

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    If you need help getting an observership or externship, I can help you get one.

    Let me explain some things:
    - If you’re on a visa (eg B1/B2), then you can’t do an externship. You can’t work in the states on that visa. So your only option would be an observership.
    - As for externship, you can do it if you’re still a resident in some training program (even in one outside the states). If you’re not currently a resident, then the majority of hospitals won’t take you.

    When I’m talking about observerships and externships, I’m not talking about private practices and hospitals. I’m talking about university- and community-based hospitals which are fully accredited by ACGME. Letters of recommendation from such places are stronger than others.
    I can also try to help you get a research position.

    I have no experience or affiliation with the private services that can help get you a rotation. As far as I know, they get you positions in private places. I’m not sure how legal that is though, due to the visa issues. Anyway, I’d suggest you ask other members online about such services and what their experiences with them are.

    Many people are contacting me and I can’t accommodate all the requests or help everybody. These things take so much time and effort. Thus, I charge a fee. If interested, you can contact me at mat4steps2007 at gmail dot com for details. Please change the subject to what you’re interested in – “observership/externship/research†– so that I can know it’s not spam.

    Otherwise, you can try to contact the hospitals and see if they can offer you an observership.

    Good luck.
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    From now on the program directors are giving weight only for those US LORs from ACGME cetified programs whether observerships, electives or externships. For the full list of these programs go to the AG residency site and get it (google: applicantguide observership list).

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