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    I got a GP ST1 post in Aberystwyth. can anybody give me any idea abt the place? I am new to NHS. Can anybody tell me how much pay can a SHO get?I know it depends on Banding.but I want a rough idea? 2ndly do SHOs get any training grant in NHS?
    Also any info about annual/study leave?

    i would appreciate replies.

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    Which deanery is that ?
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    its wales u have any info?

  4. you will become a welsh sheep shagger
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    Congratulations on your success . Aberyswyth is quite a remote part of Wales but is also a lovely area .Many people up to 65% got rejected from Wales deanery , so you must have done very well to come this far. BTW the sheeps are cute, laid back creatures that adds life and colours to the Welsh countryside.

    I am also amazed that you have done well considering you have no / little NHS experience. Well done again. I secured a Wales GPST job too, but much closer to the vibrant Cardiff city.

    One suggestion is to contact the human resource dept hospital that you will be working for as well as your scheme director, they should be able to answer allyour queries. You should soon if not already received your rota which is available online .

    Hope this helps
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    It is a very very remote place with poor train or bus facilities. If you drive you are saved. Haverfordwest and aberyswth are the 2 remote corner in wales. I worked as an F2 in haverfordwest. Swore I will never ever apply to wales. it really drove me crazy and resigned when I got job in liverpool. If you are single it will definitely drive you crazy, lonely. If you admire scenery its fine but for how long. Weekends will be extremely lonely. people generally accept job there but when they get job in cities they move away. Locals dont prefer so many will be overseas graduate.
    I am not frightening you just preparing you. If you like loneliness then it an excellant place for you
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    If you can bear 3 years you should not listen to others. You will be a qualified GP in 3 years and free to go anywhere after that.
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    thanks for ur advices

    Thanks for ur kind advices.I know its a very quiet place but i think i will manage there for 3yrs.

    I am currently working in Ireland.
    I am still looking for my answers regarding NHS things.

    One more thing, can we request program director to change the rotations?

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    "One more thing, can we request program director to change the rotations? "

    No. 100% not in your 1st year. 2nd year possible but highly unlikely .

    Dont listen too much to what others have to say to discourage you, most of them either do not have a job or full rotation like you.

    Its quiet up there but you can utilise your training years better without being distracted with partying . Keep yourself busy with studying, audits, courses etc
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    We are not discouraging you, nor I am jobless. I was very ambitious than anyone when I went, but only when I was actually there I felt the lonelines. Try to change to wrexham, swansea or cardiff.
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    I do not encourage you to listen to people who encourages you to try to change scheme because it will only make you more miserable because it is nearly 100% impossible to do so.

    You either take it with a view to stay for 3 years and make full use of your training ( such as aim for Distinction/Merit for MRCGP) plus diplomas which will give you a cutting edge over the rest OR you can decline your job and let someone else who is very determined to be a GP grab it ( belief me many will do no matter how remote the training area is). Go on nice holidays/ party like crazy in your 5 weeks entitlement in a year and you will also have 30 days study leave altogether every year (of which 15 days is organised by the scheme).

    Bear in mind the majority of people do not get the GPST rotation, and you may never get another GPST rotation in the future . Better 3 years than 5 because RCGP is going to prolong training to 5 years.

    You know yourself better.

    I got my scheme near Cardiff, but if I got Aber, I will also just accept it and be patient. All I can say, I would look at the brighter side of things. Dead boring and dead remote Aberyswyth be it the end of the 3 years, you will be a qualified GP or better phrased as a Primary Care Consultant , and the world is your oyster...

    If money is quite important to you, look at what you can get after 3 years of Boring Aberyswyth Adventure (Locum GP salary ):

    Rates for a full day at a GP practice ranged from £300 to £700
    for a half day including visits, £140 to £450
    for a two-hour surgery,£86 to £180.
    Hourly rates varied from £40 to £90.
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    Beware GP are going to be salaried with less pay, employed by tesco and boots. The truth is many people have starting worrying about GP future with the advent of polyclinics
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    Jealously is in the air.
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    Yeah I could smell jealousy from some losers
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    to guest06

    I know ur next rotation was in ortho.Wait I ll tell ur haverfordwest consultants and refrees.
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    Not yet need to tell your mummy first.
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    thnks to all friends who gave me advices.

    I don't have any plans to drop this job now or in future.i will do it for 3 yrs.I am just asking if my friends who r in NHS at the moment,can tell me about pay scales as SHO.

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    Aberystwyth is a popular university town, situated on the sea-front of cardigan bay. It has a busy social scene during uni terms and the quality of GP training is very good.
    Get on line and loot the PMETB trainee surveys.
    Contracts for GP STRs are pretty much the same UK-wide, there might be minor differences at practice level, but the vast majority follow the GPC/COGPED model.
    Sheep are a landscape decoration, but are also a source of excellent wool, and Welsh lamb in season is probably a world leader.
    Finally, NHS Wales and the Wales Assembly Government have no proposals to run polyclinics, or to develop any form of private delivery of primary health care in Wales.

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