NEW CAT exam 2011 discusion

Discussion in 'MBA Forum' started by zizo, May 17, 2011.

  1. zizo

    zizo Guest

    any one want to discus about the new CAT exam 2011
    you all welcome ;
    -discuss ur experience weather have been through the exam
    or not
    -do u think luck is taking a part from this kinda exams ?
    -what do u think about the number of candidates that applied for this new
    exam is decreasing steadily?

  2. prujamni

    prujamni Guest

    hi zizo
    in my opinion this 2011 examination mode is harder
    and i thing the number of appling for the exam is geting down
    bec the amount of money corellated with the difficulty of this exam
    is the cause for this decline

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