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Discussion in 'MTAS discussion' started by rkanwar, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. rkanwar

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    I hope people get on programme this year.

    Next year oryear after the GP rotatiion will 5 years post fy2. Also because of popularity the number of gp numbers are being cut a lot.

    So those who have got in this year will be very lucky as next time it will be more and more difficult. Also next year they will again try to deter HSMPs.

    Actually best chances in future will be general medicine and non training surgery posts.
    So plenty of chances to do work or not so popular rotations.

    This year eastern and london deanery had minimum appointed score of 90 on stage 2 and good stage 3.

    so congratulations to those who are through another door is being closed to us from next year.
  2. ini

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    that is always the way - but one of my friends has got st3 surgery and he is not even that experienced just very lucky.

    west idlands turned away from locals because they couldn't operate well when on call. so consultants wanted easy life and have appointed overseas in st3 surgery - unbelievable

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