No Employment as Doctor in training restriction on Tier1

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  1. ahmaduet

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    My wife is on dependant visa in UK on Tier1(G).Now we have extended the visa and the new endorsement says for both of us that "No Empoyment as a doctor in Training" what does it means.She is a doctor and recently finished PLAB.I want to know which kind of jobs she is elgible to do and which cannot,Please help to clarify.Thanks
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    she can do locums, trust grades, clinicalfellows, staff grades and all ftsta posts......can never do st3+ rotations and can never become a consultant
  3. CT 1

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    she should apply for training posts and inform her status because of shortages deanery arranging work permits or even allowing training posts to those who have visa to stay in uk
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    CTI is right , apply for training jobs, as many are getting training jobs in gpvts(training) but in second rounds only, or for left over jobs , should be flexible, but worth the try

    good luck

  5. ahmaduet

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    infact this restriction was not in place before ,just they put it during the extension
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    Please read my thread, any new doctors (?all) has this stamp, what i feel if anyone gets the job direct from here while in abroad, this clause is absent, but when we apply personally including renewals this clause is there( not sure 100%), because the doctor who got the job while in Pakistan, did mentioned that there was no such clause even though she came here for a non training job( just verify)

  7. indian doc1

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    uk is a strict no no. temporay jobs ,sky high taxes,racism, and no training posts, even nurses will supervise u.its a place full of misery.
  8. guestdoc11

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    hsmp extension unfair new rules

    Hello there. I had a hsmp visa in 2008 which had no restriction for training post. But on extension I have been told I cant work in training post which is unfair. The new rules came in mar 2008. I got my hsmp before that. They should not apply rules retrospectively. We are told that at the time of applying we should be in training post which we were not aware of.
    I have spoken to bapio which says it is unfair and I should appeal. Has anybody else been affected? please share your experiences and any suggestions. Many thanks.
  9. Guest

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    simple go back home you unlucky bunch!
  10. ahmaduet

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    Hi guestdoctor11.Have you got any information on that,I am also in the same boat.please update
  11. behradz`

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    Hi guestdoc11,

    When have you received your HSMP the first time? I mean the exact date of your HSMP.
  12. Ravi777

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    one of my friends came last yr and is now appointed a CMT1 from Aug'10, his visa is HSMP for non-training jobs only but he got through.. really happy for him. I am in a training post before the rules changed but it's worth applying for training posts as the interview process is now much fairer (neutral observers at all interview venues for instant feedback if you feel unjustly treated with no re-percussions)
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    somebody should report your friend and that deanery should be fined for employing some1 whose visa states not for training...........its like employing ppl for restaurant work who ron tourist visa.....ukba should be made aware
  14. Ravi777

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    Doctors are permitted training jobs if no other doctors with relevant visa are upto the mark or lack of applicants with relevant skills. It's more ethical to be treated by a person with qualification than an underqualified doctor with particular subtype visa as long as he's legally entitled to work in similar posts. Sour grapes guest !! Now please don't claim you are doing well.
  15. Guest

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    I agree with u ravi but should not be given runthrough CMT1 or ST3 cause how would they justify resident labour market test without assessing each year if a more suitable local candidate could have taken that st5 post illigally being occupied by a person who was given ST3 because 2 yrs back there was noone for that post??? I am not saying ppl can't/wont get standalone LATS but runthrough should not be legal for the reason stated above and for the sour grapes??? dont hv to prove anything? does it really matter if i am PPUD or a ST4 in Endocrine?? All I was saying about current uk rules.
  16. Ravi777

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    CMT is not runthrough any more. We have rota gaps and the trust is unable to fill any. Locums are difficult to come by compared to 3 yrs ago. I believe most hospitals are in simlar situation and I hope our previously unsuccessful friends get into the system and only happy to help as I know how much it means to receive support when you need it. Without kind settled IMGs I would have been a long way from where I am now.
  17. Guest

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    well like I said aslong as its not runthrough only rota gaps or locums or even LAT/LAS/SG or other service oriented posts I totally agree with you but still help or no help if a overseas doctor without a proper visa is allowed into speciality training(ST3+) then its still SIMILAR to 3rd grade takeaways employing ppl on visit visa for jobs and as they are punished and civil penalties are implicated similar should be for trusts which fail to comply.
  18. Ravi777

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    Applicants jump through a million hoops before the actual interview. There are deanery staff specifically assigned to look into visa matters and they actually photocopy your original passport at the interview venue. Policing hospital corridors and looking to report/fine people who in your mind are not suitable (based on visa not skills) only suggests lack of awareness as to the actual process. Even before these new rules I was never interviewed without anyone looking at my original passport (had a fair share before the lady luck smiled). Hospitals and deaneries are not dodgy takeaways.
  19. Guest

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    tht proves how ignorant u are......west midlands deanery was fined for breaching rules by employing a doctor needing visa ahead of a eu candidate. the fine was a large amount. so yes they look at the passport but the system is not perfect and every1 should try 2 report
  20. Ravi777

    Ravi777 Guest

    Home Office breached law when it moved goalposts for HSMPs and IMGs/BAPIO won in the court of law about previous unilateral, unfair decisions it took on behalf of IMGs. This HSMP but sorry no training is contentious and is being looked into. I would reserve my opinion on whether it's legal or not. Pity the people you shopped before would have been still here as many doctors felt exonerated after the court ruling. It's difficult to claim moral high ground on dubious decisions.
  21. Guest

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    there is a difference between what is moral and what is legal, morality is a vague term which can have different meanings for different people. but LAW is LAW, and if we are in THEIR country HSMP or whatever(I am on the same) we are still a 3rd grade ppl compared to their natives and which might not show sometimes but always plays a part even if you deny it, it was we who chose to drag ourselves in with our own dicision. Its very easy to blame GMC/Home office etc for their role in those turbulant times of stopping PFT, moving HSMP criteria etc, but nobody forced us to come(although u can argue we were lured!) so once u r in should play by THEIR rule, cause its their country in the end.
  22. Ravi777

    Ravi777 Guest

    I agree IMGs are never on par with local graduates, fairness remains an issue regardless of individual perceptions. Labour ran home office with political agenda evenwhen they were told by BIA officials their moves are potentially unlawful as proved later. Now we have service provision posts going unfilled and training posts cut staffing levels by 10%. EWTD means I hardly see my Cons except for portfolio. Anyway, Wales have just announced second round CT1-3, very good opportunity for people if they want (especially)acute or emergency medicine and love countryside. Good luck guys.
  23. Mr.Clever

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    Doctor not in training

    Work as a long term SHO at 40 pounds per hour and finish MRCP and get enough experience and leave the sinking ship and go to middle east
  24. Guest

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    Did u mean get no experience and now no money as well
  25. pcltd

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    i dont know if this helps but if you have passed yoiur plab 2 the following company can help you get a job in London with a hospital that will sponsor you for a visa

    please see

    www dot professionconsulting dot com - you can email medical at professionconsulting dot com

    hope that helps
  26. michael257

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    Training doctor restriction on Tier 1

    My wife has just passed her PLAB2 and now much concerned about her right to work as I am on Tier 1 (initially HSMP) recently extended and it says on my and my wife's visa that No Employement as a Doctor In Training where I am an engineer not a doctor. THATS RIDICULOUS. she has got right to work anywhere but not at any training post. Thats purely ruining someone' future. she can work odd jobs like Mcdonalds,KFC but not something in which she is qualified. What was the point undertaking PLAB. I will be getting Indefinete after 2 years hopefully and now she has to wait until that happens but she will waste 3 precious years of her professional carear in this way.
  27. Ravi777

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    It takes atleast a year or two in a regular job before you can apply for a training post as we need to show foundation competencies, current eportfolio, appraisals etc. Your wife can do non-training jobs to help apply ST applications which would save the time local graduates spend in foundation training (2 yrs). In fact, she would be ready to apply by the time you get the ILR. Hope this helps.
  28. Guest

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    Please can some one confirm if LAS is a training post
  29. Ravi777

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    LAS is Locum Appointment for Service as opposed to LAT (Locum Appointment for Training). LAS is not a training post.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Ravi,It means that some one on Tier1 with restriction of (NO Employement as a doctor in training) can do LAS job.

  31. bea

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    no employment for drs in training.

    pls are u saying anyone with restriction ,no employement for drs in training can take up LAS F2 jobs and sign competencies without any prob with visa renewal later .thanks
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes. Coz LAS is a non-training post.

    But, on the other hand, u may not get F2 completion of foundation competency certificate at the end of a 'non-training' F2 post.

    Best wishes.
  33. henley

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    If I understand correctly after reading the blog, the person who has restriction on his visa cannot do F1 and F2 jobs. How about clinical attachments? Can someone answere it please?

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