Not content of meso-rectal fascia

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    Not content of meso-rectal fascia
    a) Para rectal node
    b) Inferior rectal veins
    c) Superior rectal veins
    d) Inferior mesenteric plexus

    Answer: Inferior rectal veins

    Meso-rectum is enclosed by meso-rectal fascia
    which is derived from the visceral peritoneum,
    and is also known as visceral fascia of meso-
    rectum, fascia propria of rectum or pre-sacral
    wing of hypo-gastric sheath
    Upper rectum is derived from the embryological
    hind gut and it is surrounded by meso-rectum
    and its contents namely superior rectal artery
    and its branches, superior rectal vein and
    tributaries, lymphatic vessels and nodes along
    superior rectal artery, branches from inferior
    mesenteric plexus to innervate rectum and
    loose adipose connective tissue down to the
    level of levator ani.

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