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Discussion in 'Australian Medical Council (AMC) EXAM' started by san111, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Hello Everyone...

    I have some recall questions and Annotated Multiple Choice Questions book which i just bought before November 2007 exam.

    I am living in Melbourne. If anyone is interested in them just pls write to me

    I think Murtagh J. General Practice book is the one of the main books canditates should read.

    I prepared for the exam from Oxfords, J. Murtagh , Llewellyn-Jones D. Fundamentals of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Clunie GJA, Tjandra JJ, Thomas R.S.J. Textbook of Surgery and of course recall questions...I think recall questions are important to prepare ourselves for the type of questions.

    Good luck everyone who is gonna sit exam...
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    28 young girl sexually active. multiple partners. on OCP do not use condoms. not a drug user. what is the most possible STD
    Hepatitis c
    gonocoocal infection

    chlamydia is the answer.
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    answer for question 2

    The primary method of transmission reflects the prevalence of chronic HBV infection in a given area.
    1. In low prevalence areas such as the continental United States and Western Europe, where less than 2% of the population is chronically infected, injection drug abuse and unprotected sex are the primary methods, although other factors may be important.[22]
    2. In moderate prevalence areas, which include Eastern Europe, Russia, and Japan, where 2-7% of the population is chronically infected, the disease is predominantly spread among children.
    3. In high prevalence areas such as China and South East Asia, transmission during childbirth is most common, although in other areas of high endemicity such as Africa, transmission during childhood is a significant factor.[23]
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    1800 aus dollars for amcq
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    :D Hello every body . hope u r all good
    please am looking for a group discussion in Brisbane who planning to sit an AMC exam on may plz feel free to contact me by e- mail me
    hope to join u soon :p
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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to thank all of you that have completed the AMC exam in November 2007 for your recall of the questions and posting it up for the rest of us to see. :D I hope all of you made it through. However, if you were not so lucky :( then at least you've had a feel of what the exam is like and will be looking forward to sitting the first one for 2008 with you!
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    please post the answers
    these questions are so difficult
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    I would like to share to the prospective candidates that almost all of these questions were part of my exam in Nov 2010. Its almost the same theme with different scenario.
    Good luck.

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