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  1. Bulimia

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    Where are U hiding Leila ??

    Don't be upset
    U were correct with your options & so was I
    bcoz the options were not the same even for same MCQ
    U will be fine
  2. drmelb

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    hi frnds

    I am waiting for AMC to put something up on thier website , and then decide on course of action. contrary to belief there is No media coverage about this fiasco.

    36. Rh immunization - fetus dead inside. except type of question. You will do AOF in a subsequent care except:
    U/s for placenta previa
    Give anti-D gammaglobulin to mother if fetus is Rh-negative

    I think we have to rule out PP if we wanna do vaginal dilivery. The womes had 3 Kids already , its highly unlikely that she is not already having the antibodies to rh. i dont htink the sentence was like the way written here , if foetus is rh-ve we dont need to give GG.the sentence was " give gamaglubulin if mother is antibody -ve" which is usually done. but dunno i marked this answer.

    its a strange practice , same question haveing different options on different computers. but i geuss the OPTION which was common to ALL would be the correct answer.
  3. Renata

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    There is finally something about the November 18th in the AMC website!!!
    They will definetly keep the decision of score our AMCq just from the 125 questions.
    I'm still not convinced that it was the best choice for us. Can somebody convince me that the nightmare was actually positive? :idea:
  4. faran

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    hello all .i was thinking that this was a better site for discussion as we can directly go to wb page we want to .i wish we had realized this before creating massive threads. i think i will start studying again injanuary as i am going on vacation . for all future candidates plz use this forum for the reason i mentioned earlier .it will be easy for all of us.thanks all for ur recalls .bye
  5. leila_che

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    Thanks farann

    I would like to say thanks to farann for the advice to read AMCQ with every word.
    I couldn't finish all book before exam but even with half I could answer few Qs, exp. Old lady with #humerus , Triangular sling.(Of cause I finished book 2 times before)

    Bulimia, I don't hide, I am in depression. Too many answers not correct.
    I had to get a room in hotel next to the place of exam and Schoolies didn't let me sleep. Nearly fall asleep on exam. For me 125 Qs were the present. I would be sleeping on Part 2 for sure :))
  6. leila_che

    leila_che Guest

    my answers

    1. ECG - Atrial flutter/MI
    Patient is receiving MI treatment, now presents with this ECG. Management?
    tpa @@@@@@@@@@@
    It was anterior MI-leadv4-6

    2. Child presents with red eyes and red mucous membranes.
    Kawasaki's Disease@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    3. Patient with red eyes and pre-auricular nodes
    Conjunctivitis @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Corneal ulcer

    4. 80yr old male non-alcoholic presents with delirium psychosis. He tries to attack on you while you are examining him. Treatment?
    Oral Diazepam @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Nasal Midazolam
    I/M Thiamine
    I/M Haloperidol

    It is not that easy to start with Haloperidor. Too many s/e

    5. Patient with diplopia, can't see on the left side with his left eye
    Rt. 6th nerve@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Lt. 6th nerve
    Rt. 3rd nerve
    Lt 3rd nerve

    6. In acute psychosis, patient is most dangerous to:

    7. 13 yr old boy on 50th centile for 9 yrs for height. Best prognosis:
    Bone age for 9 yrs
    Bone age for 13 yrs @@@@@@@@@@@
    not sure, can't find the answer anywhere

    8. Picture - Red shiny lesion with 2 to 3 irregular ulcers on the lower leg. Treatment
    Tetanus toxoid
    Tetanus + Antibiotics
    Rest + Antibiotics

    Options were bit different on my computer, even was amputation
    I choose Toxoid +hyperbaric oxygination

    9. Picture - Fracture head of humerus. Management
    Triangular sling @@@@@@@@@@222
    Open reduction and internal fixation
    Rest and analgesia

    10. Picture - CXR (AP & Lateral view) . 70yr old male presents with hemoptysis and cough:
    Chronic bronchitis
    Interstitial Pneumonitis
    the 4th option was bronchiectasis--some say they cud see lesions on the lateralCXR--well icudnt,so i wrote chronic bronchitis

    I saw a lesion on Lateral, don't remember my answer, but not Ch. bronchitis,asthma or Int. Pneumonitis

    11. Picture - Bowens disease

    12. Picture - Pyogenic granuloma

    13. Farmer working with chainsaw. Got a swelling in his rt.arm. Investigation?
    Venography @@@@@@@@2

    14. Old male patient presents with sudden blindness and contra lateral hemiplegia for 3 minutes.
    Middle cerebral artery
    Ant. cerebral artery
    Carotid artery @@@@@@@@@@2

    15. S/s of midbrain lesion - people say it was DM, my wrong answer was also midbrain infarction

    16. Female middle aged woman collapses while jogging. Diagnosis?
    SAH @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Extradural hemorrhage
    Subdural //
    Cerebral tumor

    17. S/s of Rectal carcinoma:
    Constipation + bleeding
    Diarrhoea + bleeding + constipation
    Alternate bowel habit + incomplete sense of defecation @@@@@@@@@
    18. Anal hemorrhoids . Diagnosis?
    Anal verge (2 options)
    I had not Dx but Rx.

    I answered put bands

    19. Child with intussusception. Investigation?
    Air contrast enema@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    20. Patient with a picture of either Colon carcinoma or villous adenoma. Managemtent?
    Increase fibre diet
    I didn't have this Q

    21. Giardia lamblia diagnosis?
    Stool examination for cysts
    Stool culture
    Mucus examination
    Duodenal fluid for Trophozoites@@@@@@@@@@@

    22. Child with murmur going to axilla and his back. Heaving and thrill positive. Diagnosis.
    ASD @@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    23. Long question - Acynotic child with raised Rt & Lt atrial pressure and raised rt.ventricular pressure. Diagnosis.

    24. Patient is on Digoxin. Presents with nausea and vomiting. Cause?
    Digoxin toxicity
    Previous renal impairment --dont know
    didn't have this Q

    25. Middle aged woman with painful thyroid nodule. Low TSH, high T3 & T4. Treatment? Please see page 227 John Murtagh
    Paracetamol & Propranolol
    don't remember
  7. leila_che

    leila_che Guest


    25)WOF drug doesn't require monitoring of its plasma levels?
    I dontknow the answer--please tell

    Also dont know

    27. Mother brings her daughter with c/o hair loss which is unexplained. Mother got married recently and changed her daughter's school. Diagnosis?
    Tinea capitis@@@@@@
    Separation anxiety

    28. Hereditary spherocytosis - AOF are true except
    H/o gall stones
    other options were-
    positve family history
    -splenectomy is helpful
    -coombs postive @@@@@2

    29. Psychodynamic therapy
    Borderline personality disorder
    OCD @@@@@@@

    30. Female fruit picker, c/o pain in her rt.hand. There is a swelling 3cm in size proximal to first MCP joint near radial border of her wrist. Diagnosis?
    Osteoarthritis @@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Dont know what th ecorrect answer is--please tell

    31. Child presents with grey tonsilar exudate and cervical lymphadenopathy. Infectious Mononucleosis.
    Atypical lymphocytes on smear@@@@@

    32. Patient with massive bleeding. In emergency you will give:
    Whole blood, low hemolysins
    Packed cells , low hemolysins
    Crossed matched blood
    Uncrossed O-ve (it seemed it was not the answer)
    options were different on my computer
    33. Long question. Male from Bali with c/o anorexia, malaise and fever. Blood chemistry was given: High Alk.phos, ALT & AST were mildly high. Other investigations were within normal limits. Diagnosis?
    Hep A
    Hep B
    Ca Pancreas
    They use a lot of distractions, like man from Bali, Cases of Varicella in school and so on.

    34. Long question. Young girl with raised Prolatcin levels. Can't remember values for FSH &" LH. Treatment?
    Don't remember my answer
    35. OCPs - patient missed her pill dose. You would advise:
    Continue taking the pills @@@@@@@@@2
    Pregnancy test
    Stop taking pills and start new cycle after one week

    36. Rh immunization - fetus dead inside. except type of question. You will do AOF in a subsequent care except:
    U/s for placenta previa @@@@@@@@22
    Give anti-D gammaglobulin to mother if fetus is Rh-negative

    37. Picture - Psoriasis Treatment? Please see page 1029 John Murtagh
    Topical steroids@@@@@@
    On my comp it was clearly bottom with lesions . pic from amcq

    3. Middle aged women with tightening headache, taking paracetamol and OCPs. Management:
    Relaxation therapy
    Stop taking OCPs @@@@@2

    39. Diuretics. WOF is true?
    Contraindication in gout
    my Q was different, can't reconstract at the moment

    40.Diabetic patient with hypertension. Treatment?
    Ace inhibitors
    didn'y have this

    41. Pregnant pt. presents with cord prolapse. First step in management:
    Push the cord back my wrong answer
    Knee elbow position and push the cord back

    42. 8yr old girl with many episodes of Nephrotic syndrome execerbation, not responding to steroid therapy. Next investigation?
    Urea & creatinine
    Renal biopsy
    no idea

    43. Difference b/w Shizophrenia and organic syndrome (Delerium)?
    Fluctuating level of consciousness @@@@@@@@@2
    Duration of symptoms
    affect disorder

    44. 60yr old male, previously fit no past medical history c/o flashes in his eye. 4 months (or days) later he presented with gradual loss of vision leading to complete blindness. Cause?
    Macuar degeneration
    Retinal.a thrombosis
    Carotid.a stenosis
    Detachment retinal@@@@@@@@
    45. Male pateint present with ptosis but preserved corneal reflex. Diagnosis?

    46. DM autonomic s/s. AOF are true except:
    nocturnal diarrhoea
    don't remember this Q
    47. AOF causes decrease in transferrin level except:
    Fe.deficiency anemia

    48. AOF are advantages of OCPs except:
    Decreas breast ca
    // Endometrial ca
    // Cervical ca@@@
    // Ovarian ca

    49. 45yr old Obese patient has beentaking OCPs sine 10 yrs, now stopeed taking pills and presents with 3 moths of amenorrhea - To confirm her pregnancy:
    Check serum qualitative B-HCG
    // // guantitative B-HCG
    Transvaginal USG to see empty uterus @@@

    50. 4.5 cm ovarian cyst on u/s. Most likely:
    Serous cystadenoma
    Dermoid cyst
    Follicular cyst

    It was other options, i don't remember
  8. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Don't be too depressed Leila

    if U passed it-- think of that it is a special bonus for U in our life
    We don't need to be too ambitious ! - do we?
    Our Kids will look after Us
    Don't worry
    I've checked Dr Shaiza's MCQ & Answers
    Many are diff from my computer
    both options & stems
    Even we might have diff options among Melbournians
    so nobody can tell your answers - it is right or wrong
    might be right !
    Did you enter the AMC website & read the announcement ?
    I got it from Dr Shaiza
  9. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Dr Shaiza -- U sent AMC notice to others
    but surprisingly it came up to my gmail :lol:
    Anyway -thanx

    Leila -- After viewing many of your diff MCQs now I really feel worried for myself & thinking that my computer had worked well or not !!

    It went too slow & many of your MCQs were not in my computer

    feeling scared :shock:
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I sent the attachment to you too Bulimia.

    Anyway, for those who haven't read the announcement yet:

    The Australian Medical Council [AMC] conducted the AMC 2006E MCQ examination on Saturday 18th November 2006, in venues Australia-wide and in Auckland, New Zealand. On commencement of the examination a technical problem was encountered in Part 1 of the examination. The technical problem resulted in the closure of the Part 1 examination.
    Since the technical problem could not be rectified within a reasonable time, the decision was made to administer the Part 2 section of the AMC 2006E MCQ examination. The results of the AMC 2006E MCQ examination will be scored on the basis of the Part 2 component only - 100 scored items of which 30 items were mastery questions.
    The decision to continue with Part 2 of the examination ensured candidates were examined with content which was equally balanced with that which had been prepared for Part 1. Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the examination content contain the same balance of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry questions and the same balance of mastery and non-mastery items. Part 1 and Part 2 are also balanced across the Functions and Systems classifications. Statistical analysis of previous MCQ examinations confirms that due to the robust balance of the examination content the AMC scoring of the examination will reflect the overall performance of each candidate in a balanced format.
    Candidates who sat the AMC 2006E MCQ examination on Saturday 18th November 2006 will NOT be required to complete the Part 1 of this examination in order to achieve an overall AMC score.
    The AMC Board of Examiners will meet in early December to confirm the results of the examination –
    Results will be scored using the same psychometric [statistical] analyses as in the full AMC examination.
    Candidates will be scored and ranked in order to obtain a score on the AMC scale of 250 and the mastery scale of 300.
    Results of the AMC 2006E MCQ examination are expected to be forwarded to candidates on 11th December 2006.
  11. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    I also thought that U are a middle aged male Dr

    didn"t realize that U are a young girl

    can"t tell any gender by viewing names :roll:
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest


    That's OK. I forgive you. :wink:

    I thought you were a young guy. Honestly, you can't tell the difference sometimes. Anyway, it doesn't make any difference to our discussions. Does it?
  13. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Hi drmelb

    Could U plz confirm to me that- popliteal A was correct for knee dislocation ? - I chose that one too- but didn"t find the answer in Oxf specialty
    Did U get features of Volkmann"s contracture in arm #?
    I think - I found - cyanosis of fingers rather than pul;seless radial A
    What"s your choice?
  14. melbdr

    melbdr Guest


    HI boss,

    Ya popliteal artery -- i m dead sure , i dunno refrences , but have read it enough times. there r no collatrals to popliteal, in acute. in cronic obstructions collatrals get time to develop.

    for VIC i chose 'pain on extension of finger" i figured others are late symtpoms.

    Till 1998( approx) Amc used to pass only 200 candidates in the Whole year. only the 1st 200 ranks , and not anyone else even if they score more then 50%.
    One indian doctor sued them in the human rights commision , cause he passed scoring >50% but was not given registration.
    He won and Amc had to strike down that rule , he was given 50,000 $ in compensation.
  15. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Hi Master Melbdr

    Did U remember all your MCQs ?

    Shall we discuss the answers privately??-- U can use my email
    Mine were similar to docpriya mostly
  16. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest


    We've got same MCQs -- thou-- 4-5 answers were diff from U
    and I haven't got CXR
    no drugs level-- methotrexate- gold-- etc
  17. leila_che

    leila_che Guest

    Thanks Bulimia

    Thank you, Bulimia!

    I don't think about my kids looking after me. They are very young, 3yo and 7yo. Long time till they will be able to do it.
    For me to pass an exam is the chance to get back to a favourite job not money.
    I wish you to pass, you have been patient with all of us and very helpful.

    Good luck!
  18. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Don't give up leila

    not too old to learn-- isn't it ?
    as long as we keep stimulating our brain with Medicine :roll: ( nomore for me if I don't pass) - we won't have Alzheimers :wink:
    I haven't been patient & tolerated !
    U also learn to be patient & tolerated more when time flies
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    March 2007 exam

    I am newly registred to this site. i am planning to appear in exam in march 2007.
    i need help regarding the mcqs and books.
    i dont have a resource of mcqs.
    please help me out.
    my e mail is pineal 2 at ya hoo
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

  21. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Hi leila

    If U need me in the future find my email here
  22. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Hi Glad

    Just a query for U
    there has been 9 pages in this forum
    do I need to click one by one to view?
    It seems to me -- no need-
    all are here once I scroll it down
    am I right !
  23. leila_che

    leila_che Guest

    Thank you

    Thank you, Bulimia!
    I know how busy you are and still ready to help people. I will contact you if I need. It is very kind of you!
    Don't give up.
    I studied in few study groups for 2 years and met a lot of mothers who didn't practice for many years. Most of them passed and happy working.
    Most important why we are doing it.
    You know better what you want.

    Good luck!
  24. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    Dear Leila

    Yup-- I've seen many oldies in Melb centre on the Exam day - my 2 old classmates just started intern this yr
    Another 2 from Melb--have been still struggling to pass
    I just feel tired studying with those books
    Hosp job is not easy either once U enter-- will miss many meals
    My elder son told me
    Once U get your degree- just take it & relax
    otherwise U won't get along with registrars
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    49. 45yr old Obese patient has beentaking OCPs sine 10 yrs, now stopeed taking pills and presents with 3 moths of amenorrhea - To confirm her pregnancy:
    Check serum qualitative B-HCG
    // // guantitative B-HCG
    Transvaginal USG to see empty uterus

    this question..there was another choice..'recommend a pregnancy test' ..that is what u do first..not an ultrasound.
  26. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    I think somemore facts inside in this MCQ- on VE--Ut was retroverted & 8 weeks preg size-difficult to palpate on abd as she is obese

    I've got this one
    also somemore options there
    even I couldn't recall what choice I have given
  27. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    also they put no pain on rocking the Cx

    MCQs look so easy to choose the correct Answers by viewing the recalls
    but in reality- they put somemore facts & made us to be confused
  28. Bulimia

    Bulimia Guest

    I think this lady came with abd pain also
    what I was thinking to differentiate was- post pill amenorrhoea- ectopic & normal preg
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi shazia

    Hello..i cleared my amc-1.thanks to u
    where r u and tell me abt yr reult.i am sure u mut have cleared too
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Congrats Doc Priya!

    Very well done. I have passed the exam too.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like to thank this site for been a strength to doctors like us,and also I like to add some MCQ which I did this November
    1.Cord prolapse patient,and theater delay for 1/2 hour best M-x
    1.Fill bladder with NS 500ml2.Knee chest position

    2.Most important structure at knee joint injury
    1.popliteal artery 2.Vein 3.Nerve

    3.Venous ulcer management
    1.pressure bandage

    4.Peripheral vascular disease initial step
    1.ankle brachial pressure index

    5.Athlete with BA,before a running event
    1.Ventolin nebuliser 2.budesonide

    6.Acute haemoptysis patient investigation
    1.VP scan 2.cxr

    7 Unexplained hair loss
    1.Trichitalomania 2.Tinea capitis

    8Depression sleeping patern
    1.getting to sleep 2.early awakening
    9.6/52 old baby on BF mother wants to go for shift work
    1.continue BF 2.BF and EBM when away 3.BF and soya milk when away
    10.1 year child coming with screaming pain with bloody stool,empty rectum,M-X
    1.air enema 2.coaggulate studies
    11.Early critical sign of volkman contracture
    1.pain on finger extension2.decreased radial pulse
  32. suleekhan

    suleekhan Guest

    clinical exam

    hi shazia ,
    are there any specific books or tips for the clinical exam?

  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Sulee khan

    I really don't know what to say as I haven't took the clinical exam yet. It would be a good idea if you ask someone who have already passed the exam.

    Meanwhile, you can see the threads sent by other people on this forum who suggest 2 books by John Murtagh (General Practice & Patient Education) and quite a few other books.

    I am still collecting the info, once I have some I will let you know.

    Bye for now

  34. hashvat

    hashvat Guest

    hi to Dr.shaiza and doc priya

    :) hi dr.shaiza and priya, pls put up ur answers for the questions discussed here ,wat u have chosen in exams. now u both will be confident about ur answers , so that people like me, preparing for next exam will save time in searching answers. r the answers given in bold letters correct? r the same as urs?

    awaiting for reply

  35. saira

    saira Guest

    hi candidates of 2006nov

    hi..i a also one of the unfortunate who had to suffer from that traua.i can never forget that morning.well now i am taking the march exam..i was hoping if anyone from you could give me nov 2006 paper...what ever is recalled...i a in elbourne..anyone took it in melbourne?
  36. J.Khan

    J.Khan Guest

    Please help

    Hi DR Shaiza and all other friends

    I am Canadian citizen...and have passed Medical Council of Canada Exams. ..Now want to write AMC exams...I want to prepare AMC exams very well. There is no AMC Exam center over here in Canada...I have to go to UK to write English and AMC exam...It would cost me double

    I would appreciate if you please advise me about AMC AND ENGLISH preparation material

    * Book for english OET/ IELTS
    * Book for AMC Part I
    * Book for AMC Part II

    Regards and appreciate

  37. books to be read

    hello all
    well dr j khan i am not the one who has cleared amc but i am appearing in july 2008 by will of God
    an for books , study wat best makes ur concepts clear any book any author
    plus following books
    AMCQ(annotated questions)
    Anthology of medical conditions
    John Murtagh General Practice

    hope this helps
    an also keep on reading other threads an sure u might get great deal of info
    IELTS is not a prerequisite for amc anymore
    its only state boards registration requirements once u hav cleared amc
    i hope this satisfies u
    All the best

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