oct 25th melbourne clinicals..

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    the question I could remember are
    1. old lady with herpes zoster( picture given ) history /exam / councel pt
    pt had underlying lympoma.
    2. young girl with primary herpes simplex.
    3. lady with usg showing multiple gall stone with IBS counsil re management.
    4.baby with buttocks rash ( HSP??) his platelets are normal, urine red cell glomerular in origin ( HUS? glomerulonepritis)
    5.cut wound on back of wrist medially exam pt and diagnose
    6. lady feeling unwell and history and exam from examiner and management( endocarditis)
    7. itchy vulva ( difficult one) diagnosis and treatment (lichen sclerosis!!)
    8. young boy with fever and knee pain manage pt ( ??? osteomyelitis)
    9. chronic cough in lady ( rescent seperation with partner)
    10. 2nd pregnancy with breech presentation
    11.councel pt with stress test positive for angina

    I wil post remaining when I remember ....
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    Thanks mate.
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    remaining 4

    12. psycosis in young boy council mum, boy doesn't want you to tell he does drugs.
    13. otoscerosis in post partum lady.
    14. prostate cancer council and management.( pt wants to know bout medical treatement.)
    15. DVT in upper limb pt presented with swelling of rt upper limb.
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    last one

    diarrhoea in young boy ( normal finding..) todlers diarrhoea??

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