(old news article)ALL INDIA REEXAM RULED OUT? (no re exam)

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    AIIMS ‘leak’ was his internship to be a Ranjit Don

    Toufiq Rashid

    New Delhi, January 21: Jaipur Police today claimed that the examination racket they busted in the city during the All India Post Graduate Medical Education Exam (AIPGMEE) on January 11 was just a trial run and no damage had been done. And that they had nipped in bud the career of another Ranjit Don.

    Officials said there was no paper leak or impersonation. The seven candidates who were caught speaking on their mobiles were fake and were just testing the waters on behalf of one Dalbir Singh, who had paid them. AIIMS conducts the exam.

    Dalbir, a final-year law student, was arrested on Sunday. ‘‘Interrogation revealed he just wanted to find his way into the examination system so that he could use this experience to make money in AIPGMEE 2004,’’ said ACP Raghuvendar Suhas of Jaipur Police.

    Police said that so far no links have been traced to the paper leak in 2002 and Singh was working independently. ‘‘He didn’t know anyone in AIIMS, didn’t know the paper’s contents; so there is no question of a leak,’’ said Suhas.
    Police alleged that Singh filed seven applications for these candidates who weren’t doctors. He made a fake stamp of the principal of Rohtak Medical College for forwarding the forms. ‘‘We found the seal and the signatures were fake. Dalbir’s brother, Karam Veer Singh, was studying in the college so the faking was easy,’’ said Suhas.

    Dalbir allegedly promised the candidates Rs 10,000 each. ‘‘They were given mobiles and Rs 2,000 as advance,’’ the ACP said.

    The four candidates arrested at St Xavier’s College, Jaipur, led the police to Dalbir, who was said to be living in Gurgaon near a tractor shop. ‘‘We raided Dalbir’s house but he had left. He was found near Lal Kuan in Delhi,’’ said Suhas.

    Police said Dalbir went to collect admit cards and left a copy of his driving licence as identity proof. That was used by police to identify him. Involvement AIIMS employees has been ruled out.

    Comment : Seems like another way of joining hands with scamsters??
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    I'm sorry but the story sounds like a cover job to me...not convinced at all :roll:

    Anyways even if it were true, the issue of the mis printed question papers still remain, and i've heard some of the affected candidates are going to approach the court. So we might just get a re exam!!

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    Did any one of u guys n gals expect a different outcome for this ?
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    tho' this is not surprising at all, does this version sound any convincing?Even if they have suppressed all the facts abt the Jaipur racket, wot action is AIIMS taking abt those ridiculous printing errors? This exam is not being followed up in any of the news media.
  5. Irritation

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    THis is too much !!!

    IT is not difficult to understand the circumstances behind this announcement

    1. If the impersonators were writing the exam for some one then the some one has to be arrested...

    2. That will be done im 1 hour if the some one is you are me or aippgnet or sunil or manohar or reddy or one of us

    3. but we don't chase papers, nor we can give 10,000 for some one to write an exam

    4. The some one should be some one related to a minister or politician or Dean/ Collector etc

    5. So TO AVOID ARRESTING THE REAL CULPRITS the police say that the impersonators were testing the system !!!!

    Is it not funny :twisted:

    If they were going for a Trail Run (is it running a train or some thing like that ), why did they have the mobiles

    WHen they had mobiles and that too plastered neatly (courtesy NDTV 24x7) this is certainly not a trial run

    They were communicating with that.....

    One m
  6. Iritation

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    And then

    How many of you have read the 300 questions completely....

    When medical people find it difficult to read the 300 questions once ( i know many who leave 20 questions ) and come out

    How do you expect 10th standard drivers to read the question, some one at the other end to search the answer (that person has to look into books) if he had the answers in the mind, he would have come to write the exam himself :p and then to communicate back and all these 3 steps for 300 questions in 3 1/2 hours

    It is definitely not possible

    The person at the other end had a question PAPER in HIS HAND

    The person inside the hall read the question and the person in the room identified the question, told his answer


    For Instance, what would they have done with the ECGs (liek 2003 paper)

    They were so confident.. that means that they had a copy of paper outside and the PERSON INSIDE THE HALL HAD TO ONLY SHADE -- HE need not communicate......

    This you can understand yourself - it will be awkward to talk inside the hall, but you can use your ears and mark
  7. Irritattion

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    So what happened

    Where the question paper out the previous day ????

    This is a difficult question to answer ( easy to answer and difficult to prove :shock: ) but the guys who were caught did not have that luxury

    If they had the question papers on the previous day, they woul d have solved it over night and mugged the answers and come to the hall themselves

    So what is the possibility

    The Question Paper was taken out after 10 AM, Xeroxed, returned back and the xerox copies were used to solve and the answered communicated
  8. guest

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    question paper

    Ihave gone through the questions and confermed all 300taking half a minute . with in 4 minutes i checked the repeatiton.
  9. somu

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    Re: question paper

    kindly give the list of the questions that were left out in your paper[/quote][/b]
  10. kaalibhooth

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    Re: question paper

    questions were from comm health, derm, forensic.
    why can't we have a re-exam? 8)
  11. Guest

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    why cant we seriously have a re exam???????
    atleast better then all this mystery surrounding the result wont be there!!!!!!
    plus those who have rank in state pgs wont be blocking the seats of all india!!!!!!!
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    agree about cover up

    I agree with hari that this looks too much like a cover up.Remember that no matter how ranjit don got in he was a DOCTOR.and the candidates that he sent were also doctors.Also he had an expert solving questions on their behalf.
    Then just how the hell do you expect a LAWYER and some barely literate chaps to crack the paper.And if they knew they could not crack the PAPER then what the hell were they trying to do? :evil:

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