OPD For Ped's

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    OPD For Ped's
    c/c - Onset, Progression(intermitt or const, increased/decreased),Duration, Frequency(if diarrh), Precipitating factor

    Associated symptoms: fever, Rash and associatin with fever, diarrh, N/V, runny nose, ear discharge/pulling, cough
    condition of baby: listless , lethargic, irritated, crying
    Urinary sympt: is the baby wetting same number of diapers?
    bowel/feeding habits: is the baby feeding?
    Ill contacts/ day care/ travel hx

    Anthing like this before?
    meds &allergies, past disease, hospitalization/injuries.

    birth hx: vaginal/c-section, complications?
    feeding hx:breast milk/ formula , weaning at what age?vitamins & iron fortified food?allergy to any particular food items?
    last routine doctor appointment: immunization
    Growth and developmental mile stones:1st smile, steps/walking/crawling etc.

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