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Discussion in 'Dental PG MDS IQE MFDS ADC Exams' started by aparna .k, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. aparna  .k

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  2. jessica

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    hi aparna

    aparna you have got nise hold on subject thanks for your valuable ORE material
  3. aparna.kkk

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  4. manu.p

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    hi iam haveig some subject douts i maild to you plz repply
  5. priya gil

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    hi aparna i dind,t understand your mail about silicosis of lung plz send detaild information :lol: :twisted: :p :idea:
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  7. Irfan Ali

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    Hello Aprana
    I am also prepaing for the exam and if you like to contact me pl
    do so.
    Dr Irfan Ali
  8. Guest

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    i m vidya. i m appearing for the ORE exams..... can u please help me with the study material
  9. simplystudy

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    ORE notes

    I have all ORE study material, MCQs and past papers.

    anyone interested contact me

    dr krish 06 @ g mail. com
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    i am new to the grp, pls i need study mat.for ORE as well as a study grp.i reside in the uk
  11. Guest

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    hey me too in uk. anyone interseted in grp study for ore. anyone got mtrl n can pass on?
  12. JMJ

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    Hi ,
    Iam new to this forum ,planning to take the ORE part1 in 2010,is anyone preparing for the same...?
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