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    Dear friends, I appeared in the exam withour preparation so cant be sure of the answers but I do remember many questions. Abhi would probably remember me from part1...Anyways, here are the questions from paper3....Paper 3

    1) pt with vertigo, helped by posture----- benign postural vertigo
    2) pt going for hernia repair accidentally found to have CLL-----observation/ iv immunoglobulins/chlorumbucil
    3) pt with hypothyroidism and decreased libido-----giver hydrocortisone first
    4) lady with NSCLC and dry cough-----simple linctus, codeine, morphine
    5) ideal drug for primary pulmonary HTN----Ca blocker, metoprolol, ACE-I, clonidine
    6) elderly lady in the ward agitated----olanzapine, haloperidol, risperidone
    7) pt with previous H/O rt side symptoms of stroke at the age of 30, now presents 2 yrs later with similar symptoms on left side;CT normal-----conversion disorder
    8) pt with metastatic disease and bone pain----pamidronate
    9) pt with rectal adenocarcionoma and had XRT; painful defecation not particularly helped by transdermal patch----dexamethasone/increase dosage/Gabapentin/diclofenac
    10) lady with angina and CRF and hb 8------transfuse
    11) pregnant lady with hyperthyroid crisis; had fluids and b-blocker----carbimazole/propylthiouricil/radioiodine
    12) pt with crohn’s disease crisis----prednisolone/enema/mesalazine
    13) captopril induced angioedema----repeat from onexam
    14) lady with H/O Asthma and eosinophilia----PAN
    15) a classical case of HSV encephalitis
    16) pt with alcoholic toxicity-----first give thiamine
    17) another case with alcoholic toxicity and low sodium-----central pontine myelonosis
    18) pt with features of cushing’s syndrome and HTN which urinary test is appropriate---- catecholamines/cortisol/ADH/Creatinine clearance
    19) pt with MI but previous day had blood transfusion for some bleeding---angiography in view of angioplasty/thrombolysis/heparin
    20) pt with liver failure and deranged electrolytes but low cereluplasmin----wilson’s disease
    21) a classical case of Irritable bowel syndrome----lady with alternating diarrhea and constipation and nervous personality
    22) same case as above----treatment----re-assurance
    23) a case of GBS with ascending neuropathy
    24) minimal change disease progression to ESRF----11-30%
    25) pt with rash and flaccid blister, whats best investigation-----autoantibodies/immunofluorescence/skin biopsy
    26) pt with deranged liver functions and obesity----non-alcoholic steatosis
    27) diabetic lady with previous DVT and new ulcer-----ABPA ratio/Doppler/biopsy
    28) man with one functioning kidney and protienuria (U7.1, Cr 149)GP wants to start ACE-i-----USS/creatinine clearance/cant start/ can start now
    29) a case of decrease potassium and HTN----renal artery stenosis
    30) a pt with SLE, which antibody is best for monitoring----anti ds/ANA/Anti-sm
    31) 2 associations of pt with neurofinramatosis----phaechromocytoma./lisch nodule
    32) lesion on temple with purplish hue----would progress to SCC/can metastasise locally/cant metastasise through lymph nodes/regresses on its own
    33) lady with multiple fractures and spleenomegaly---alkaptonuria/gauchers disease
    34) a case of essential HTN
    35) 20 yr old man with HOCM and father died at 35. non-sustained tachy----dual chamber pace maker
    36) Minimal change disease responds well to prednisolone
    37) Association-----anti thrombin 3
    38) Leptospirosis/plasmodium falciparum in a pt with prophylaxis against malaria and now presents with renal failure and spleenomegaly and CNS signs
    39) Which drug converts AF to sinus rhythm in a 60 year old man-----flecanide/amiodrone
    40) a case of porphyrea cutanea tarda
    41) a lady with intermittent abdominal pain-----acute intermittent porphyria
    42) somalian male with dry cough and mid-zone consolidation----leoginner’s disease/TB/AIDS
    43) pt with lesion on the leg----bowens disease/solar keratosis
    44) pt with UC, now cholestatic jaundice and high AMA n IG M-----PBC/sclerosing cholangitis
    45) pt with Asthma on terbutaline, budesonide and still symptomatic but stable----d/c on long acting b-agonist/ dc on ipratrpium bromide/ admite and give oral prednisolone
    46) a case of VIPoma
    47) pt with hypoglycaemia 1.6;responded to 50% dextrose and now 6.1----oral carbohydrate meal/10%dextrose/50%dextrose
    48) indication of HRT use in a lady with H/O heart disease and very bad menopausal symptoms---to treat symptoms/cardioprotective
    49) pt with acne on face and chest-----isoterention
    50) pt with picture of TTP----plasma exchange
    51) paced AF on ecg
    52) give prednisolone first in GCA
    53) pt with CO poisoning what is worst prognostic marker-----curve of23%/ischaemic changes on ECG
    54) pt on 24% o2 and h/O COPD with ABG’S ph7.24,po2 6,pco2 6.3;what is first step----increase O2/NIPPV
    55) girl with recurrent UTIS’;USS unremarkable-----IVU/DMSA
    56) a case of MS
    57) bilateral optic atrophy in labers optic dystrophy---a case of onexam
    58) barrets oesophagus and hiatus hernia----oesophagectomy/photodynamic therapy/fundoplication
    59) young woman with non-smelling vaginal discharge---candida
    60) in CRF which vitamin should be used---ergocalciferol/cholecalciferol etc
    61) 6 wk post-renal transplant…febrile and breathless---CMV infection
    62) impotent man on background on MI but not using nitrates for ages----sidenafil/surgery
    63) Indian women collapsed at home with BP low---CSF 80% neutrophils----meningococcal/TB
    64) Fever and ring enhancing lesion in HIV pt’s brain----give anti-toxoplama therapy and re-assess in 2/52
    65) A pt with epistaxix and GI bleeding;sister and mother had also same problems; now presents with stroke----hereditary haemorrhagic telengectasia
    66) Paracetamol overdose;pt transferred to psychiatry;next morning deteriorates to low GCS---what would you do furst---ABG’S/CT Brian/glucose/EEG
    67) 19 year old girl with long-standing h/o backache recently worst while in France---AS/disc prolapse
    68) elderly pt allergic to amoxicillin but presents with exacerbation of COPD----clarithromyic/cipro
    69) young female with UTI but allergic to quinolone---azithromycin/cipro
    70) most common cause of hypercalcamia in 65 yr old lady---pr hyperparathyroidism
    71) middle-aged man with increased jaw jerkiness, weakness and twitching---best invest----electromyography/muscle biopsy/antiganglioside antibodies
    72) ECG----Bilateral atrial enlargement
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    Thats a fine collection. thank you
    Which book would you have chosen to read from?
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    Hi there,

    I would have loved to read Sajnay Sharma. I thought if you go better prepared in part2 , you would certainly enjoy the exam. I think it depends whether you are working in UK or back home. In UK its very hard to find out the time to study so even if you only do onexamination, it should be very helpful but if you have time, onexamination and sujnay sharma is the best option
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    good memory

    you remeberd lot thnks i rememberd few as under:
    1- lad with DVT ..aptt was 69...mixing study done corrected Dx= factor 11 defeceincy
    2- pt with supra clavicular lyphnode medistinl as well + lung infiltration Dx Nocardiosis/NHL
    3- Pt with rt hemeperesis and DVT investigation=Echo
    4- pt with pregnancy aortic regurge on echo advice aortic valve replacement
    5- pt wnats to become pregnant with AS gradient 80 advice= mechanical valve replacement
    6- pt obese BP152/110 choles 5.4 and TG 1.1 Rx= remipril
    7- pt with blurring monoclonal gamapathy which ig= IgM
    8- farmer with oral ulcer drowsi and chest infiltration Dx= Leptospirosis/ Paraquat poising
    9- pt with total of paracetamol ingestion 12 gm Rx=immidiate N-acetyle cysteine
    10-17 years old club party came wth collapse= MDSA poisoning
    11- pt wth methanol posonin next day immidiately became agitated and collapsed next inv= gluco check
    12- known alcoholic wth inc GGt Dx Alcoholic hepatitis
    13- pt wth ihd obese lady wth sob PFT TLCO dec KCO inc Dx= chest wal weakness
    14- middle aged man wth sob cough and inc eosniphilss 10% strongloidosis
    15- pt with cercal LN enlargement best initial inv = LN biopsy
    16- painful opthalmoplegia Dx MS
    17- Pt wth bilateral gynomastia best investigation= karyotype
    18-pt wth diplopia muscular weakness Dx= butulism
    19-pt on azothiaprine dev gout statted on allopurinol devloped vomiting cause =drug interaction azo+ allo
    20- pt on fludocortisone stated Tb Rx developed postural hypotension reason= rifampicin induction

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